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Poems of James Bredin

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ex- Prime minister Chretien





James Bredin



I think maybe the Commonwealth has finished its life on the shelf,

Chrétien's communist friend Mugabe did it all by himself,

With his twelve African pals, they're not pleased with the status quo,

They had thirty wars in thirty years and how did you know?


Bobby and his friends, you see, have problems with democracy,

Rather be presidents for life in tough autocracy,

There's nothing wrong with that except the occasional election,

Has to be fixed first in case the people want a correction.


Saturday, December 20, 2003


Communist friends Mugabe and Castro




Truthful Ethical Canadian Politicians




James Bredin



Rich guys send their jets for them but it's all above board,

Are our politicians just bored or have they all scored?

And fishing at a lodge is quite ethical you see,

Because it's all done for fun and they knew you'd ageee.


It's optics you see so it's kept for years under wraps,

The fishing lodge is not on any official maps,

Therefore no conflict of interest could be involved,

It's water and fish under the bridge therefore resolved.


And ethics has never been a big Liberal thing,

Not since Shawinigan or did you hear 'bout that sting?

But it's all okay because those appointed guys said so,

Therefore no Liberal politician will eat crow.


Monday, November 17, 2003






How Can We Stop Lying Politicians?




James Bredin


Those who lied and lied again to get elected,

Should be sent to jail and not even protected,

From the convicts just like them already inside,

'Cause they stood up in front of all of us and lied.


But how can we change the system to get this done?

And make sure they can't do it again and run.

Who has more rights: crooked politicians or us?

Can they do this just because they control the press?


Does the Charter of Rights allow them to lie?

Results so serious that many people could die,

And the people themselves have no input at all,

No proportional representation and no recall.


Sunday, November 23, 2003




Canadian Conflict of Interest




James Bredin


Socialist shenanigans showed the system in Shawinigan,

No subpoenas or inquiries so they're sure they're in again,

Constant pompous propaganda would make Pravda look puny,

Pushed piously in their papers as they tax and spend the loonie.


Their legacy of lechery will be very loud and long,

A memory of their history with a stench that is strong,

Their appointed co-conspirators just stuck to them like glue,

Conflict of interest is not a crime when they say that it's true.


The ethics and their conduct was an obvious conspiracy,

We need to change the system soon or loose this democracy,

Referendums and recall to stop skullduggery lke this,

And maybe recall of politicians to instead of a kiss.


Wednesday, November 05, 2003







The Canadian Charter of Wrongs and Rights




James Bredin


Our judges tend to view themselves as gods without any flaws,

And they're allowed to do this because they make and change our laws,

Dressed up in bishops gowns they alone decide what's right or wrong,

And Canadians better believe it and follow right along.



Because the Chretien/Trudeau Charter said they could all this,

It saved political decisions that could have been hit or miss,

As judicial dictatorship replaced democracy,

The elite were elated with renewed aristocracy.



As we all stand around waiting decisions from on high,

Just like any normal dictatorship we eat humble pie,

And the media keeps telling us about the Charter of Rights,

We're so proud because they keep telling us 'bout all these delights.



Because of their strange tendencies when they make their decisions,

'Bout marriage, cons, queers, and terrorists immigration revisions,

The meaning of democracy is completely dampened down,

And parliament has been replaced by a fancy bishop's gown.



And don't ask to change the system because it just can't be done,

No political appointee will decide to end his/her fun,

Referendums or recall are not politically correct,

No set election dates -- snap elections when we least expect.


Tuesday, November 18, 2003









Throw the Charter of Rights out with the Dishwater




James Bredin



The Chretien/Trudeau Charter should be thrown out,

To stop these Supreme Court judges with dangerous clout,

But the media and their mandarins say, No way!

Democracy for the people not allowed a say.



These judges are dictators with complete control,

Appointed for life by socialist friends I'm told,

And referendums and recall never allowed,

Nor set dates for elections as they all scream aloud.



Parliament is the only place where laws should be made,

Not in the Supreme Court with their decisions for gays,

And politicians run to change the laws to comply,

And we submit completely and no one asks why.


Monday, November 24, 2003






Appointed Supreme Court of Canada

Canadians Should Have Power




James Bredin


Nine unknowns get secret appointments to the Supreme Court,

We can't question partisan appointees and they just don't cavort,

Because our Charter of Rights says this is the way it will be,

No democracy here and Canadians can't disagree.


'Cause appointees are sacred and allowed to wear Bishops' gowns,

You can't laugh at them though they may look like total stupid clowns,

They're appointed for life till they're seventy five or die,

Though their dumb pompous decisions may make you want to cry.


