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Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General

Paul Martin, prime minister of Canada

The War-weary World and the UN




James Bredin


If they have a war near Timbuktu that cannot be solved,

Why should Canada or Canadians want to be involved?

Especially if keeping the peace means joining a bloody fight,

On one side or the other; it doesn't matter; it's not all that bright.



Are we slaves to the UN and their great global concern?

To fight their weary battles and wars or their members might spurn,

As Canadians get killed and no one can give the reason why,

When mothers and wives ask and politicians look at the sky.



Why can't we just being all our weary troops home in peace to stay?

Is that too much to ask and why do politicians delay?

We're a small country and can't solve the problems of the globe,

Unless our politicians have had a lobotomy of the frontal lobe.



But in the guise of fighting hunger, poverty and disease,

They pump propaganda of international socialism please,

And the UN will decide and control these terrible events,

In war-weary far-away places where people live in tents.



Unfortunately as Canadians, were our worst enemy,

No free votes, referendums, recall in living memory,

Ruled by a lenient Supreme Court all dressed in red gowns,

Where political ethics mean nothing and who are the clowns?



Thursday, February 05, 2004


This is the time and temperature
in Toronto right now.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and the UN




James Bredin


Our relationship with the US is quite important I feel,

Much more important than some abstract international UN deal,

That global group is chock a block with left-wing propaganda,

And Canada-US relations not part of their agenda.


In Johannesburg before nine eleven -- unsavory,

Extort billions and an apology for old slavery,

Four days later Osama pulled his monster New York event,

Five thousand poor souls killed in terrible terrorist torment.


Dear Paul: why should we be involved in so much UN stuff?

With Kofi Annan preaching in parliament -- enough is enough,

We're a relatively small country compared with the rest,

The size of California but in international context.



Are you going to show yourself as just another Chrétien clone?

Tax travel and spend; forget their debt; sound bites from some zone,

I see you gave your buddies a twenty eight percent raise,

Has the Liberal trend set in already -- tax and spend malaise?


Should our politicians be required to pay down the debt?

Allowed to partake in Kyoto and then allowed to forget?

What are the consequences of this UN left-wing fiasco?

Utopian planned social engineering as in UNESCO


Saturday, January 24, 2004



Large forests must have been chopped down to make enough newspapers for the stories about the UN conference on racism in Durban S Africa, just weeks before 911. The journalists wrote about the Middle East, Israel, slavery and the US-Israel pullout from the conference. The real story behind these stories was not covered. Maybe it was not politically correct. It is a story of how the UN itself came to organize this conference. What motivated the UN to organize a conference that was clearly designed to agitate hatred towards the US, Israel and other western countries and then to extort $billions from many of these countries because of slavery that occurred 200 years ago?

There is no parliament or opposition at the UN and they cloak their ambitions in the guise of human rights -- which to those living in dictatorships means exactly nothing.

The general assembly has 53 voting members from Africa compared to 3 voting members from North America. Therefore not only can these developing countries claim the moral high ground but they can also dictate the schedule of UN events -- conferences on racism, millennium assembly, the Earth Charter, the International Criminal Court. They also want the UN peacekeepers to solve their political problems and be involved in the various civil wars in Africa -- 30 wars in 30 years. They are not pleased that the Americans, the Canadians and other peacekeeping countries have pulled out of Africa. This displeasure and hatred is displayed continually in a hundred ways at the UN but is seldom if ever published in the media. It is not politically correct. It was on full display at Durban.

This UN conference demonstrated once again that the United Nations has now evolved into an organization of pressure groups and rogue nations with a clear mandate to disturb and agitate global events. These groups and countries claim the righteous moral high ground because they are mostly dictatorships where a loud dictator can distract people from their real issues of poverty, AIDS, famine, disease and hunger. These Third World dictatorships by themselves are insignificant but organized as a group at the UN, they may influence unknown future global events. It could be compared to playing poker with a mafia kingpin. You just don't know what is going to happen but you know it will not be good. If you are politically correct you will let him win everything.

If, as it appears, the General Assembly of the UN has turned into a rogue organization, then this organization should be curtailed before it is allowed to upset peaceful global events. Democracy should be a requirement for membership in the UN.
"What I do say is that no man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent"... Abraham Lincoln.
Should the US or Canada pull out of the UN?

