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Canadian Politicians




James Bredin


How do we bring politicians to account?

Lying and cheating to no small amount,

Hidden conspiracies but they don't care,

Manipulating media, they do dare.


Design a system of balance and check,

Referendums and callbacks for us with neck,

Stick their status quo where the sun don't shine,

Proportional representation time.


A triple E Senate might change things around,

Their behavior as if our money was found,

And traveling the world in junkets galore,

Directing dollars to the hometown store.


Constitution with no property rights,

Count communist and socialists delights,

But nothing can change because they're so good,

As they claim they would if only they could.


No subpoenas or inquiries allowed,

TV cameras in parliament are cowed,

Meaningless pantomime of photo op,

Like flies to a summer light, they can't stop.


Sunday, January 11, 2004


The Access Act Arrangements




James Bredin


Chretien and his clan set up a scheme to keep the people out,

To hide and conceal what he and his Liberals were all about,

They called it the Access Act to censor and stop and conceal

What they didn't want to answer and not ever reveal.


This Access Act was just a cover for their censorship show,

Prevent and delay the public from knowing what they should know,

Used scores of civil servants in these thankless arduous tasks,

And pompously pretended they were busy behind their masks.


They called themselves coordinators of communications,

A fancy name for censorship to prevent implications,

Contentious issues should die or never see the light of day,

Nothing that might embarrass their politicians on display.


They viewed transparency as tantamount to treachery,

Prevent the people from seeing corruption or lethargy,

The cronyism of curious contracts should be concealed,

And secret shenanigans shredded in case they were revealed.


Do Canadians have the right to know the political truth?

Is that such an awful question or am I showing uncouth?

Do Canadian politicians have something awful lot to hide?

Bout Bombardier or Shawinigan that only they decide?


Is democracy for Canadians an impossible dream?

No recall or referendums in this dictatorship scheme,

Can't vote for a prime minister or inquire 'bout a judge,

Even if he/she has a special interest or secret grudge.


Saturday, November 01, 2003


They Give Our Money Away




James Bredin



The big news today is a cabinet meeting,

Where they will sit and discuss the proper seating,

And how to tax and spend and travel some more,

And keep most of the people from knowing the score.


You won't read many of these details in the news,

They're not completely stupid so give them their dues,

Their secret negotiations will remain hidden,

Where your access to details is strictly forbidden.


They're giving a trillion to some Third World group,

Their socialist Liberal policies of poop,

Then they're off to visit them with a planeload of friends,

For photo opportunities and setting trends.


This is the way it's always done or didn't you know?

Canadian politicians give away dough,

That's why were taxed up to the eyes and the ears,

They want more to give away despite the arrears.


Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Howard Wilson the appointed ethics guy

Questions about Conflict of Interest




James Bredin


Why do we have an abundance of crooked politicians?

Why was everything okay when they were in opposition?

Why this conflict of interest when they formed the majority?

Why did they parade their crooked pride and push their authority?



Why were their actions and manipulations so well hidden?

In the Access Act where whistle blowers are strictly forbidden?

Why is whistle blowing considered such a great sin by them?

Why should they completely depend for their appointments on him?



Why do they fly for freebies and fortune from their wealthy friends?

Travel in jet planes to lodges driving fancy Mercedes Benz?

Why do accusations mean nothing when the fix is in?

Do appointees listen to the strains of a soft violin?




Why can't conflict of interest claims stop this corruption?

Would an inquiry cause such political disruption?

Why do those who should fix things move so very very slow?

Why no referendums or recall for Tom, Dick or Joe?



Was his tiny little red book no more than a big red lie?

To entice honest Canadians with dreams of pie in the sky?

Was their ethics appointee no more than an expensive sham?

Given no power to stop those who didn't give a damn?




Did those cabinet members have their hands in the cookie jar?

Did some fax their apologies as benign but bizarre?

Should crooked politicians have no set election dates?

Were their reports all hidden in fear of honest debates?



Is this another example of his Shawinigan sting?

Is money being moved quietly while we sleep and they swing?

Will they continue to behave as though nothing is wrong?

Without set dates or referendums will we be forced to go along?


Tuesday, October 28, 2003






The Political Code of Silence




James Bredin


The Mafia may have more ethics than our politicians,

Something similar in their code of silence and conditions,

But pompous politicians appoint the judges way up front,

Appointees who owe their jobs to them and I have to be blunt.


The irony here never gets much public attention,

Politicians want praise not accusations -- or did I mention?

And when caught they'll cover with apologies sent in by fax,

Never mention what they really do is spend and cheat and tax.