How do we convince them that the people are due for a change?

To rewrite their status quo Charter and stop acting so strange,

And write it for Canadians -- not for everyone on the globe,

And it's the people who should have power -- not snobs in a red robe.


Canadians should be allowed to vote for their prime minister,

Not someone arranged at a convention to administer,

We should have referendums and recall for all politicians,

Not the status quo left wing appointees on UN missions.


We need term limits, impeachment and a triple E Senate,

Not an appointed dictator to make us feel extra subordinate,

Who could manipulate the system to stay in office for life,

Traveling the world forever enjoying the high life without strife.


Wednesday, December 31, 2003




Should Judges be Elected to Office?




James Bredin


Should Supreme Court judges be appointed or elected?

Are their special interests shrouded to be never detected?

Should these secretive appointees arrange and change all our laws?

Should we be forbidden to ask them about any hidden flaws?



Because we're told to believe them, it can never never be done,

These judges are omnipotent and owe favors to no one,

Can these secret appointees live in complete isolation?

Are no favors expected and are they above temptation?



Are they completely neutral, honest and for the public good?

Could they be soft on certain crimes or would they if they could?

We have no way of knowing because this information is banned,

Is this democracy or judicial dictatorship well planned?



Could political power influence judicial decisions?

How would you know among the many many legal revisions?

Does their Charter of Rights give them the same power as god?

Or is he/she not politically correct unless given the nod?



Are their sentences too light for most of these gruesome crimes?

Should we have mandatory minimums in these modern times?

Or should we stay completely blind to what is really going on?

Caught in the status quo with victims or just another yawn?


Friday, January 02, 2004




Canadian Charter Chances




James Bredin


They wrote the Charter of Rights to solidify their position,

Maintain their status quo and never have to ask permission,

No referendums, recall or set dates would ever be allowed,

Their appointed judges would decide how to govern the crowd.


And democracy would take a beating where these judges rule,

While the pantomime of politicians says that everything is cool,

Where judicial appointees would decide about all rights or wrongs,

No collusion in this relationship where everyone belongs.


The Charter was not written for Canadians but for "everyone",

And refugees arrive to claim rights or have some terrorist fun,

But silver spoon international socialists see no problem,

As they still proclaim the Charter as their symbol and their emblem.


No property rights either as far as the Charter is concerned,

Another step to the corner of communism had been turned,

And the pumped up propaganda said that everything was great,

And the Queen signed it as the people looked on and were sedate.


Term limits for politicians would always be forbidden,

A dictator could stay forever with his agenda well hidden,

No decisions are allowed that could shake the status quo,

Appointees are never questioned and triple E Senate no go.


The prime minister can't be elected by the community,

We don't have impeachment so he has a certain immunity,

Biculturalism policies are supreme and if not French, beware,

Indians not considered Canadians but allowed welfare.


Sunday, December 14, 2003





Canadians Can't Change Things




James Bredin


We should be able to change things all the way up to the top,

But why is there always someone somewhere telling us to stop?

Someone in government or media who loves the status quo,

Who wants things to stay as they are 'cause he's making lots of dough.



We should be allowed to change the structure to a system we like,

Not compelled by their propaganda like those in the Third Reich,

We should be allowed to vote for the prime minister that we choose,

Not someone chosen at a convention as we wait for the news,



We should have a triple E Senate and binding referenda,

To influence politicians and not have to wait for their agenda,

We should have recall and term limits for all politicians,

And not appointed commissions with their party traditions.



We should be able to impeach a crooked prime minister,

When or if he shows the first signs of being crooked or sinister,

But how do we find a way to shake off, stuck the status quo?

To find a better system that's not stuck in sticky snow?



We need a new Constitution conference from somewhere out west,

Away from the have and have-not provinces and places depressed,

A common sense document for Canadians alone.

Something to be proud of not a home-made special-interest groan.

Journalist and Fellow Travelers




James Bredin


Journalists can, at the drop of a hat,

Write a thousand words about this or that,

Inane nothings for the newspaper boss,

Socialist message like carrying a cross.


And push their left wing policies day and night,

Their anti-Americanism of fright,

Blended between the nothingness and the mean,

Disguised in declared loyalty to the Queen.


Faceless message that claims theyre so devoted,

Managing masses, praising how they voted,

For Ottawa nerds and pompous party line,

Taxing and spending as though they were divine.


Tuesday, January 06, 2004




The Irony of Bilingualism




James Bredin



When I was in the navy many years ago,

Everyone then spoke English -- long before Trudeau,

Bilingualism was a word we didn't know,

Taught every French guy English on quid pro quo.