UN problems

The United Nations Maybe




James Bredin



The Security Council permitted Saddam to pass,

Their UN resolutions could be considered an ass,

Till George Bush came along and decided that this was wrong,

Saddam should change his ways 'cause George was not going along.


The UN made Libya head of the Human Rights Commission.

Does this ironic decision show a mentally ill condition?

And they want the Americans to pay for these illusions,

That Libyas history of human rights is hearsay delusions.


Is this the same Commission that tried to extort billions for slaves?

Cash and an apology for history and dont make waves,

At Durban just four days prior to the 911 terrorist action,

Hijacked jet planes into WTC by Bin Laden faction.


Are we watching the death knell of the United Nations now?

Like the League of Nations to be hidden in history somehow.

Are we mere observers of events that take place in our times?

Democracy at gunpoint, guided missiles and land mines.    


Sunday, January 26, 2003




The concept of the United Nations was initially sold to the world as an assembly that would act as a goodwill ambassador in the resolution of conflict between sovereign states. Unfortunately nowadays, despite the platitudes and words, the UN seems inclined to dominate the world and extort billions from developed countries.

There is no parliament or opposition at the UN and they cloak their ambitions in the guise of human rights -- never individual rights. They want the UN peacekeepers to be involved in the various civil wars in Africa -- 30 wars in 30 years. Even though they want these UN soldiers to be called peacekeepers, they want them armed to the teeth with the most modern weapons -- even tanks.

Developed nations began scaling back their participation in UN peace missions following UN failures in Somalia and Rwanda in the early 1990s. This has caused bad feelings within the UN.

The whole continent of North America is represented by only 3 countries at the United Nations -- Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. The continent of Africa is represented by 53 countries at the UN. Therefore the relative influence of African votes at the UN outnumbers North American votes by 50.

Recently a UN panel on the elimination of racial discrimination has questioned one of the most cherished rights of Americans -- free speech.

This UN panel wants the Americans to condemn statements that promote the superiority of any one race. This would mean that the Americans should pass a law that would condemn free speech -- an American constitutional right.

They want the US to halt all executions because they are tainted by "racial discrimination."
They want the International Court to control global events -- appointed UN judges answerable to no one and never even questioned about their vested interests or prejudices.
They believe that nationalism is undesirable and national sovereignty should be subservient to UN authority.

They want an expanded role for UN peacekeeping. (Let your imagination run on that for a few seconds.)
They want all armies to be transferred to UN command and all weapons registered with the UN.
They want to abolish the right to keep and bear arms.
They want human rights to be a global issue on a parallel with the global economy.
They want poor nations brought up to the same level as industrialized nations and they want the industrialized nations to pay for it.
They want the veto power of the five permanent members of the Security Council to be abolished, thus reducing the influence of the US at the UN.
The UN held a grandiose Millennium Assembly Sept 5-9 2000 in New York City. They adopted their Earth Charter, which would bring about a socialist/communist global system of UN governance.
This Charter demanded that UN countries adopt sustainable development plans and regulations under UN management.
They want universal abortion rights, gender equality -- including homosexuals -- feminist-gay agendas and population control.
All schools should be taught these agendas -- all these feminist-gay policies --under UN teacher supervisors.
The wealthy nations should distribute their wealth among poor nations.
They want the national debts of developing nations to be cancelled.
They want the UN to impose direct taxes.
They want to tax all foreign exchange.
They want to ban all nuclear weapons.
All individuals, groups, unions, associations -- every thing and every body should be subservient to the wishes of the UN.
All dictators despise individualism and individual rights. So does the UN. There will be no freedom in their Orwellian world -- only duty to serve the UN.

These UN members met recently in Durban, South Africa for their Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and related intolerance. India was criticized for the caste system, Israel was criticized for Zionism. The Americans and the former colonial powers of the 16th to 19th centuries were criticized for slavery. These UN activists want to extract $billions from the Americans and these former colonial powers. They also want to link globalization to racism. And they want an apology with the money.

The US and Israel pulled out of the conference because of the obvious racism and hatred within the conference. The Canadian delegation under Hedy Fry stayed. She is the lady who claimed (falsly) in parliament about the burning crosses in British Columbia. She loved the conference and stayed till the end.

