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The Canadian Parliament only sat for 92 days in the year 2000. According to Sec 5 of the Constitution Parliament needs to only sit once a year.
That means they could get the whole ugly parliamentary business finished in half an hour every year. The prime minister and Jane Stewart would not have to submit to constant questions about lost billion dollars or the 22 police investigations into HRDC in Shawinigan. I realize that not all 22 police investigations involve Shawinigan the prime ministers hometown but how would we know? Parliament is rarely opened. No one talks as the media directs our attention to other insignificant issues. Has anyone heard about these 22 police investigations? Has it or will it all disappear because we had an election and the Liberals got reelected with an even larger majority. Do crown prosecutors need ethics? They like to open late and close early and skip out on a Fridays. How would you know? No one keeps attendance in parliament and the TV camera is only allowed to point at the person talking and the few positioned behind him. Therefore Canadians are not allowed to know who is present even on the few days a year that parliament is open.


Canadian House of Commons. You will never see this scene on TV because the cameras are not allowed to show it. Canadians might realize how few MPs are actually present. The TV cameras are only allowed to show the person talking and the few sitting behind him.

A weekly log page includes entries in reverse chronological order. I might move my daily log page entries to a weekly page to archive them, or I might just write new entries on this page as the week goes on and then add a new page for each new week (remembering to update my "most recent posting" link on the home page whenever I do, of course).

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Thursday, January 6

As I create my entries for each day, I'll also include pictures and other Web Gems to illustrate my points and to make the entries more fun to read.

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here's a picture I took on a recent trip.