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Liberals 14 (Could this get worse?)


Prime Minister Jean Chretien in front of his ever loyal Liberals.

The short-term memory of the Canadian public lasts for about two weeks. Then whatever scandal occurred, whatever crime was committed or whatever revelations came to light are all forgotten and replaced by newer events. The scandals are then papered over and forgotten by the public.

Mr Chretien swept the damming report of the Auditor General, which was released October 17th, 2000, under the rug by way of a sudden election call.
This blatant disregard by the federal Liberals for taxpayers money had been front and center in parliament since January 2000. It came to light that Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) misplaced or lost a billion dollars and the federal Liberals behaved as though it was merely a typographical error. They just brazened it out in parliament with their disciplined majority. They lied and lied some more even about the number of ongoing police investigations.

And then it got worse. The Auditor Generals report, which did reveal a number of problems, did not recommend that this bleeding of taxpayers dollars should stop completely. HRDC is still at this moment, giving taxpayers money to special recipients. The Auditor General did not recommend that HRDC should be reduced or closed down. Instead he recommended that
"The Department should put in place quality control measures to review corrective actions, and ongoing monitoring to ensure that staff have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of financial control. Using such an approach, the Department should ensure that all overpayments from problem files and high-risk dormant files are properly identified and recovered."

Then it got worse: The prime minister admitted during the election campaign that he used his position to get a huge loan for a friend in Shawinigan and then denied any conflict of interest or an inquiry. He then got his RCMP and his Ethics Commissioner to back him up and he did this blatantly during an election and then got reelected.

And then it got worse. Canadians reelected the politicians who caused these problems despite the revelations and the 22 ongoing police investigations. Have you read anything about those 22 ongoing police investigations? Maybe the journalists have been forbidden to write about them.

Then it got worse: These same politicians gave themselves a 20% pay raise (tax free) and went home for the summer. They know that because of the short-term memory and public stupidity, all these events will be long forgotten by the time they come back to Ottawa in late September.

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