But they can't get caught 'cause the appointed judge is on their side,

Or if it's listed in the Access Act, they'll get a free ride,

But they need at least maybe ten or twenty Challenger jets,

From Bombardier of course to travel with friends and their pets.


Canadian politicians can't fly economy class,

Going fishing in New Brunswick to catch salmon or sea bass

Or meeting Mugabe or Castro or some communist guy,

On the other side of the world where they listen to a lie.


We need proportional representation and we need it soon,

Though our politicians take holidays almost always in June,

We need set dates to stop and halt these sudden snap elections,

With millions pushed in East-Coast directions to ensure selections.


And there's no sign of censure because there's no sign of sin,

I mean millions to friends in Shawinigan is always win win,

Really referendums might only help the opposition,

Therefore they'll stop this too or any practical proposition,


Tuesday, November 13, 2003







Can Canadians Find an Honest Politician?




James Bredin


We should have referendums if we can get enough to sign?

Binding referendums and force politicians back in line?

Stop their taxing and spending and always doubling their wages?

And hiding their conflict of interest from the peoples' rages?


Should faceless bureaucrats be allowed to send you to your grave?

To make these life and death decisions as if you were their slave?

Downwind of a nuclear power station just breathing the air?

Should you, the obedient pliant number down there, even care?



Should we have proportional representation discussed?

Or should these ideas be consigned to the junk yard to just rust?

Should we have recall for those elected but who really screw up?

For political conflict of interest that could make you throw up?


Should their excessive traveling be allowed and never be forbidden?

Exotic itineraries in the Access Act forever hidden?

Their expense numbers that would blow the average person's mind?

And us subservient types can't complain and are left in a bind.


Should they be allowed to appoint their friends as their judges?

Till they're seventy five with a lot of quiet grins and nudges?

And senators too and others as commissioners by the score?

The RCMP, the ethics guys right decisions and more.


But no one knows and it seems forbidden that you'll be told,

How to change your locked-down system 'cause you're not allowed to be bold,

They wont change the constitution 'cause they've got you in a bind,

And their papers will pompously ask you if you're out of your mind.


Thursday, November 13, 2003









Canadian Pompous Politicians




James Bredin




We're not allowed referendums or recall of politicians?

'Cause they're concerned about concealing their travel conditions,

To all those distant exotic locations around the globe,

   Therefore they refuse all inquiries or an organized probe.


And set election dates is something they'll definitely dismiss,

While visiting the Russians, the Chinese or sometimes the Swiss,

'Cause proportional representation could loose them their jobs,

And reveal that they're much less than common ordinary slobs.


It's the reason why they close parliament for more than half the year,

To fit in their foreign itinerary without any fear,

They never denounce democracy but they hate it on sight,

They'd prefer to fish in New Brunswick catching northern pike.


They claim they can't change the Charter because its all nailed down,

Nailed down by Trudeau and Chretien and at least one other clown,

They're isolated in Ottawa doing committee duty,

They'd phone you long distance but they're too busy being snooty.


Tuesday, November 11, 2003






The Terrorist appeal System





James Bredin



Your average terrorist refugee has six levels of appeal,

In the normal world this process would be completely unreal,

But in Canada these court proceedings can take ten years,

No one knows who's been deported so they never disappear.


Of course the courts are bogged down by all this in and out,

Murderers, rapists and thieves remanded endlessly no doubt,

As refugees appeal their way slowly to the Supreme Court,

And thousands more arrive nightly at the Toronto Airport.


The legal-aid lawyers are enamored by all these strange schemes,

Their ready-made work and projects overlook national extremes,

And its all done legally of course on the taxpayers dimes,

And one pays attention to these extraordinary times.


'Cause they designed this scary system to help themselves of course,

Realizing all the time that this was one weird work source,

By using terrorist and refugees to give the impression,

They were helping the poor and destitute in their profession.


But with the courts bogged down there's no protection for society,

As they conspire together without impropriety,

As they feather their nests and they all walk tall at City Hall,

Without referendums or recall there's no protection at all.


Friday, October 31, 2003





Refugee Claimants arrive by the Thousands




James Bredin


The CBC and the Refugee Boards all want complete control,

Allow all refugees into Canada though we're in the hole,

And claim their legal rights to all welfare and medical care,

Politically correct; no one can complain; they wouldn't dare.



And the hospital beds and the waiting rooms are full to the door,

With odd people in strange costumes on the chairs and on the floor,

Ten million a year should be okay because Canadians love,

To be crowded and taxed to the ears and the occasional shove.