Then the French guys became bilingual but I did not,

The irony here has come back to haunt me a lot,

It's not that they should learn English and I should learn French,

It's bilingualism being tightened with a wrench.


Canadians are getting just what we deserve,

For electing politicians with such French nerve,

And leaving guys like me with only one language,

And in this bilingual world they have the advantage.


Sunday, November 09, 2003


What Have they Done?




James Bredin



Bilingualism and multiculturalism 'cause they're good,

Imposed by pompous pretentious politicians 'cause they could,

On polite docile people 'cause they're naive and tend to believe,

What they're told by creepy politicians who tend to deceive.


The most overtaxed people in the world so seldom complain,

And portentous parliamentarians decide to remain,

Without referendums or recall, there's nothing we can do,

But proportional representation might get us our due.


Pantomime on TV gives the illusion of democracy,

Pompous persons posing questions caught in autocracy,

And the TV cameras never waver and show the whole room,

Because half of them are missing on a Friday afternoon.


And without recall or term limits nothing can change,

Dictatorships are extremely difficult to rearrange,

Where allegations of corruption are always denied,

With wealthy appointees ready and willing to believe


Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Copps Cool Culture




James Bredin


The Heritage Ministry must have a bottomless pit,

To put this pompous show in Paris and not give a wit,

To boost their bouncing billion dollar culture convention,

Because it's all taxpayers money or did I mention?




It's strictly French language and Francophony farts you see,

And unless you speak French there's nothing there for you and for me,

But you'll pay to transport almost all of French Africa there,

First class of course and behave like everyone's a millionaire.




They have no need to justify how they tax spend or squander,

Because they're so high and mighty and way over yonder,

They, like the Governor General, are way above the law,

They're bilingual multicultural and so can't have a flaw.




And you just sit there quietly and peaceful and nod your head,

Being politically correct and multicultural but dead,

While they're so proud in Paris pretending and speaking French,

So different from your ordinary Canadian wench.


Thursday, October 23, 2003



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Two kinds of Justice






North American perimeter



A right to welfare



No right to property in Canada



Canada club-med for terrorists



Official bilingualism





House of Commons where they lie to each other

Prime minister Chretien

He wants to stay and stay




James Bredin



We have a situation now where he will not go away,

Just clinging on with clasping fingers trying to stay and stay,

He's still traveling the world as though nothing will ever change,

Someone should stop and tell him that it's all been rearranged.


Those trained-seal Liberals of course deserve just what they get,

They allowed the ego to be leader so now he can't forget,

No inquiry allowed into the missing billion dollars,

No conflict of interest in Shawinigan among those scholars.


If he wants to stay that bad at least we should ask him why,

How could the missing billion dollars disappear in the sky?

And the Shawinigan shenanigans; what happened there?

And what about those contracts in Quebec or should we even care?


Sunday, October 12, 2003



Adios Primeminister




James Bredin



Remember the red book and the GST lies you denied?

Shrugged your socialist shoulders, sighed, beguiled and again you lied,

Millions to Shawinigan friends and denied conflict of concern,

Appointees Howard and the Mounty backed you up we were to learn.


And in 2000 you went and called a sudden snap election,

To hide Auditors report 'bout missing money detection,

Directed millions to your vote-block crowd down on the east coast,

And your socialist system worked 'cause you came up with the most.


You can do this of course because we have no set election dates,

Not allowed referendums, recall or Supreme Court debates,

No questions 'bout their secret interests and we're not allowed to doubt,

Their same-sex marriage decision that showed what they're all about.


While recently in Africa did you meet your friend Mugabe?

That communist intent on starving only half of Zimbabwe,

You should arrange to go and live there 'cause you like it so much,

A position at the UN with Stephen Lewis and such.



Tuesday, November 25, 2003



Click here for Quebec

The Liberals, the Supreme Court and you




James Bredin


The Liberals have a program for all the poor in the globe,

Legals, illegals, refugees or terrorist students under probe,

'Cause the Third World is part of their political propaganda,

That they push and promulgate every day in their agenda.


And at the UN they often make announcements about peace,

They'll double foreign aid budget instead of decrease,

Canadian taxpayers will pay 'cause they never complain,

Bowed down by political correctness and Liberal campaign.


They have never asked Canadians even once, what they think?

Done quietly in committee or in council with a wink,

No need for referendums when appointees will change it all,

The Supreme Court will take the call without set dates or recall.


Friday, October 24, 2003






The Activists and the Supreme Court




James Bredin


Who are these special-interest groups who want to set the trends?

Influence their unelected Supreme Court lawmakers and friends,

-- Those who quote their own earlier rulings just like reigning kings,

And because they're supreme it doesn't matter what changes it brings.



