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Canadian prime ministers have all been international socialists and in love with the United Nations. Mulroney tried to head the UN after his term as prime minister. Chretien tried to have the UN move to Montreal and take over the US debt to the UN despite the fact that Canada has a $600 billion national debt.

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The Canadian Parliament gave royal assent to Bill C-19 on the last day before the summer break 2000 and Parliament only sat for 92 days the whole year.
Canada is now committed to the International Criminal Court. The Court will be at The Hague, in the Netherlands, but also other venues when appropriate. It will come into formal existence after 60 UN countries ratify the agreement. One hundred and one countries have signed the agreement and 17 have already ratified it 43 to go. Governments in the ICC are obliged to not only change their laws to coincide with the agreement but to arrest, detain, investigate and transport alleged criminals for the ICC
The all-powerful judges of the ICC are in many ways like the justices of the Canadian Supreme Court unquestioned by elected representatives about vested interests and allowed to be accountable to no one. There are no jury trials. This of course could allow rampant favoritism among these politically correct socialists at the UN.
The US refused to sign the ICC agreement and made it quite clear that they objected to it by passing a law that authorized the president to use all means necessary and appropriate to free any United States military personnel held in any country for the ICC. That means Canada.
Although the idea of the ICC may be worthy, Canadians could then find themselves at odds with their close American cousins if the ICC issues an arrest warrant for an American serviceman living in Canada. It will be very interesting to watch the Ottawa Liberals turn in the wind when that happens. George W Bush must be smiling to himself.

International Criminal Court


Mulroney (he of the GST) He stacked the Senate with 8 of his friends in order to push through the GST. No Canadian since then has been allowed to pass a cash register without paying the GST. After he was finished he tried to head up the UN.

These days the developed world is relatively peaceful but the undeveloped Third World seems to be a series of small-state conflicts and civil wars. Simultaneously the UN seems to be dominated by hundreds of representatives from these small developing countries. In order to find solutions for their ongoing conflicts these Third-World representatives frequently call for peacekeepers from the UN to solve their problems. But they would prefer soldiers to fight battles and bring back stability to their unstable areas not peacekeepers. They would like a standing, well-financed UN army, under UN command to straighten things out in their world. The practical Americans view the discredited reality, which peacekeeping and peacemaking suffered in Somalia, Croatia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Haiti, Namibia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Mozambique as sliding down the slippery slope of unthinking over commitment. American political opinion which is real American opinion, not the opinion of appointed UN representatives is opposed to either putting US soldiers under UN command or having them die in foreign fields for foreign causes.
On the contrary, the past Canadian representatives would like the Americans to change their attitude. They would like the UN with the help of the Americans to become policeman to the world. Joe Clark and Lloyd Axworthy, both past left-wing Canadian political appointees at the UN, have shown their strong pro-UN sentiments and their anti-US sentiments.
These types of left wing representatives at the UN are dangerous in that they would like to do the right thing their version of the right thing. They want to do this from the lofty heights of the UN no referendums on these issues. Referendums might question their authority and they love their authority at the UN. Their commitment to international socialism shows in every phrase they speak. A dead Canadian soldier in far away places means nothing to them.

Joe Clark's ideas.

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