And their sensationalized stories have set the agenda,

Canadians can't interfere -- no recall or referenda,

Politically correct lawyers all nod their heads and agree,

Need to search the world judiciously for every refugee.



And civil wars are always a good place to find refugee types,

Good for their business and just forget all those terrorist stripes,

'Cause when they arrive they can claim all their rights in the Charter,

Written by Chrétien and Trudeau in the days of Jimmy Carter.


Tuesday, December 16, 2003










James Bredin


Liberal socialists want amnesty for all the illegal types,

They're not all criminals or terrorists --no they're not alike,

But they all vote Liberal even doing time in the pen,

That's why the Liberals gave them the vote -- 'cause they knew back then.



These international socialists say they're just not understood,

And their media propaganda would explain it if they could,

That illegals help the dirty dicey immigration trade,

These outspoken Liberal lawyers and consultants are not a bit afraid.



They've got hundreds of welfare programs for the illegals around,

That they piously and pompously announce they just found,

That encourages illegals to send for relatives and friends,

And the business goes on and grows with their amnesty trends.



Not only can they not deport them but they can't tell us that they can't,

These terrorists, refugees and lawyers claiming rights in one chant,

With their six avenues of appeal in immigration fights,

Claiming they can't be deported because of the Charter of Rights.



Sunday, November 30, 2003




The Liberals May Stay Forever




James Bredin


The Liberals cultivate loyalty, then put us in the hole,

With appointments for their friends who have already sold their souls,

And their appointees to the Supreme Court can't be asked questions,

About their sexual preferences or any suggestions.



This cartel of social spenders that tax, lend and really squander,

Are allowed to go here, there, everywhere and wander over yonder,

To all the exotic places to search and find a social cause,

To give taxpayers money without questions like Santa Clause.



You can't point a finger because it's politically correct,

Taxpayers' money to the Third World, then tax, spend and collent,

And they can't break a law or make a mistake 'cause it's all hidden,

Their appointees ensure that subpoenas are strictly forbidden.



They just love impress their friends at the United Nations,

Soldiers in Afghanistan but no help in US relations,

And we're told to believe that our democracy is intact

A reality check would show us dictatorship, in fact.



Majority governments defeat parliament every time,

As they just tax and spend and squander down to the very last dime,

We need referendums and recall to slow their grip on power,

With the ability to impeach dictators in their tower.



Monday, December 15, 2003







Terrorists Arrive Every Night




James Bredin



Why would they refuse to name all these criminals and thieves?

Are they in league with refugees and terrorists who deceive?

Why should they hide all this from Canadians who want to know?

Why should this Liberal government behave so wretched and low?


Thousands of these deportee refugees have long gone over the fence,

Is it possible that our politicians could be so dense?

Why can't they give the names or the reason terrorist stay hidden?

Or is it something their immigration lawyers have forbidden?


Why are these criminals and terrorists all arriving here?

Because they're never held in custody and they have no fear,

They're trying to escape justice and find an easy place to live,

And they heard Canadian immigration is like a sieve.


Is it possible that Canadians might change things around?

Put these thieves and terrorists in jail so they can't make a sound.

Force these politicians to reveal their secret agenda,

But we can't do that because we're not allowed referenda.


Their terrorist organizations have lots of lawyers and rights,

Waiting to set up camp when they're given or get the green light,

They like this political arena and they're going to stay,

'Cause now they can evade all justice and never  go away.


Respect for leftist politicians gets lower and lower,

And ethics, if they ever had any, gets slower and slower?

The evidence is there at the airport every single night,

As they claim refugee status coming in on every flight.


Friday, November 07, 2003












Peace and Good Government




James Bredin


Does the premise of peace and good government hide the lie?

That politicians might lie and cheat and steal and say good bye?

Does the politeness of the people give them this permission?

To manipulate the system to improve their condition?


Are Canadians forbidden to challenge authority?

Is proportional representation a majority?

Should politicians be expected to be accountable?

Are changes to the system forbidden or surmountable?


Should binding referendums and recall be forever refused?

Is it possible to have crooked politicians accused?

Are allegations left for life-time appointees to decide?

The guild or innocence of friends in whom they often confide.


No proportional representation or set election dates?

Why do the spin doctor fix questions for televised debates?

Should the Ottawa gnomes obscure and hide all their blunders?

While these pompous parliamentarians deny like thunder.


Should the spin doctors of the Access Act forbid information?

The billions that flow to all their socialist friendly foundations,

Are Canadians considered as lambs by these politicians?