Even the MAFIA has more class than these UN deligates. The UN should be closed down and the racist activists should be sent packing before they cause some real damage. Under normal circumstances they would be sent to jail for trying to extort money.

The UN like all communist places, want your children


It is obvious that the UN General Assembly has been hijacked by anti western special interest groups. Their jealousy of the industrialized world is palpable. They want assistance in the form of UN peacekeepers or money from UN social agencies and if they don't get it, they will attempt to extort money by falsely claiming odious debts, pushing their issue of slavery or embarrassing western countries in a hundred ways. Normal people would go to jail for such behavior.

But the UN is dominated by hundreds of delegates from smaller developing countries. The special interests of these smaller poorer countries have become dominant at the UN because of their overwhelming numbers -- representatives from 51 countries in Africa compared to representatives from 3 countries in North America. Therefore the priorities of the UN have changed.

The UN Environmental Program, in its Human Development Report 1999, advocated the creation of a world central bank dominated by the UN and the imposition of global taxes.

Delegates from Sub-Saharan Africa want peacekeepers. This area has been involved in a series of wars, revolutions, genocide -- where a million people were slaughtered while Canadian peacekeepers were present -- turmoil, hate, corruption, HIV, AIDS, famine, violence, despots with billions in Swiss banks, broken peace agreements, oil, and diamonds in the ground. This lethal mixture has turned Sub-Saharan Africa into a basket case -- 30 wars in 30 years. Unfortunately there is no peace to keep in this war-torn area -- only wars to be fought. This fact seems lost amid the socialist rhetoric of the UN as they attempt to manipulate the UN to send peacekeepers, armies, money and forgive debt.

The Organization of African Unity (OAU) commissioned a report on the genocide in Rwanda that occurred while Canadian peacekeepers were there in 1994. A panel of seven UN activists -- Stephen Lewis among them -- blamed the UN, the US, Britain, France, Belgium, the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and the Rwandan Government for the Rwandan genocide. This of course is a graphic example of a guilt trip by special-interest groups at the UN. Their report appears to be the first step in extracting $billions from the named parties. It may be just the first of many examples why the UN should now be closed down because in the normal world this would be a criminal act. They asked Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General to establish a commission to name the countries that owe Rwanda money. They also demanded a cancellation of Rwandas international debts.

On September 5-9th,2000, during their Millennium Assembly in New York, the UN activists brought down their Earth Charter.
1. They want a world socialist government with all the usual socialist/communist rules and regulations. (No national armies -- just the UN) (Hand over your guns please!)
2. They want respect for nature," and to abide by the "precepts of sustainable development." Sustainable development is UN doublespeak for centralized control of all economic activity and restrictions on childbearing -- motivated by the usual socialists' love of abortions.
3. They want to eliminate the veto for permanent members of the Security Council. This would give the activists card blanche to do anything they wanted.
4. They want to tax all foreign exchange transactions.
5. They want to manage worldwide economic and social development.

Joseph Stalin wasn't there but he would have loved it. Castro, who learned everything he knew from Stalin, was there and he loved it.

The UN members recently ousted the US from the 53-member Human Rights Commission at the UN and the International Narcotic Control Board. The US was replaced by slave-trading Sudan on the Human Rights Commission. Many of the UN countries that participated in the secret vote to oust the US are dictatorships -- Cuba, China, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Liberia, Syria, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Pakistan. The combination of these dictatorships, African Third World countries and left-leaning European countries did it to the US.

This is a proverbial slap in the face for the US -- the country that to a large degree supports the very existence of the UN. It is also a slap in the face to many other democracies who find themselves being dominated and influenced by oddball dictatorships and left-leaning socialists at the UN but unfortunately these democracies seem to have taken the politically correct route and hid their discomfort with the proceedings. There is no apparent backlash. The UN has obviously gone mentally ill. It bites the hand that feeds it, wants a worldwide communist style government, wants to extort money from the US and other democratic countries and get an apology while doing it. What is the next step in this progressive form of UN madness?

