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I genuinely appreciate your stopping by this Canadian political page, and hope you will find the information helpful.

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As I wrote in the previous site, if you are an American arriving on this Canadian political site, think of the Liberals as Democrats. They have the same tax-and-spend philosophies. They increase taxes and they increase the national debt and they behave as though it didn't matter. They travel the world like rich millionaires and in the case of the prime minister, send back nightly sound bites just to make sure his name is front and center.

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Prime Minister Chretien has just been reelected for the third time. Unlike Americans presidents, Canadian prime ministers do not have term limits. And neither are they elected prime minister by all Canadians -- just their friends in the party.

The political ideas on this site are right wing. At this point in time the only political party in Canada that could be described as right wing is the Canadian Alliance. Unfortunately this party was just about shut out in the last Canadian general election on November 27th, 2000. But this party won the West. This has caused a great deal of frustration in the West and added to the western alienation. Those who are into western alienation in a big way have talked about complete separation from Ottawa. That is serious talk. But Ottawa ignores it all.
Will this western alienation phenominon recede and go away as Ottawa continues to ignore the west and push their tough-love policy.
It looks like we are all going to be observers in this clash of ideas. At this point in time, Ottawa has all the cards but time has a peculiar way of changing things.

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