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The Inquisition of Inquiry into Racial Profiling



James Bredin


Toronto is having a commission of inquisition,

'Bout police and their politically correct disposition,

Called DTSTC for short or Department to Stop the Cops,

And they're going to have this inquisition with the usual props.


Cameras and the microphones and their many wall to wall clerks,

Appointed academics, communists and assorted jerks,

They'll declare racial profiling here and there and everywhere,

And they'll justify their existence in case you're unaware.


They profess to have the answers and they'll root out all sin,

This inquisition of inquiry about words for skin,

And those rowdy cops better listen or be taken to the task,

'Cause the DTSTC is looking for just one racist remark.


Because the god of political correctness reigns supreme,

They'll investigate the investigators and see if they're clean,

Political correctness has to be maintained at all costs,

The cops have to realize that DTSTC is boss.



"And you said the DTSTC was only a waste of time,"

"Nothing but interference in your battle against crime,"

"And you questioned the subpoena when it was delivered by hand,"

By a lady dressed in a black veil wearing a star and a wand."


Sunday, December 07, 2003





The Inquisition (Part 2)




James Bredin



We're going to have an inquisition and an exercise in blame,

It'll be a public finger-pointing pantomime in all but in name,

Propaganda in the papers should increase the copies sold,

Political correctness, twisted stories and statistics that were told.




We notice that you're white; do you have a problem with those blacks?

Don't you think that this inquiry will cause us all to relax?

Do these questions and our attitude bother you in the least?

Would you confess all those hidden sins if I was a priest?




Just how many lesbians have been allowed to join the police?

Do you have a problem with this or can they keep the peace?

We're going to root out racism because they told us it's there,

We'll show you whose boss and we don't care one bit about your glare.




We're politically correct -- a serious righteous holy crowd,

We're going to change the rules 'cause we're sanctimonious and proud,

And certain stereotypes will, from now on, be treated with kid gloves,

We're going to neuter you nerdy no-good cops from way up above.




Because people of certain culture and color should be free,

To express their culture and heritage to the highest degree,

We may need a Human Rights Agency to oversee events?

It doesn't matter what this agency costs in dollars and cents?



Monday, December 08, 2003






Kangaroo Court




James Bredin


Certain newspapers you see are almost never into the news,

They push their pious propaganda with their prejudiced views,

These self righteous hacks all have their own socialist agenda,

They'll tell us all what to think and it's not about referenda.




I ran into racial profiling in that big department store,

I was part of the long lineup that went back along the floor,

When the cashier got off her cell phone she gave me quite a glare,

I was so sensitive of her attitude -- it said, "beware."




Should I complain to the kangaroo court or the newspaper types?

Would I get to explain my problems on TV -- about my gripes?

Racial profiling should stop and these inquisition people care,

I think I'll call them now because my name would be hidden there.




That's right, I'll be anonymous and no one will know my name,

And if I tell a big lie or I'm dead wrong, I'll get no blame,

But I want my dignity returned and I want those cops brought down,

I want those video cameras mounted here there and all around.




On top of cop cars, in the walls, behind the toilets and in the ground,

It's about human rights you see and what they're up to with the sound,

With minorities as majorities and social order right,

Multiculturalism predominates and we're into white flight.



And minorities can't be investigated or even stopped,

Penitentiaries are opened and all criminal charges dropped,

Those cops are prejudiced and we all want affirmative action,

Where everyone is equal and we don't need a police faction.



Wednesday, December 10, 2003




So Dear Dalton at the School Door




James Bredin


This zero tolerance in the schools will just have to go,

It's racial profiling as their slanted statistics show,

And violent students will just have to be accepted,

'Cause they're politically correct even when detected.



The god of multiculturalism says that they are right,

And our society is so sick that we're into white flight,

But there's no need for us to fear, fists, violence or guns,

Because it's doubtful they'll shoot a teacher or one of the nuns.



And even if they did, maybe someone would call a cop,

That's the one in the car with video camera on top,

In case he too might use racial profiling along the way,

It's not for shooters, pushers, dealers but what can I say?


