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The Canadian Constitution is the British North America Act of 1867. It gave relative autonomy to the provinces and equal power to the federal government. But through the years the federal government has assumed powers that were once exclusively provincial. Then Mr Trudeau and his then Minister of Justice Mr Chretien wrote a Charter of Rights and foisted it on Canadians without a referendum. Canadians accepted it without a whimper.

The Charter of Rights created a sense of dependency among Canadians. It stipulated that Canadians should depend on the government for rights and unless these rights were written down in the Charter, they had no rights. Canadians did not demand these rights. They did not even ask for them. You might wonder why the government of the day insisted that Canadians should have these rights in writing if they didnt need them and already had them. Was there more to this Charter than meets the eye?

The Charter reads:
2.Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a)freedom of conscience and religion;
(b)freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association.
The Everyone in (2) does not mean Canadians. It means everyone in the world who can make it to Canada. It now means that as everyone in the world arrives in Canada they can claim refugee status and not be questioned about it. They are then entitled to Canadian taxpayer funded welfare and medicare for themselves and their extended families for the remainder of their lives. The Charter therefore saddled Canadians with the responsibility of supporting everyone in the world as they arrive in Canada.

There are three types of people who like this: immigration lawyers, government social workers and international socialists. We have them all in abundance. That is why we have everyone instead of every Canadian in the Charter. They prefer to talk about human rights rather than Canadian rights. It is a euphemism that shrouds the multi million-dollar immigration business, the planning ideas of social engineers and the politics of international socialists.

Sections (d) gives everyone the right to associate. Does this mean that everyone is compelled to associate? Do people have the right not to associate? Do people have the right not to belong to an association or a union?

And in the true spirit of international socialism, the Charter does not mention the right of Canadians to own property.

International socialists who appoint judges to the supreme court are apt to appoint people who think as they do about international issues rather than Canadian issues. All Canadian prime ministers since Trudeau have been international socialists. They like to impress the world rather than their fellow Canadians. Canadians as a whole do not vote for their prime ministers so there is no need for a prime minister to impress Canadians only control his party. Mulroney tried to be appointed leader at the United Nations after he left office. Chretien tried to have the UN moved to Montreal, even to take over the US debt to the UN while Canada had (still has) a national debt of $576 billion.

These supreme court judges are charged with interpreting Canadian laws according to their interpretations of the Charter. We have Supreme Court judges who were appointed for life by international socialists interpreting Canadian laws according to an international charter which was written for everyone in the world by international socialists. Do they also sing the International?Democracies that depend on a Charter or a written dogma are less democratic. There is no need for public debate. Decisions are made by appointed-for-life judges and outweigh decisions made by elected parliamentarians. We then get strange decisions about kiddie porn and centuries-old Indian treaties and the definition of spouse. And we have international socialists in Ottawa who refuse to use the notwithstanding clause to control it. Public opinion has no input as we step closer to judicial dictatorship and international socialism.

Unless Canadians change the Charter, this creeping form of international socialism and creeping dictatorship will grow and grow until Canada is no longer recognized as Canada. Blame Canada.


Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada dressed in their red gowns. They are appointed for life (until they turn 75 or die) and make judicial decisions according to their private interpretations of the Charter.

The Trudeau and Chretien Charter of Rights

Canadians are only now beginning to realize that Trudeaus 1982 Charter of Rights may be flawed. Those who do not realize this, have not read it, or too much barbecue smoke may have damaged their brains. Could it be the lawn chemicals? Canadians already had all the rights written in the Charter. Therefore they did not need these rights. The Charter gave these rights to everyone in the world and gave Canadians responsibilities and then denied Canadians rights to property by failing to mention it. Then the Charter allowed the appointed Supreme Court justices to make legal decisions based on their private interpretations of the Charter. The Canadian legal system has not recovered.
In R. v. Askov (1990) a Supreme Court decision allowed tens of thousands of individuals charged with everything from rape to murder to walk free. In R. v. Egan (1995) the Supreme Court read in the phrase sexual orientation into the Charter even though Parliament specifically voted to reject the phrase when it passed the Charter. In R. v. Feeney (1997) they allowed an alleged murderer caught red-handed to walk free.
Under normal circumstances, this should have been enough for a country to change the Charter. Especially a Charter that was foisted on Canadians without a referendum. Our politicians have the option to override these Supreme Court decisions but the prime minister never used the notwithstanding clause of the Charter (Sec. 33). Also unfortunately for Canadians, these silver-spoon socialists who wrote the Charter insisted that it could not be changed unless 7 provinces with 50% of the people + the federal government were in agreement. Therefore it is a foregone conclusion that Canadians are unable to repair the Charter especially as Prime Minister Chretien was one of the writers and his permission is needed.
Canadians are therefore trapped under a politically correct Charter of Rights written for everyone (Section 7 to 15) in the world by Chretien and Trudeau and interpreted by appointed-for-life (until they are 75 or die) justices of the Supreme Court. It is international socialism shrouded in smoke and mirrors by government propaganda, the immigration industry and those with hidden agendas.
Canadians have no rights to property in the Charter. Canadians have no right to be unilingual English speaking (Section 16 22 of the Charter) they will pay for bilingualism whether they like it or not. Canadians have no right to equality in the Charter.
The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens." --Thomas Jefferson.
Canadians are not allowed participatory democracy. Canadians are not allowed to vote for their prime minister. He may continue in office for life. There are no term limits in the Charter. Canadian MPs are not allowed to represent their constituents in Parliament. Canadians are not allowed citizen-initiated referenda or recall or elected senators or questioned Supreme Court judges. Canadians are not allowed to have a constitutional conference unless the prime minister approves it. Are Canadians allowed to think?
And still the constant government propaganda pronounces daily that the Charter is the greatest thing to ever happen in Canada. And most Canadians believe it.

