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Q: Why do we need a web page on Canadian Politics?
A: Because the Canadian Government propaganda is absolute and constant. It is the Liberal Party line all the way. It is a form of creeping dictatorship. There has to be an alternate source of information.
Q Why do we need an alternate source of information?
A: Because Parliament was only open for 92 days in 2000. Therefore for 9 months of the year the government operated in Ottawa in complete secrecy without anyone asking a question?
Q Why does Parliament not stay open longer?
A: Because the ruling Liberals want to hide what they have been up to and they do not want publicity. Prime Minister opens and closes Parliament when he feels like it. He is only required to open it once a year. We would never know about the missing billion dollars if it had not been for Parliament. There are other questions. Maybe you have some yourself.
Q: What about the Senate?
A: Canadian senators are appointed for life, until they are 75 or die, so they have no incentive in doing anything except staying alive. They are only a formality, a useless expensive formality that should be scrapped or changed to a triple E Senate.
Q: What is a triple E Senate?
A: A Senate where senators are elected, equally from each province and effective. Canadians need to elect 2 senators from each province in order to spread the political equality around the country. Alberta already elected a senator-in-waiting but Prime Minister Chretien, in order to punish Alberta and show some tough love, decided not to appoint him to the Senate.
Q: Why don't they change things in Ottawa?
A: There is no incentive to change things. Canadians are too polite. They never protest. They have been long conditioned not to protest. The government manipulates the media to the point where Canadians are told what to think. It is a question of power. A prime minister does not want to have his power reduced by having to deal with an activist Senate. He would rather have them sleep their years away quietly in the Senate. A Canadian prime minister will do anything to maintain the status quo.

Prime Minister Chretien's Liberal Party has just been reelected for a third time. He himself is not elected as prime minister by all Canadians. He is chosen to be leader of the Liberals by other liberals and thus becomes the prime minister although he is not elected to that position. He is one wily old socialist politician who knows the Canadian political scene better than any other politician. Unfortunately for Canadians he increases taxes and the national debt each year he is in office.

I will be making changes to this site frequently so check back regularly in order to find out what is really going on in the Canadian political world.


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In 1993 Mr Chretien was elected prime minister and with three business partners he sold the money-losing Grand-Mere Inn to Mr. Duhaime for $225,000.
In 1994 a year after he was elected, PM Chretien created the office of Ethics Counsellor and appointed Howard Wilson as ethics counselor but Prime Minister Chretien gave no investigative powers to Howard Wilson and had him report directly to himself instead of parliament. In other words he formed his own private detective agency to forewarn him of forthcoming complaints, all at taxpayers expense.
In 1996, during the run up to the Liberal reelection, Yvon Duhaime, who bought the prime ministers money-loosing hotel wanted a large loan of $2 million and approached the Business Development Bank of Canada, a Crown corporation. The president of this bank, a Crown Corporation, Mr Beaudoin had also been appointed by Prime Minister Chretien. The bank turned down the application. Prime Minister Chretien then phoned his appointee, the president, Mr. Beaudoin about this loan 3 times during 1996 and 1997. Prime Minister Chretien even had Mr Beaudoin over to the prime ministers official residence at 24 Sussex Dr. to discuss the loan. Eventually Mr Duhaime got a loan of $615,000. You guessed it. Yvon Duhaime failed to make the mortgage payments. Mr Beaudoin then thought that maybe they should foreclose on the property. Bad thought. Mr Beaudoin himself was dismissed from his position. This constructive dismissal is now the subject of a lawsuit. But lawsuits take years to work their way through the courts and are most often settled when big bucks change hands.
The Canadian public was made aware of these facts before the last election and still they elected the Liberals back into office for a 3rd term. It remains to be seen if Canadians will get what they deserve for electing these Liberals again. It is a graphic political study into the reasons why people vote in a certain direction and why, in the past, large powerful countries have been led down the garden path by well organized politicians.

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