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HRDC and CIDA are two of the hundreds of acronyms that the Canadian government uses for organizations that funnel billions of taxpayers' money to worthy recipients.
HRDC means Human Resources Development Corporation and CIDA means Canadian International Development Agency. HRDC funnels money to worthy Canadians and CIDA funnels money to worthy foreigners.

Even as you read this, bureaucrats at HRDC are handing out millions of Canadian taxpayers money to worthy recipients. For most of this century the 92 days that Parliament was open in 2000 -- the Canadian Parliament has been embroiled in a controversy about these HRDC grants.
An internal audit showed that HRDC had lost track of a billion dollars. They never did find it or give a reasonable answer to where it went. This is the same organization that collected 2,000 pieces of information on every Canadian and suggested that Canadians should carry identification papers.
The arrogant Liberals, refused to call an inquiry and denied that HRDC had problems. The Liberal system of delay, stonewall, cover-up, shred, hide, accuse, bafflegab, take long foreign trips, close Parliament for 3 months intervals and call an election, are in full swing. Parliament only sat 92 days in 2000.
In 1997, CITEC of Shawinigan, Chretiens hometown, received a $7.8 million grant from HRDC. After a six-month RCMP investigation, a Quebec Crown prosecutor charged Mr Lemire and Pepin, both founders of CITEC and both friends of Chretien, with fraud and theft of $150,000. They were due to receive another $4 million in grants from HRDC but Jane Stewart, the head of HRDC, decided to stop payment.
Shawinigan the prime ministers hometown in Quebec received $8.5 million in HRDC grants. That tiny village received more than the province of Manitoba ($5.5 million), Saskatchewan ($5.3 million) or Alberta ($3.8 million).
Only in Canada.


The action of HRDC is slowly turning Canadians into guinea pigs on the launching pad of government programs. Not only do they give taxpayers money to worthy recipients, but now they are considering the idea of a Canadian identity card. These Liberal control freaks not only want to bankrupt the country with HRDC giveaways but they want to know exactly what you think about them.
Just a few questions along that line:
Would it be a criminal offence not to carry the identity card?
What information should be on the card: photograph, thumbprint, nationality, religion, social insurance number, date of birth, current address, previous addresses, sex, physical characteristics, bar code for police computer, political affiliation, Gypsy, Jew, Gentile, immigrant, illegal immigrant, refugee, phony refugee, eligibility for work or welfare, gun registered with the government, the names of relatives, criminal record and DNA printout.
Should Canadians continue to be forever submissive and carry an identity card?
Countries that do not have an identity card: United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and Sweden, Mexico, India and Bangladesh.
Countries that do have an identity card: Germany, France, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain.
The bureaucrats and politicians jump on the already established necessity of drivers license or health cards and suggest that the drivers license-health card could then become your national identification card? It is all so simple and efficient that anyone could see its a good thing.
It is a matter of who controls whom? Do the people control the government or does the government control the people? Lets hope Canadians get this right.


Canadians have HRDC, EDC and CIDA all connected to the federal government in Ottawa and all with apparently unlimited access to Canadian taxpayers money. Each one of these organizations is concerned with spreading the taxpayers money among their own worthy recipients.
It appears that Canadians are moving into an era where government bureaucracies have expanded and a large section of Canadians work for the government and another large section work for private industry who are indirectly tied to the government either by contracts or loans.
These economic policies are very close to those practiced by the Soviet Union under the communist regime.


Liberal MP Pettigrew was in charge of HRDC from 1996 to 1999 before Jane Stewart. He made sure the billions of dollars flowed in the right direction.


Jane Stewart in charge of HRDC since 1999 defended herself for the 92 days that parliament was open in 2000. She denied everything, even the police investigations. Then admitted everything including the 22 police investigations, except being at fault.

The Auditor General's Report


MP Maria Minna in charge of CIDA

Unfortunately due to the short time that parliament was open in 2000, CIDA did not get as much attention as HRDC. But this group, headed by Maria Minna, gave almost as many billions to foreign dictators and their organizations. It was all added to the national debt -- $585 billion.