Western Canadians are almost completely isolated from the political elites who run this country with only 40% of the popular vote. This phenomenon has always been a part of the Canadian political experience although the emphasis these days is on western alienation. Canadians have never had input into the major constitutional affairs of this country.
Canada initially came into being as a British imperial rear-guard action to stop the spread of the American Revolution. This left a large British army in what was then British North America. The British then wrote the British North America Act of 1867. Canadians had no alternatives but to accept it. The learning process started early.
Trudeaus Charter of 1982 was the next major constitutional change. Canadians as a whole had no input and no referendum into this change. The learning process continued. Quebec was the only province with enough balls not to accept this Charter. Canadians lost equality and rights to property although everyone in the world got rights in Canada. Not only did Canadians get shortchanged in the equality rights and property rights of the Charter but also Indians got special rights in Sec 25 and Sec 35. Indians are not recognized as Canadians in the Charter. Is there something wrong here?
The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens." --Thomas Jefferson. Why is the idea of equality, that is accepted by the Americans, not accepted by Canadians? Because Canadians were never given an opportunity to accept it.
Various tribes of Indians are now claiming 110% of British Columbia and the mentally ill federal government has signed the Nisgaa agreement which may not only give British Columbia back to the Indians but also give them an open ended access to millions of taxpayers dollars and political independence from Canada all based on Trudeaus Charter of 1982. You might wonder how much more Canadians will accept because non-Indian Canadians will be second-class citizens without a vote in these new Indian enclaves.
And now, not to be outdone by the mentally ill federal government, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has ratified this Nisgaa agreement. It looks like non-Indian Canadians whos government just passed a law that they will register all their firearms -- may be the only people in the world who will register their guns, give their country back to the Indians and assign themselves to second class status without a vote.
A Canadian constitution should promote equality and property rights these are not in Trudeaus Charter -- and protect Canadians from their own dictatorship-prone politicians.
Only in Canada they say.

The Canadian Charter of Rights is a communist document because it does not mention that Canadians should have rights to property. Webster's Dictionary defines communism as, "A theory advocating elimination of private property". A communist government rejects the idea of private property rights just as the Canadian Charter of Rights fails to give Canadians property rights. It means that the Canadian Government can do anything it likes with property. It can take it from individual Canadians (ESPECIALLY GUNS) or it can take it from Canadian provinces and keep it or give it to someone else. A graphic example of this has already occurred in BC where 90% of British Columbia will be given back to the Nisgaa Indians and other Indian tribes. No Canadian can claim property rights (Except the Indians as groups who have been given unequal rights in the Charter but individual Indians still cannot own property even on their own reserves.) because Canadians have no property rights in Canada. Rights to free expression are lost or meaningless if Canadians have no rights to private property.
Canadians comply with government edicts just as the Russians did in Soviet Russia. Canadians turn a blind eye to the socialists in Ottawa and they in turn live by their socialist dogmas From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need."Karl Marx. It is a beautiful statement except when it becomes government dogma. Then it is called communism. It is called conditioning and Canadians have been conditioned to believe the socialist in Ottawa. Canadians have long been programmed not to protest. Its not Canadian tradition, we are told.
Like communism, socialism also rejects the concept of private property. Socialists believe in the "collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods." Socialists place no value on property rights and manipulate the system so that the government controls everything and individuals control nothing. This is the reason why the socialists in Ottawa constantly trumpet the Charter of Rights. It gives them carte blanche to take property, take guns, give property to Indian tribes, tax and spend on their socialist projects expanded government bureaucracies and a complete disregard for the national debt of $580 billion. They want to be judged by their good socialist intentions -- not the bottom line.
Not even western Canadians, with all that so-called western alienation, have even bothered to protest.
This is the reason why Chretien, who had a hand in writing the Charter, has never opened up the Charter so that it could be corrected. This is the reason why he has never invoked the notwithstanding clause for those off-the-wall Supreme Court decisions.
Although section (d) gives everyone the right to associate, the Charter does not give Canadians the right not to associate or not to belong to a union or not to pay union dues. Union members have no say in what happens to union dues they financed the June 15th 2000 riots in Toronto. It is socialist dogma all the way. This section of the Charter looks like a union boss wrote it.
Even the UN Declaration of Human Rights, on which the Charter was based, has property rights.
Sec 17(1)
Only in Canada are Canadians denied property rights thanks to the Charter of Rights. "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." Winston Churchill

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Prime Minister Trudeau, recently deceased, wrote the Charter with his friend Chretien. Canadians have had no right to property since then


Prime Minister Chretien is not elected by all Canadians but by the members of the Liberal Party. His Liberals have been reelected 3 times. This wily old politician has to be admired not because of his politics which are close to communism, but for his tenacity and ability to hang onto power. He is an extremely dangerous man when he opens his mouth and tries to say something important.

