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Advice to George W Bush




James Bredin


George: I'm on your side and I hope to hell you hear me out,

I watched since 9/11 and like you, I had no doubt,

You may not like this advice, George, but it's the best you'll get,

Just remember I'm on your side, George, though we've never met.


Tell them you've decided to leave for now and give them the date,

Tell them 'bout their civil war, anarchy but you're up for debate,

And you'll be back when Saddam crawls out from under his rock,

Or for another reason -- return of Baathist regime flock.


Tuesday, September 23, 2003



Should we Dollarize the Loonie?




James Bredin


We complained when the loonie lunged down near sixty cents,

And the snowbirds in Florida could hardly pay their rents,

Then suddenly the loonie lurched upward every day,

And we worried then 'cause the factories might all move away.


The exporters claimed that no one would then buy their stuff,

Their US customers might say enough is enough,

Are we doomed to have our dollar kicked down and around?

But then the loonie jumped again or the $US went down.


Does anyone know why our loonie gets kicked around?

Is there a god of currencies that looks down with a frown?

How can we avoid these fluctuations and that hurt?

Let's dollarize the loonie and we'll know what it's worth


Tuesday, December 09, 2003










James Bredin


The CBC costs us three million dollars a day, every day,

Paid to a long list of left wingers that draw six-figure pay,

Just to pump out their anti-American propaganda,

And their two bit programs attempting to control our agenda.



Common sense dictates that these CBC socialists should move,

To oblivion quickly but watch the left-wingers disapprove,

And we could breathe easy without their polluted propaganda,

Imagine if this could all be done with some quick memoranda.



Should we have a referendum about excessive expenses?

And we could spend those millions on Canadian defenses,

And look into those twenty two criminal investigations,

With the HRDC billion that disappeared in consultations?


Monday, December 22, 2003