A Few Capitalist Questions

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A Few Capitalist Questions
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Canadians have HRDC, EDC and CIDA all connected to the federal government in Ottawa and all with apparently unlimited access to Canadian taxpayers money. Each one of these organizations is concerned with spreading or giving billions of taxpayers dollars among their own worthy recipients.

Questions about HRDC squandering and funneling money to Liberals were asked every day in Parliament during the 92 days that parliament sat in 2000. The Liberal politicians and their bureaucrats denied any improper handling of these billions of dollars despite the 22 ongoing police investigations. And despite all these scandals, the Liberals got reelected.

There has to be something here, some dependency, some connection to the federal government that causes Canadians to feel dependent on them.

It appears that Canadians are moving into an economic era where huge government bureaucracies have expanded and ever-increasing sectors of the Canadians economy are now controlled and directed by government. Many Canadians, who do not work directly for the government, work for companies that have close ties to the government through contracts, grants or loans and are therefore dependent on the federal government for their continued operations.

These economic policies are very close to those practiced by the Soviet Union and Communist China.

Canadians have been quietly led into a situation where they pay the highest taxes in the industrialized world and also have an ever increasing $580 billion national debt. That in itself is bad enough but ever more Canadians tend to be directly or indirectly connected with the federal government.

Could we reach a stage where everyone in Canada is connected somehow through work to the federal government or have we reached it already?