These UN activists met in Rome to establish the International Criminal Court (ICC) under the UN activists and influenced by them. Canadian socialist Liberals loved it. The numbers of signatures to the statute is currently about 145. The ICC will assume universal jurisdiction, even over countries that have refused to ratify the agreement, once 60 of these countries have ratified the agreement. The International Criminal Court will then claim jurisdiction in the US even if the US refuses to ratify the agreement.
Many of these UN representatives have already once again met in Durban, South Africa at their World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and related intolerance. It was a graphic example of the hatred that these little Third World countries have for the developed world. Their attempts to extract $billions from the US to be paid to each individual black in the world because of historical slavery, failed when the US walked out of the conference. But Hedy Fry, head of the Canadian delegation stayed to the bitter end. She thought she was needed. This is the lady who saw non existant burning crosses and announced it in parliament.

The Decolonization Committee at the UN has recently tried to embarrass the US and other western countries in their claim that certain "colonies" want freedom. They listed Samoa, Guam and Gibraltar among the 17 so called "colonies" despite the fact that these "colonies" want to stay as they are. They left Tibet off the list, which has screamed for years that they do not want to be a colony of China. China of course is a member of the Decolonization Committee.

It seems to me that the trustworthiness of the UN has disintigrated into nothing. Those who hate are organized against those who have. The UN has now become more trouble than it is worth. One of the prerequisites for membership in the UN should be democracy. Otherwise it is merely an activist group for dictatorships and communists.

Anti UN feelings in the US


Liberal-UN Love-In




James Bredin


Canada-US animosity has increased since 9/11,

And Liberals just behave like they're in seventh heaven,

Didn't bother to try or even to help out over in Iraq,

Went to Afghanistan instead in tin jeeps and stood way back.


And there are no terrorists in Canada they always claimed,

Forgot about him caught at the US border and named,

They're into United Nations stuff in such a big way,

Wrote the Charter for "everyone" so their refugees could stay.


Make it legal with an immigration refugee board,

Staffed by Liberal life-time appointees who have scored,

Because refugees rarely if ever get turned away,

Through series of endless postponements and doubtful delay.


It's obvious but not mentioned that we're a basket case,

Where Canadians just have to embrace this indiscrete disgrace,

In lock step, in line, marching to the Liberal repression,

History is full of examples of this type of indiscretion.


As in history; their media pumps out their propaganda,

All decisions will be in keeping with socialist agenda,

And if some journalist should decide to even rock the boat,

Might get raided by the RCMP for what he/she wrote.


Liberals gloat as Canada-US animosity grows,

From 911 to SARS to mad cow to cross border flows,

In their little socialist world everything should stand still,

Status quo of no referendums or recall on parliament hill.




Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Canadian socialist Liberals never stop sending $millions to their international socialist friends. Check this.


Canadian Stephen Lewis, UN representative for AIDS in Africa

The UN and AIDS in Africa

Sub Saharan Africa is at the moment being decimated by an AIDS plague of biblical proportions. There is no cure for AIDS. This has been going on for 30 years. The numbers of dead and dying is staggering. Fifteen thousand people a day become infected with AIDS. Fifty six million people in the world are already infected with AIDS. There is still no cure.

The recent massive publicity campaign to generate sympathy for this continent has mushroomed. Canada already gives proportionately more money to Africa (through CIDA) than any other country at the UN. The left-leaning media has gone haywire as though this was just a recent phenomenon and they urge our politicians onward and upward to ever-greater commitment. And to make this problem even worse, the professional UN fundraisers tell us that AIDS can be prevented as they detail the pathetic plight of the poor Africans. All they need is an open and continuous commitment of $Billions of taxpayers dollars annually and a plan. It will be an expensive socialist plan and Canadians will love it because the CBC will tell us to love it. The fact that it will not cure the AIDS virus is immaterial. It is the good intentions of the socialists that count -- not the lost money.

No one has the answers for this plague but many claim that they have, such as Koffi Annan when he said last month, "Let there be no doubt: the world has the resources to defeat this epidemic if it really wants to."
Im sorry Kofi, but I have my doubts and $10-$15 billion dollars increasing to $26 billion by 2005 is a lot of taxpayers money for a problem that to date cannot be solved. Stephen Lewis, the UN special envoy on AIDS is aware of this problem.

