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National Interest




James Bredin


Should nice national notions be undone by the United Nations?

Should these socialist mandarins insist we fill expectations?

Should we be in Bosnia, Africa or Afghanistan?

Should our pompous politicians command this battle plan?


Should we be allowed to even think about their decisions?

About men who were murdered just for carrying ammunitions?

Killed by menacing mistakes or by manning real cheap jeeps,

Mitigating circumstances said our political creeps.


Should our women be aware who sent their husbands to their graves?

Was it politicians or those who lived in Afghanistan caves?

Should our people have referendums about this deadly stuff?

Or should we go submissively and never say, "Enough Enough!"


Could recall or set election dates influence these insane times?

Cause our politicians to concentrate about homegrown crimes,

Will the meaning of democracy be decided by them?

Refuse recall and referendums again and again.


Tuesday, November 04, 2003






Canadian-UN Peacekeeping




James Bredin


The UN has become delusional, flying on one wing,

Rally of rogue politicians really rousing, doing their thing,

From dicey pricy dictatorships and terrorist regimes,

Democracy unknown in most of their menacing schemes.


They feel an overt obligation to be much more involved,

Push for peacekeepers over there though things rarely get resolved,

And they want everything done precisely on New York time.

Always done with great expense of course on someone else's dime.


And no phone calls back to get permission from some UN clown,

Because in different time zones the UN may be closed down,

For the weekend or holidays or for no special reason,

Could be basketball, baseball, hockey, or the social season.


While the peacekeepers slog it out in some fierce but foreign place,

Being bombed or blown apart in shitty little cheap jeeps -- a disgrace,

And no one asks a question or is permitted to think,

'Cause the UN is said to be sacred with a nod and a wink.


Could democracy in Canada influence these events?


How much influence do we have other than dollars and cents?

Should we have referendums to maybe more input here?

Do nothing and cry for our dead without a political tear.


Thursday, November 06, 2003







Our International Obligations




James Bredin


These days they're discussing rebuilding and paying failed nations,

International socialist despite corruption allegations,

They want to cure all the collective problems around the globe,

And do it without a subpoena, inquiry or probe.


And who could blame them as they complain about us stragglers,

Not following their philosophies and not being fellow travelers,

It's so obvious that they are committed and they're so right,

And we should adjust ourselves to pay attention to their plight.


They call out their statistics as though to show us we are wrong,

And we should do something soon and start to sing their swan song

These poor people are crowded in slums so very far away,

We have an obligation to pay attention with our pay.


Monday, November 10, 2003



A Prime minister Committed to the United Nations




James Bredin


We've a prime minister committed to the United Nations,

An international socialist with great UN expectations,

Completely committed to failed nations and all Third World states,

Travels the world but no referendums and serious debates.


We can't vote for him because of our organization,

It's party politics with no people vote or conversation,

He talks to us in sound bites from very very far away,

While his Supreme Court decides same-sex marriage for the gay.



What Canada needs is one decent honest sincere dictator,

Who likes Canada first and not somewhere on the equator,

Who is not into refugees and terrorist from god knows where,

It's Canada first -- a national affair with no need to declare


Friday, November 21, 2003






United Nations Obligations and Dead Men




James Bredin


If we had another little world war, who would go?

Maybe join the dead men in draped coffins to go,

Or be buried over there in an unmarked grave,

To prove to someone somewhere, you were so brave.


Would you go and die for the United Nations?

'Cause they look at us with such great expectations,

And you could stop them killing in some foreign affair,

In a shaky jeep or with a wing and a prayer.


Your widow would weep the weary tears for your death,

Sighing and crying and sobbing and getting out of breath,

And a pompous politician could send a letter,

Explaining how you improved the world for the better.


Wednesday, November 19, 2003





Can we get Rid of the United Nations?




James Bredin


Are we all just indentured slaves to the United Nations?

With chains around our necks as we obey their expectations,

Can we even influence their International Criminal Court?

Send these do-gooders home to their own sanctimonious sort.


It's a simple demolition task -- just tear their building down,

And push it into the Hudson and flatten all around

And tell them it's done -- all their strutting self-righteous speeches,

They can go back where they came from and lie on the beaches.


Should we care if one group of religious fanatics far away?

Beat the crap out of another group because they want to play?

Armies have gone to Afghanistan for at least ten thousand years,

And nothing has ever changed there -- bags of bodies and tears.


And now I hear this UN group want to control the Internet,

Information coming and going so they can interject,

Where we will have to ask permission just to put in a post,

With their propaganda and version of events uppermost?


Saturday, November 22, 2003







James Bredin


If there's one thing I noticed about the communists I met,

They're pushy and highly intelligent least we forget,

This is the reason they took over half the globe by and large,

By convincing the masses that socialists should be in charge.


They like to spread their communist ideology around,

They're focused on equality and find it easy to confound,

And the people believe them 'cause their ideology sounds so true,

Those who have difficulty voting or even bother to review.


But democracy and communism just don't get along,

Communists stay forever which is democratically wrong,

That's the part of their ideology they always leave out,

Wouldn't want the people to know what they're really about.


They lurk in the web pages with their policies well hidden,

Emphasize that they are so Canadian but guilt ridden,

Pushing their policies of equality for you and me.

Laced with anti-Americanism to a high degree. 



It's too late when the secret police come knocking on your door,

And haul you off to a camp which you will indeed abhor,

A place far away in the woods that's quite wild and remote,

All traced back to because you didn't even bother to vote.


Thursday, December 25, 2003