Before Canada had the appointed-for-life Supreme Court, we had the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. The object of the BNA, the Judicial Committee wrote, was neither to weld the provinces into one, nor to subordinate provincial governments to a central authority, but to create a federal government in which they should all be represented each province retaining its independence and autonomy.
Unfortunately somewhere along the way that ruling was swept under the carpet as Ottawa expanded and extended and taxed and spent ever more.
The emphasis in Canada should not be on every vociferous minority group. It should be on Canadians as a whole. This is an unfortunate side effect of the Charter of Rights, where minorities can foist their politics and lifestyles on the majority. And the majority is locked in, unable to maneuver other than to accept the unpalatable consequences. All Canadians need to be equal so that the numerous minority groups have the same rights not more rights or special rights or historical rights. Equal rights for everyone not special rights for some should be part of the Canadian Constitution. All Canadians should have rights to property.
All Canadians should be equal before government and the courts. No one group or province should have preferences over the others.

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The Revised Canadian Charter of Rights as proposed by James Bredin:
We, the sensible people of Canada, in an attempt to curtail isolated arrogant politicians in Ottawa, improve Canada for Canadians, restore a semblance of common justice and control immigration; wish to promote the idea that all Canadians are equal before the law and all major changes to Canadian laws should only be made by Parliament. We wish to promote the idea that all equal Canadians are more important than their governments or their Supreme Court. All previous constitutions, charters, laws, treaties, agreements and courtroom decisions that do not fall within these parameters that all Canadians are equal -- are null and void when this revised Canadian Charter of Rights is declared.
Section 1: Within reasonable limits, Canadians have freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, opinion, freedom of the press, communications, peaceful assembly, association or the individual wish not to associate.
Section 2: No House of Commons or legislative assembly will sit longer than 4 years unless there is a war, threat of war or insurrection.
Section 3: All votes in Parliament will be free votes not ruled by the PM or party discipline.
Section 4: Canadians will have the obligation to vote in all federal and provincial elections and in all referenda. Canadians are also obligated to vote for a prime minister.
Section 5: Canadians have the right to own property and not to be deprived of it unless under proper jurisdiction and compensation.
Section 6: A referendum system will operate in Canada and all Canadians will, when there is sufficient interest and a reasonable number of signatures 500,000 have an obligation to vote in these referenda concerning issues, laws, treaties or constitutional amendments. These issues, laws, treaties or constitutional amendments that do not pass in a referendum will not appear in another referendum for ten years.
Section 7: The present appointed Canadian Senate is cancelled. Two senators will be elected from each province at federal elections. Senators with criminal records will not be allowed to hold office.
Section 8: Election dates will be set by date not when the PM thinks it is appropriate. Elections will be held on a Monday following the 15 September every 4 years unless the government is defeated in parliament.
Section 9: Parliament will sit at least 7 months within a calendar year, Monday to Thursday except holidays, every year. The list of those present or absent will appear in Hansard and daily on TV while parliament is in session. TV cameras in parliament will pan all of parliament when appropriate not just those speaking.
Section 10: Canadians will pay down the present national debt to zero and avoid deficits and national debts unless put in the form of a referendum to all Canadians.
Section 11: Canadians politicians and bureaucrats will curtail government paid travels outside the country and the government will curtail spending in and on Third World countries and the U.N. The Minister of Foreign Affairs will report once during each session of Parliament about this agenda.
Section 12: The issue of forced French-English bilingualism and multiculturalism will be a provincial issue and will be put to the people in each province and territory in the form of a referendum.
Section 13: Canadians have the right to travel, stay and work anywhere in Canada.
Section 14: Refugee claimants will be deported as soon as possible and held in custody until then.
Section 15: Persons in Canada with a criminal conviction who are not Canadians will be deported as soon as possible and held in custody until then.
Section 16:The prime minister will make appointments to the Supreme Court but they will be cross-examined by a special Commons Committee in public about their possible hidden baggage and associations before they are allowed to take up their appointments. These appointments will be for 10 years not until they are 75 years.
Section 17: Decisions made by the Supreme Court will be based on previous case law and common law not their private interpretations of this Charter.
Section 18: A voting system will be established to assist Canadians vote via the Internet.
Section 19: The Canadian dollar will be pegged to gold, silver or the U.S. dollar.
Section 20: Canadian judges, Canadian armed forces, the RCMP and federal bureaucrats will only be employed in Canada.
Section 21:50%+1 wins a referendum.
Section 22:Canadian federal politicians will only be allowed to run for office twice in successive elections.
Section 23:If a Canadian politicians constituents feel that he is not representing them in Parliament, a system to recall and replace that politician should be established.
Canadians hold these corrections are needed and self-evident.
Canadians hold that this Charter of Rights and all future amendments will be put in the form of a referendum to all Canadians.

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