In this politically correct world no one would dare ask if Canada could afford this massive commitment of taxpayers dollars to the UN. Canada still has that $600 billion national debt and the loonie (Canadian dollar) recently sank to 63 cents US. Canadians are proportionally the highest taxed people in the industrialized world. One third of all Canadian taxes are used to pay off the interest on that national debt -- nothing off the principal. These Canadian economic problems could increase because of our socialist politicians over commitment to the UN. If Canadians are being prepared for massive increases in their taxes to support UN incentives in Sub Saharan Africa, then this issue should be put to Canadians in the form of a referendum. If the isolated politicians in Ottawa have doubts about further massive over commitment to the UN, they should ask their fellow Canadians. Canadian politicians should not try to circumvent the wishes of the people by using massive propaganda programs as a form of subversive announcement of where we are going.

United Nations to Go




James Bredin



The United Nations is needed by the nasty and the greedy,

Sometimes both the same indeed ghastly and seedy.

As these nerds in New York at their general meeting,

Attempt to warp the world to their causes by cheating.


Developing dictators want a cure for all diseases,

And their righteous refugees should have Canadian visas,

And this terrorist thing could be blocked with bundles of dough

Stacked cash with a confession 'bout slavery though.


This endorsement is now an entitlement and a right,

And if its not forthcoming we'll have one terrible fight,

Among ourselves or with a neighbor; it just doesn't matter,

Send a million peacekeepers or we'll be as mad as a hatter.


We have the members and the ever-pliant media,

And enough representatives to fill an encyclopedia.

We have the International Criminal Court,

Where we appoint our judges and often consort.


No panel of jurors and no questions asked.

If our appointees are prejudiced, it'll all be masked,

'Cause their staff is selected according to genders,

And their victims are given lots of public defenders.


And our court might take an ideological stand,

In league with one hidden but prejudiced land,

Or a strange religion with a stranger belief,

Where wives are just chattels like cattle and beef.


In that prejudiced essay our Experts all wrote,

Small arms of the world should be controlled by our vote,

And no one should have the right to have or own a gun,

Without registering with us -- not even for fun.


In our human development program think tank,

We want environment control and the world central bank,

With the power to impose our own global taxes

Politically correct and all you have is axes


For our Millennium Assembly we wrote an Earth Charter,

With Castro and Mugabe there at the nonstarter.

We sought central command with communist regulations,

No armies should  be needed -- just our United Nations.


Dec 3rd 2001

The Western media bends over backwards in order to paint the UN as the good guys. It is past time that the media started to educate the public about what is really going on at the UN.


Ex-Canadian Liberal socialist prime minister Chretien loved the UN. He offered to pay the so called US dues to the UN and move the UN to Montreal -- this from a country with a $600 billion national debt and a 63-cent dollar. This from a prime minister who never had to consult with anyone about his off the wall decisions.

No Cure For AIDS yet

The chemical companies have now produced drugs that will slow down the AIDS virus and prolong the life of the victims but not cure them -- $10,000-$15,000 per person annually. Unfortunately the downside of these drug treatments is that it prolongs the life of active AIDS carriers who may infect other potential victims during their longer lives. The AIDS virus itself also adapts to the new anti viral drugs and other newer and more expensive drugs have to be found. Therefore -- it is well known but not well published -- these new antiretroviral drug therapies may indeed have the long term perverse effect of increasing the number of AIDS infections, deaths from AIDS and the price of antiretroviral drugs.

The clock is ticking while the United Nations has been lulled into a false sense of security. They scream for more $billions and cheaper antiretroviral drug therapies as if this was the answer. They also scream that they have a plan. But the so-called UN education programs will not deter human behavior.

There is no magic bullet. There is no cure despite our desperation. The UN should admit these facts. Leprosy was countered by isolating those who were infected. Is this an option in this pandemic?


Axworthy's speech at the UN

Axworthy at the UN 

Canada finished its two-year stint as a part-time member of the UN Security Council several years ago. It gave Mr. Axworthy, Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, an opportunity to show his anti-Americanism and his total Liberal commitment to international socialism. He wanted to increase the number of Third World representatives on the Security Council. That recommendation would have decreased the influence of the permanent members of the Security Council, particularly the US.

He wanted all ongoing conflict and bloodshed in Africa to stop. He said, "What is more recent and disturbing, what provides the global community with a compelling reason for engagement today, is the increasing 'civilianization' of conflict. Active Council engagement would serve to reverse this situation. It would also reinforce the legitimacy of states. The Council's responsibility to protect civilians in armed conflict is therefore compelling, from a human security perspective, in terms of fulfilling the Council's own mandate and in the interest of enhancing state sovereignty."