Have you heard these judges now want much more monarchical power?

-- Provinces to report to them, if they're being good, by the hour,

'Cause they're a law unto themselves -- no democracy at all,

They're appointees so unlike politicians, they can never fall.



These activist feminists, natives and gay guys who want to rule,

Influence their friends and are no mere managing meddlesome tool,

To get decisions about spouses and same-sex marriages now,

As conniving politicians hide 'cause it's not what they'd allow.



So Canada has to rewrite and change the Charter quite soon,

Before we all fall down some legal rat hold like some buffoon,

And we have to check with the Supremes before we get a kiss,

Or see if the outhouse is legal before we have a piss.



We're being attacked from within by our Supreme Court if you please,

Our appointees dressed up like bishops by gradual degrees,

As they change and make more laws than parliament ever could,

And democracy goes out the door and nothing is understood.



There is no doubt we are our own worst enemy after all,

And unless we get a handle on their Charter, we'll all fall,

To the pompous propaganda of these dedicated few,

The majority will obey, believing its their cue.



Thursday, November 20, 2003




An Honest Government




James Bredin


Is bilingualism and multiculturalism being imposed?

By pompous politicians on very docile polite souls?

From a far distant Ottawa place where they play at being bold,

And the people believe them because this is what they've been told.


And without term limits or referendums or recall,

Accountability for taxpayers dollars is in stall,

As they slide the money here and there to friendly foundations,

At arms length of course so no questions about relations.


Billions of dollars hidden from any public disclosure,

Parliament, the Auditor General or any exposure,

And their precious independence cannot take a query,

About the missing billions from a public that might be leery.


Sunday, October 26, 2003







Canadian Political Shenanigans




James Bredin


If a Canadian politician wants to clean out the bank,

Take the national treasury and send it all to Cousin Frank,

The people who decide whether this might be right or wrong,

Were appointed to their six-figure jobs by a Liberal ding dong.


They know they could loose their jobs if they make the wrong decision,

So guess which side they come down on with such mighty precision?

No subpoenas, no inquiries though it's obviously wrong,

We're told to believe they're isolated and don't really belong.


Because truth is the stuff that politicians often evade,

Unless we have rules they have to obey and they're slightly afraid,

And those who judge them should be completely independent,

That means, not appointed by him, not related or dependent.


Because we're not allowed callback, set dates or referenda,

They just stick to their party status quo and their agenda,

And their media pumps their propaganda because it does,

No fear of the cops, the courts, appointed friends or the fuzz.


Friday, December 12, 2003



Political Correctness Gone Mentally ill




James Bredin


They're going to put a safe injection site next to your house,

Implement their needle program for those who are out and about,

It's the health part of their harm-reduction policy you'll see,

These poor people need lots of fee heroin you'll have to agree.


And these local polarized slanted debates will not be allowed,

And binding referendums or recall will not be espoused,

It's the strategies of the socialists that will be imposed,

Eventually you'll learn to like it or you too will be exposed.


Neighborhood fears will eventually vanish with all those dreams,

To be replaced by urination, defecation and screams,

Occasional HIV needle disregarded on the ground,

While these safe injection sites gain momentum all around.


This is of course a health issue and definitely not a crime,

And they'll issue needles and safe-crack-use kits all the time,

Methadone and counseling with every type of explanation,

Your kids will understand the occasional confrontation.


Can't arrest homeless addicts or move them or put them in jail,

The Chretien/Trudeau Charter of Rights made sure they'll make bail,

Can't stop it because it's part of their comprehensive study,

You're a nobody without power down there getting muddy.



Tuesday, October 28, 2003



Adrienne Clarkson present appointed Governor General

Click here for Quebec

The Next Governor General




James Bredin


Could it be Bonnie Charlie since he denied being with a guy?

He's real royalty so without question he's as straight as a die,

So when the Governor General moves out of Rideau Hall,

Could we invite Chuck and Camilla to move right in that fall?



Or could the next governor general be just out of jail?

'Cause they too have Charter rights, especially if or when they make bail,

They too might like to go to Russia and take along their friends,

A few bikers from the pen with Charter rights to set the trends.



Or maybe a refugee, from god knows where, who just arrived,

Claiming that if he and his family go back, their life will be spoiled,

Or a homeless guy in a cardboard box in a Yonge St doorway,

Who would nod his head for a real bed with pay and house and driveway.



We need a specialist to pin awards and hand out medals,

To walk in front of soldiers or talk at important burials,

To read a speech in parliament maybe once or twice a year,

And everything is politically correct and sincere.


Thursday, January 01, 2004