To be led to the slaughter to further their ambitions?



Sunday, November 02, 2003








James Bredin



There's a pompous place in Ottawa where old appointees go,

A tight club of curious cadres just to keep the status quo,

No one ever heard what these unelected senators do,

You can be sure it's nothing worthwhile that might help or interest you.



There's another place where the appointed Supreme Court guys are good,

And they're allowed to change the laws 'cause the Charter said they could,

Democracy you see has nothing to do with this -- it's dead,

Without recall or referendums that's exactly what I said.



All these appointees have put their souls on the block long ago,

None of them were elected or even questioned 'bout who they know,

We have dictatorship every five years but we can't call it that,

'Cause they like the illusion of democracy while getting fat.



Proportional representation is completely forbidden,

And appointees can't be questioned 'cause they're all so well hidden,

And the people are docile and tend to follow just like sheep,

Being led to the slaughter house where they'll be made into meat.


Saturday, November 15, 2003






Only a Few Canadians Bother to Vote




James Bredin


If only forty percent of the people bother to vote,

And the gay guys of course have their own agenda to promoted,

True to their trends they vote and they're dedicated to their cause,

As they demonstrate in their pride parades to a lot of applause.



These gay guys are then a larger proportion of the vote,

And results therefore in increased influence as numbers denote,

And it results in government and Supreme Court decisions,

That change the directions and increase these social divisions.



And now we have same-sex marriages for the gay guys and gals,

A graphic demonstration of their lobby -- not their morals,

But this is not about the gay guys but acquiring power,

Of a small group as their influence increases by the hour.



This small faction can gain power out of proportion to their size,

It could be any dedicated organized group -- not just the gay guys,

Because so few people vote, the gay proportion is therefore large,

Just like their huge influence on those eventually in charge.



Therefore those who don't vote should be taxed at least ten dollars,

Added to their income tax despite the screams and the hollers,

This would eventually emphasize Canadian democracy,

And counteract special-interest socialist aristocracy.




Thursday, November 27, 2003






The Ottawa Spin Doctors




James Bredin


The Ottawa spin doctors are busy these days,

Disseminating information with lots of delays,

They manage the message and hide their mistakes,

Ambitious gnomes of government for goodness sake.


They'd make Hitlers Joseph Goebbels feel so very proud,

Pumping propaganda so others will be cowed,

Ambitious and anonymous in obscurity,

And their secret stuff is hidden in perpetuity.


Why should the mistakes of politicians be obscured?

Why should referendums and recall be refused?

Why should Canadians be kept captive by this lot?

Why should events be doctored and quite a few forgot?


Monday, November 03, 2003







Letter to your Member of Parliament




James Bredin



Dear Member of Parliament you are merely a vote,

Others will decide if, when and how you do this -- on remote,

And your constituents mean absolutely nothing to you,

It's the party policy that rules so you move on cue.


Have you ever thought about a system where the people rule?

Real democracy with input from the voters -- now that's cool,

I hear it's done in Switzerland but we're not allowed to know,

They say we can't ask questions or change things 'cause it might cost dough.


Remember those endless meetings you attended through the years,

Trying to get a handle on things and to fend off our fears,

But few things changed in Ottawa and your infuence is nil,

No proportional representation or referenda still.


I'm sorry to deflate you -- about you being a mere number,

It doesn't matter what you do even if you're a grumbler,

You cannot rewrite history or change anything in the past,

But you might influence something even when the dye is cast.


You know that our democracy is no more than an illusion,

Dictatorship by a prime minister added to confusion,

It's his agenda and itinerary that runs the shows,

So be independent and refuse 'cause we reap what he sows.


Saturday, November 08, 2003





Religion in the Morning




James Bredin


The early morning religious guy is excited on TV,

He quotes this verse and that line of scripture for you and me,

You were bored before 'cause you woke up from a deep sleep,

And now you're upset and fit to be tied -- who is this creep?


You wonder about the people who listen to this guy,

Sometimes its a woman screaming and reaching up to the sky,

Maybe you should seek religion cause they seem at peace,

Or in conflict and war with themselves looking for release.


Religion and politics has caused lots of trouble and war,

People get excited and think they should settle an old score,

That theyve been told and told again in this excited madness,

Common sense has nothing to do with this sewer of sadness.


There has to be an easier way to bring change about,

To stop those who cling to power because they have no doubt,

That they should stay there forever regardless of who dies,

Pump up their propaganda but never reveal their disguise.


Thursday, December 04, 2003