It appears that Mr. Axworthy wanted to fix what he thought were the Security Council's problems at the UN and then fix African problems. He wanted to send UN peacekeepers to Africa to force everyone into a peaceful situation.

Canadian UN soldiers had already been involved in Somalia - Liberals shut down the inquiry -- and Rwanda - while a million people were being slaughtered -- and they had absolutely no influence. But that didn't bother Comrade Axworthy. Reality never does bother committed socialists. And they never have to say they are sorry. They want to be judged by their good intentions.

Sub-Saharan Africa has turned into a basket case. They have widespread famine, corruption, AIDS, wars, poverty, epidemics, turbulence, military coups, dictators with billions in Swiss bank accounts, massacres, millions of people dependent on emergency food supplies and debt up to their eyes.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization lists 15 African countries with food problems and 10 million people short of food. The Congo has already had interventions from the UN, the CIA, the French, mercenaries and neighboring African states.

Intervention did not help or even slowed down the madness.

African leaders scream for debt relief and aid.

Central Africa is probably the most dangerous place on earth. If an AK47 doesn't get you, AIDS will. It remains to be seen how this problem will be solved.

Why the United Nations  




James Bredin



The United Nations was sold as a place for debate

An assembly to resolve conflicts between sovereign states

Somewhere somehow along the way the wheels came off

Pushed by political bureaucrats feeding at the trough

There is no opposition allowed at the United Nations

To question their intentions and socialist motivations

As they cloak their policies in the guise of human rights

Get peacekeeping soldiers to be involved in their fights


There's no peace to be kept -- just wars to be fought

Lessons to be taught, revolutions to be bought

Ratchet up the rhetoric, manipulate the globe

The UN is above and beyond an investigative probe

Their human rights can mask their socialist agenda

No term limits, no recall and definitely no referenda

It's peacekeeping and special interest and lofty idealism

And left-wing slogans with no connection to realism


They want all armies transferred to the United Nations

And under UN command there should be no complications

They want a new world order with no nationalism

It's going to be replaced with their new internationalism

And if anyone should stand up and announce his opposition

There is also no democracy; he should seek their permission

The International Criminal Court will control global events

And question that man 'bout whom he represents


Their kangaroo court may be mad with idealism

Their self-congratulations; no connection with realism

These judges are never questioned about special bias

'Bout lesbians, feminists, who claim they're pariahs

'bout religious intolerance, communists or social conditions

Or where they send soldiers on peacekeeping missions

They're politically correct and claim good intentions

Like Liberals of the world they love interventions



Their millennium assembly cost us hundreds of millions

With their despots and dictators and one or two civilians

As they gathered to celebrate their own pomposity

And how they'll force the world into UN reciprocity

And how their court will get those they don't like

Hospital or jail them 'cause they're obviously psyche

UN intervention has caused more problems than it solved

Still, no one has told them they shouldn't be involved


March 27th, 2002




Haas on the UN


The Canadian Parliament gave royal assent to Bill C-19 on the last day before the summer break 2000 and Parliament only sat for 92 days the whole year.

They usually do unpleasant things just before the summer shut down of parliament. This year (2001) they gave themselves a 20% pay hike -- just numbers added to the $600 billion national debt.

Bill C-19 committed Canada to the International Criminal Court. The Court will be at The Hague, in the Netherlands, but also other venues when appropriate. It will come into formal existence after 60 UN countries ratify the agreement. One hundred and one countries have signed the agreement and 39 have already ratified it-- 21 to go. Governments in the ICC are obliged to not only change their laws to coincide with the agreement but to arrest, detain, investigate and transport alleged criminals for the ICC.
The all-powerful judges of the ICC are in many ways like the justices of the Canadian Supreme Court -- unquestioned by elected representatives about vested interests and allowed to be accountable to no one. There are no jury trials. This of course could allow rampant favoritism among these politically correct socialists at the UN.

This will be very interesting because it sometimes appears that all international terrorists are headed for Canada to claim refugee status. And the Canadian Charter of Rights allows them to do this and get welfare and medicare for life.

