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At the present rate of paying down the $585 billion debt, it will only take 300 years. Your decendents for six or seven generations, long after you are dead and buried, will be paying off your debts.

In the year 2000, many poor countries organized with the churches, who do not pay taxes, and the international socialist and came up with a phrase "Odious Debts." It was a politically correct phrase that has come to mean that 81 poor countries should not have to repay their debts of about $700 billion to the so-called rich countries. The churches had another phrase for this phenomenon, Jubilee year. It meant the same thing. It meant that Canada should forgive all foreign debts owned to Canada and Canadians should add these numbers to the $585 billion national debt. Canada is considered one of those so-called rich countries even though Canada's national debt is $585 billion. Therefore Canada's national debt is almost as high as what is owned by all the 81 poor countries combined. Have you noticed anyone out there protesting that maybe something should be done about Canada's national debt? No one out there seems to care except the Alliance Party and they only represent western Canada. It means that the overwhelming burden of extreme taxation, the highest in the industrialized world, that Canadians tolerate, will increase even more.
Canada spends more than a quarter of public revenue $40 - $50 billion a year to service the $585 billion debt. Canada has spent $621 billion to service this ongoing debt during the last 20 years. Canada has the highest debt-to-GDP ratio in the industrialized world. And still the national debt climbs. Canadians pay 33 cents of every dollar raised in taxes to pay off interest on the national debt of $600 billion. That means that one third of those dollars we send to Ottawa in our income taxes, disappears into a hole somewhere. This is more than Ottawa spends on old age pensions, medicare and unemployment benefits combined. Your yearly tax bill just to service this debt is $2,400. Your newborn babys portion is also $2,400. That is just servicing the debt; nothing paid off the principal. The debt stays the same.
How do we get this debt monkey off our backs?
Canada behaves like a proud-but-poor cousin, unable to pay its own debts but loudly giving money to other countries and then forgiving their debts to Canada. Therefore there is no incentive for poor countries to become self-supporting if countries like Canada are in the giving and debt-forgiving business. International welfare recipients know how to beg and take advantage and adapt to get more debt forgiveness and more aid while Canada struggles with its own monster debt. In Senegal last November our much-traveled Chretien announced plans to hike our $2.3 billion foreign aid by $100 million a year for 5 years. Does that make you feel better?
Canada should have a law that not only outlaws deficits and pre-election giveaways but also compels Ottawa to pay down the $600 billion debt in some substantial way and not just play with the numbers, so that it will be paid down within the lifetime of some Canadians alive today. The same law should forbid Canadian socialist politicians from giving foreign aid of any category or forgiving debts owned to Canada until Canadas national is paid down. Otherwise our decemdemts to the seventh or eight generation will be paying off this debt if the country is not bankrupt by then.

During the week prior to the November election the Liberals went on another giving-money-away orgy in order to buy as many Canadian votes as possible. These were HRDC-Shawinigan type handouts. They did it just as blatantly and openly. They had no shame about the HRDC handouts or the missing $billion or the 22 ongoing police investigations or the possible criminal charges. They knew they could just brazen it through the short-term sittings of our parliament -- 92 days last year. No one could lay a hand on them. The confidence, the arrogance and the discipline of this majority would put the MAFIA to shame. Its was not their money they were handing out. Its was yours.
There are no laws to control these types of pre-election giveaways. They handed out $2.5 billion in one week.
$512 million to Quebec for infrastructure.
$680 million to Ontario for infrastructure.
$153 million to Newfoundland for infrastructure.
$O to Alberta for infrastructure.
$500 million for Toronto waterfront. They also promised this in 1972, 1974, 1979 and 1980.
$200 million more to western farmers.
$1.3 billion in fuel rebates for low-income Canadians.
$500 million for research and development.
$19.28 million for Quebec waterfront.
$52 million for an Aluminum Technology Centre in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.
$969,500 for the Societe de technologie de lAbitibi-Temiscamingue.
$19.5 million to Atlantic Canada Tourism.
If Canada was due to have a budget surplus, it appears it has already been spent in bribes to buy votes. And if that surplus does not appear, just add all those numbers to the $600 billion national debt. These national-debt numbers are so far out of control that no one will notice a few more billion added on. At this rate and with the help of the spendthrift Liberals, we will be lucky not to end up in debtors prison.

How to solve the debt and the Quebec problem

The issue of Quebec separatism should not be left to our politicians. These same politicians have put us almost $600 billion in debt. They have given away billions of taxpayers dollars to worthy people through HRDC handouts. They have forgiven debts owned to Canada and added them to the already monstrous national debt. They behave as if the only problem facing Canada is where on earth the prime minister can go that he hasnt gone before (at taxpayers expense with the usual planeload of his friends) and do good for the poor and worthy people of the world not Canadians. Only Chretien, Martin and Stewart believe that status quo will hold and that the HRDC will continue giving money to worthy people forever despite the ongoing 22 police investigations. Chretiens call of jobs, jobs, jobs has turned into money, money, money taxpayers money from a country deep, deep, deep in debt.
The government of Quebec wants to separate from Canada. The premier of Quebec wants to separate from Canada and one of the larger political parties in Ottawa the Bloc Quebecois wants Quebec to separate from Canada. The prime minister seems to think that the Clarity Act has solved this problem. This could be true but it is just as likely that it is not true.
If one of Canadas provinces wants to separate from Canada, it should at least be put in the form of a referendum to all Canadians. It is their country not the Ottawa politicians. This problem can be solved now if Ottawa would only realize that if the present Canadian situation is not made more flexible, it is liable to break.
The separation of Quebec from Ottawa can be accommodated within the Canadian federation if the Ottawa government is willing to download 90% of federal bureaucracies to the provinces. Quebec already has Immigration, their own tax system and their own pension plan. The other provinces do not.
In a reorganized Canada, the provinces would be the only governments to collect income taxes and would support the federal government. This would prevent the provinces from having to beg Ottawa for more money their own money to support medicare. It would then be a true confederation as it was meant to be in the British North America Act.
Canadians have no property rights in the Charter. If Canadians think of themselves as too helpless to bring about political change, it is certain that they will get the despotic government they deserve and the leaders who will bribe, sell, buy, and enforce in order to remain in power.