That Safe School Act too should be slowly and surely ripped up,

Not politically correct dear Dalton and that's enough,

And in keeping with the decisions you make each and every day,

You can be proud as certain populations all move away.



Thursday, December 11, 2003




Dear Dalton: Why did I know?




James Bredin



Dear Dalton Despot: Did you learn your politics from Bob Rae?

Did he teach you how to lie and tax and spend both night and day?

Rumor has it that you already doubled the price of smokes,

And you're soon to double the price of booze and gas for folks.




They deserve it -- those socialists, who voted for your party,

They'll just have to give up smoking and drinking and feel hearty,

And with little lights and less power they can eat in the dark,

And when they can't pay their bills they can just go live in the park.




Will this be the last time we can see our Christmas tree lights?

With the price of power to double and triple out of sight?

Will the beer stores and the liquor stores all have to close their doors?

Is this your instant Liberal education and is there more?




If you lie to the public and get elected on that lie,

Should the public have some come back so they can say good bye?

Or should we tolerate your deception for another five years?

When us seniors will be mostly dead and many more in tears?




'Cause now I hear you're going to take away the seniors drug plan,

While you're talking gobbledygook as stupid as Internet spam,

Are all Liberals given an exemption from ever telling the truth?

This might be a tough question but I'm not trying to be uncouth.


Friday, November 28, 2003


Dalton McGinty

Dear Dalton's Disillusioned Disciples




James Bredin


Dear Dalton, is it true that you lied through your teeth to get elected?

And those lies mean nothing now that you've finally been selected,

And as premier you seem to think we're all wrapped up like rugs,

While you sit at Queens Park, tax, spend, jostle, taunt and cut seniors' drugs.


Dear Dalton, I dread what is coming down the pipe,

What mad socialist programs are coming our way from your type?

Should we have rules to compel politicians like you to obey?

You only arrived and I can hear the screams but what can I say?


Dear Dalton, I'm sure you never heard of political recall,

As in California where their  governor had to fall,

Could you initiate referendums for us poor common slobs?

Good for your legacy to slow down stupid political knobs.



Saturday, November 29, 2003


He's going to cut the seniors' drug benefits




James Bredin


Dear Dalton: Some say it's not true: that you do have a clue,

And I'm inclined to believe them; that you may have one or two,

But they're well hidden and you're no ordinary Ottawa hick,

And you probably could win in a battle of wits with a brick.



And all those lies that you told to get elected could be true,

And you may even believe them yourself which would give us a clue,

That you're really modeling your career on Chrétien or Trudeau,

By back to back lies, just like them, but maintain all the status quo.



Or maybe you learned everything you know from Mister Mulroney,

He who staked the Senate to pass the GST and tax every loonie,

But stick to your strategy and your legacy will come out,

And without a drug plan us loud-mouth seniors will have no doubt.


Monday, December 01, 2003


Dear Dalton 5




James Bredin


Dear Dalton of the flip flops that tend to increase by the day,

From four O seven to two-tier medicines, were going to pay,

Those who voted for you are already shedding terrified tears,

And without recall we'll suffer you, Dalton, for at least five years.


Dear Dalton of the dead and dying abandoned seniors' drug plans,

Those helpless sickly types in the lineups waiting for MRI scans,

Those who spent their years paying all your Liberal-GST dues,

That you recently promised to reduce but now you've changed your views.




No one, no matter who, can name a good thing you've recently done,

Only diehard socialist Liberals are delighted you won,

Unlike the Americans, we have no recall -- no solution,

Can't do a thing about it -- no impeachment or prosecution.




And Canadian politicians can lie through their teeth,

About conflict of interest with lies that are hidden beneath,

A few questions can be asked but the system cannot be changed,

No matter who gets elected -- the thieves, liars or the deranged.


Tuesday, December 02, 2003





Dear Dalton Some Advice -6




James Bredin


Dear Dalton: Are you an example of a public mistake?

Where less than forty percent voted or bothered to partake,

'Cause we don't have proportional representation as you well know,

So you can tax and spend to your heart's content and aint it so?



You'll be long gone in four years but that's much too long to wait,

Unlike California we don't have recall or debate,

'Cause parliament is a pantomime of liars wall to wall,

Guess we'll have to learn the hard way how you'll put Ontario in stall.


