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The Canadian Parliament just opened again. Where has Hansard's Canadian Parliamentary debates gone? Last time parliament sat, Hansard was available on the Internet at http://www.parl.gc.ca/36/main-e.htm
but for some strange reason, it seems to have disappeared. Almost every other parliament in the world from Tasmania to Prince Edward Island is available on Hansard but not the Canadian Parliament.

Is there someone out there who can enlighten me on this or tell me why our good parliamentarians are the only parliamentarians in the world who are reluctant to be read on the Internet?

Why am I suspicious about Ottawa Liberals? Does your good MP know about this?

Jim Bredin

Canadian prisoners are allowed to go before a parole board and can be freed after serving one-third of their sentences. If they are rejected, and this is unusual, they almost automatically leave prison after serving two-thirds of their time.

It often appears that the prison bureaucracy is more concerned about releasing prisoners rather than keeping them.

Therefore the already lenient sentences handed out in Canadian courts, have no relation with reality. Even those supposed to serve a life sentence -- 25 years -- get out under the faint hope clause, which allows them freedom after 15 years.

Federal statistics show that about half of freed parolees are returned to prison after violating the conditions of their parole. That means that they continued their life of crime, despite the lenient sentences, the easy parole and the early release. It also means that there is something desperately wrong with our Canadian justice system. It means that it should be fixed. But our Liberal friends in Ottawa are opposed to fixing anything: the Charter, the Supreme Court, Parliament or anything as they arrogantly hold onto power with 41% of 62% of Canadians who bothered to vote.
The federal government quietly scuttled an all-party report that recommended abolishing the longtime practice of automatically releasing prisoners after they have served two-thirds of their sentence.

The Liberal bureaucrats in Ottawa should realize that if Canadians do not maintain justice, justice will not maintain Canadians.

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