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LIBERALS # 7 (What a Liberal MP thinks)

The wily Liberals had no problem getting reelected despite the scandals, the intrigues, the allegations, and the conspiracies that went endlessly round in a circle from the BDC BANK, Boudoin, Chretien, HRDC money and the town of Shawinigan. This was all published during the election by the National Post -- not by the other newspapers -- and despite the knowledge, Canadians still voted the Chretien Liberals back into power with a huge majority. It's the economy, stupid, not the Liberals. The left-wing socialists, without ethics, are in ecstasy. They increased their share of the popular vote from 38% to 40%. They now have 40% of the 61% of Canadians who bothered to vote. I dread the outcome of this human folly. The only conclusion I can come to is that Canadians have a form of national madness.

The only dark cloud on the Liberal horizon is those 22 police investigations into HRDC and how they lost a billion dollars. Do you remember how the Liberals handled the APEC Inquiry in Vancouver -- pepper-spray -- and the Somalia Inquiry? Those inquiries faded into obscurity by delays, lack of ethics and lack cooperation on the part of the Liberals.
Now they have this other problem about open borders that the US wanted. The huge Liberal-backed immigration industry does not want open borders with the US because the Canadian government would then have to control the incoming illegal refugees and terrorists. This is where these immigration lawyers make their living -- appealing these immigration decisions all the way to the Supreme Court and getting a government cheque for doing it.
Ahmed Ressam came to Canada with a forged French passport. Despite this he was admitted to Canada because of the lax refugee policies. Then his refugee claim was turned down and even then he was not deported. How do you think he did that?

Ahmed Ressam was apprehended by US customs crossing from Canada to the US in December 1999 with a car packed with explosives. He and his co-conspirators were on their way to blow up the Los Angeles airport.

Watch these socialist politicians switch their mentally-ill policies in the near future, not because of Canadian needs but because of US pressure. Canadians are mere numbers to them but these socialists politicians know if the US closes the border between Canada and the US, they might be in trouble.

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I have it on good authority that this is what an Ottawa Liberal MP thinks:

I belong to a Party that owns the government, that manipulates the media, that appoints senators, that appoints governor-generals, that appoints Supreme Court judges, that appoints the commissioner of the RCMP, that appoints the commissioner of ethics and appoints the right people to about a hundred other unheard of but well-paying positions.

Therefore, even though I am as dumb as a stone, if I play my cards right I could go somewhere.

I am not allowed to have an independent thought without checking first with the Party.

I am not allowed to represent my constituents in Parliament. I may even have to vote against their wishes. It is what the Liberals and the prime minister want -- not my constituents.

Human Rights and socialist hair-brained schemes in far distant lands on the other side of the globe are more important than my constituency.

I am secure in this job for another four years. There is no recall in Canada, therefore my constituents cannot recall me, even if I vote against their wishes a thousand times.

I have to keep remembering what happened to Nunziata -- at one time a kingpin in the Liberal Party -- when he voted the wrong way. He was excommunicated from the Party.

If I watch myself and play my cards right I might even get into cabinet. Otherwise I just have to keep nodding my head.

Maybe some day I'll get an appointment-for-life to the Senate.

Maybe some day I'll get an appointment-for-life to the Supreme Court.

I think I'll go on a mission to Central America until the cold weather is gone -- a fact-finding or a money-giving mission for CIDA.

Tomorrow I'll get up and say something insignificant in the Commons. I'll praise the prime minister so that he will remember me. I'll mention the constituency and thank them for electing me then I'll mention someone back in the constituency. Someone who did something worthwhile. I'll get it printed in the hometown newspaper and everyone will know that I was here.

I just passed another Liberal in the hallway. He's in the same boat as me. It makes me feel better to realize that there are so many others just like me. We all have to watch ourselves in the Liberal Party. We could be excommunicated. Or Chretien might not sign our nomination papers at the next election. Without his signature, I would have to go back to work. I know I could live off my gold plated pension. But in the meantime I think I'll just go along for the ride and maybe even a few more elections. Who knows?

Sometimes I feel guilty. Like that two minutes last Thursday when I booked my free flight to Costa Rica. But I got over it. Life is not easy when you are a Liberal member of Parliament. These free travel arrangements are a state secret so no one back in the constituency knows where I am. Even these so called journalists with their Access to Information Act cannot find the information. These are the rules and us Liberals always play by the rules.

The Canadian general public has no idea what goes on in Ottawa and we are not about to tell them. We can do anything we like so long as we don't get caught red handed. We just deny everything, shred all paper, appoint the right people to the right positions and Canadians will forget all about it before the next election. I could be here in Ottawa for the next 20 years. Who's to stop me so long as I vote the right way?

At least I'm not like those Alliance MPs -- from the dark side.


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