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Maria Minna, head lady at CIDA.

Canadian International Development Agency

If sometime you wonder what your Liberal politicians in Ottawa do with your tax money, you should not. Because they give it away to worthy friends and causes. The people at CIDA like the people at HRDC, really know how to give Canadian taxpayers money to their worthy causes. Either that or they are in a hurry to empty the treasury. Whereas HRDC gives money to every worthy Liberal supporter they can find, CIDA is concerned with insignificant events and people on the other side of the world and how many Canadian taxpayers dollars they can donate to left-wing socialist causes. They find countries and places that are not even listed on the map. It appears that there is no limit to their generosity. No Canadian has ever said, enough enough. The head lady, Maria Minna, Canada's Minister for International Cooperation, is never questioned in parliament about her spendthrift ways. CIDA uses the excuse that they support sustainable development activities in order to reduce poverty and to contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous world. That should make you feel better the next time you pay your income tax. CIDA gives billions to more than 100 countries. The list reads like a large dictionary: 56 countries in Africa and the Middle East; 32 countries in Asia; 37 countries in the Americas and 27 countries and territories in Eastern Europe.

These isolated Liberals and bureaucrats at CIDA seem to be in a world of their own -- out of touch with Canadian reality. What they are doing is politically correct therefore it does not matter if they empty the treasury or how much they increase our national debt of $600 billion. They are like missionaries with a cause give as much Canadian taxpayers money to as many foreign causes that they can find. They search the world for earthquakes, floods and storms and when they cant find any, they give money to strange problems and people.

And to make matters worse, the Liberals just got reelected to parliament for another 4 years. Canada has several big problems to solve and they are all in Ottawa.

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