But maybe, just maybe it's a long shot -- you might change things around,

And leave a legacy, unlike Chrétien's, that is really profound,

Give referendums to the people or is that too much to ask?

Or will you just tax and spend -- the usual Liberal task?


I realize you mentioned set dates for elections -- quite clever,

How about term limits for those who would stay forever?

Could we be like Quebec -- look after our own immigration?

Or is that too much to ask in your Liberal concentration?


Could the people of Ontario get rights to their property?

Or is this not part of your plan to assist those in poverty?

I realize of course this involves Trudeau's Charter of Rights,

But please show some guts in these federal-provincial fights.


Could the people of Ontario vote for their own senators?

Why chosen by Ottawa -- these unknown designators?

Could you balance the budget or get Ontario out of debt?

Could Ontario collect all taxes and Ottawa a check?


Saturday, December 13, 2003


Dear Dalton  -- 7




James Bredin


Dear Dalton, I hear that welfare fraud in in,

They can milk the system for life and win,

Then they'll just go out and all vote for your crowd,

Or riot at Queen's Park and scream quite loud.


'Cause welfare cheats, it's said, sure know how to vote,

And this is the crowd you know how to promote,

And maybe you can stay in office for ten years,

Without term limits but with volunteers.


I hear your conscience only works by selection,

Can't count the lies you told before your election,

And that balanced budget you talked so much about,

They're not concerned on welfare 'cause they have no doubt,


I think I'll go and apply for welfare now,

Grab a cab to the beer store -- they know how,

The damage you can do that we can't debate,

No referendums, recall or set elections by dates.


Wednesday, December 17, 2003






Dear Dalton -- 8




James Bredin


Dear Dalton: Did you recently say you would not raise taxes?

And now that you're elected, do you ever answer your faxes?

I wanted to ask about that seniors drug plan you stopped,

Do you think they'd vote for you again as their health dropped?



Do you think we should have proportional representation?

To help us with politicians like you in our frustration?

Dear Dalton as you know most of us near-nerds just follow along,

While you make those weighty decisions at Queen's Park that are all wrong.



We don't even have an option while you destroy this great province,

We shake our heads and look mesmerized at your incompetence,

Without recall, binding referendums or impeachment, were lost,

And no one knows, not even you, what all this will eventually cost.



Whenever I think you can't make another mistake, you do,

And each and every time I believe you don't have even one clue,

I have no doubt that you are the most dangerous nerd about,

And like every crackpot you believe you're absolutely devout.



Friday, December 19, 2003




Canadians are Obliged to Obey




James Bredin



We don't have recall, referendums or proportional representation,

We don't have impeachment of politicians with secret relations,

And these same lying politicians have freedom to flip flop day after day,

Though they should be truthful, honest and ethical on those they prey.



They can rob the treasury by redirecting funds to friends here and there?

Or squandering millions around their hometown with a wing and a prayer,

And their conflict of interest can be approved by special appointed friends?

With ethics bent out of shape and no one ever admits or makes amends.



Should Canadians accept lies as truth during political elections?

Are they then compelled to obey these new political directions?

Are we so docile that we have to abide can't protest these lies?

-- So meek and submissive it doesn't matter what they decriminalize?



Can they fly here and there all over the world for no special reason?

Direct millions to international socialist friends -- just like treason,

With the details all hidden in the Access Act so no one will see,

And we're obliged to comply as they continue to squander and spree.



We need referendums, recall and proportional representation,

Allowed to impeach crooked politicians in frustration,

Because without some controls, we the people are no more than meek lambs,

Being led to the slaughter house to submit to their political scams.


Wednesday, December 03, 2003




Same Sex Marriage




James Bredin


While the same-sex marriage gay guys celebrate their feat,

Eventually they'll realize; what a kick in the teeth,

And divorce is expensive and enough to break your heart,

And their divorce lawyers will love it, right from the start.



And there's no going back and claiming it's all wrong,

Just pay the alimony, the lawyers and sing that swan song,

The irony is that it will then be seldom revealed,

As the judges and the politicians say it's all healed.


Saturday, January 03, 2004