The US refused to sign the ICC agreement but President Clinton did sign on at the last moment -- but not ratified. But the US also passed a law that authorized the president to use all means necessary and appropriate to free any United States military personnel being held in any country for the ICC. That means Canada.

Although the idea of the ICC may be worthy, Canadians could then find themselves at odds with their close American cousins if the ICC issues an arrest warrant for an American serviceman living in Canada. It will be very interesting to watch the Ottawa Liberals turn in the wind when and if that happens.

The UN links racial and gender discrimination

Jamie Murphy




James Bredin


Armies passed through Afghanistan since Alexander the Great,

And nothing much has changed there though politicians still debate,

Nothing can be won there except bitter grief and misery,

It's all part of the political-Liberal-UN love-in history.


Taliban suicide guy killed Jamie Murphy over there,

Because of that Liberal-UN Afghanistan affair,

These pompous pious politicians so proud and so pleased,

Put the fate of Jamie Murphy in a cheap jeep deceased.


The Liberal-UN love-in is harmless if no one dies,

But the stories out of Afghanistan turns all this to lies,

They will deny -- it wasn't the Liberals in those cheap jeeps,

It isn't members of the UN assembly who will weep?



Wednesday, January 28, 2004





The control freaks at the UN have been meeting quietly and planning for years: the (1991) Morelia Declaration, the 1992 Rio UN Conference and the 1997 Kyoto Agreement. All these conferences demonstrated an extreme confidence in the UN, extreme intrusiveness in national affairs and extreme nuttiness on the part of scientists, bureaucrats and politicians.

But now the control freaks and environmentalists and pro abortionists at the UN have taken it a step further. On September 5-9th,2000, the United Nations held their Millennium Assembly and Summit in New York. Their grandiose plans laid out in an Earth Charter displayed again their tendency towards global control and nuttiness. This charter is a plot for global takeover by UN bureaucrats. It was the largest gathering of heads of state in history. They used all the modern socialist rhetoric.

The Earth Charter demands the following:
· Everyone adopt sustainable development plans.
· Everyone kowtow to UN regulations and manage the use of renewable resources such as water, soil, forest products, marine life to protect the health of ecosystems. (not humans)
· All beings are interdependent and all forms of life are valuable regardless of their value to human beings.
· Everyone should have access to birth control. (And guess who should pay for it?) All socialist/communist/Liberals seem to favor wall-to-wall abortions.
· Everyone will use restraint when using energy, (stop driving) eradicate poverty, (more welfare) promote equitable distribution of wealth among nations (CIDA send more money to UN) and write off all international debts. (Ottawa already did and added it to the national debt)
· The Charter wants gender equality; no discrimination against homosexuals and a UN bureaucrat to ensure that these ideas are taught in all schools. (Guess what gender the UN bureaucrat will be.) (This is a complete global quota system pushed by the UN.)
· It wants no national armed forces or weapons and all forces and weapons should be under UN control. (They will go to war in Africa to force peace on that basket-case continent. It doesn't matter how many soldiers get killed in the jungles while doing this.)
· It wants all nuclear weapons eliminated. (Which country will be first, India or Pakistan?) (The UN may establish a law about thinking certain thoughts)
· It wants a UN Arms Register where every gun and weapon is registered. (The UN will have all the guns and guess what...)
· It wants UN peace education to be taught in all schools from pre-school to university. (UN propaganda is going to be forced down every child's throat.)
· It demands UN political control of the global economy and also wants the World Trade Organization under UN control.
· It wants to eliminate the veto for permanent members of the Security Council. (They want the US out of there.)
· The UN wants the implementation of UN treaties such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and compulsory jurisdiction over all states by the International Criminal Court.
· The UN wants to tax all foreign exchange transactions.

This crazy charter will subordinate the rights of all individuals, organizations, forces, governments, nations and human beings to the socialist programs of UN socialist/communist bureaucrats.

Will this Charter eliminate nations or will it eliminate the UN? Joseph Stalin would have understood. His brand of communism is on the way. And so is the Gulag. Castro was there. He understood.

UN Welfare Syndrome

There is a belief among many left-wing developing countries at the UN that the UN is obliged to help them cure all diseases (AIDS), end desperation, resolve all conflicts, stop their wars and prevent poverty. They believe that they have an entitlement to endless UN services and money. And if these entitlements are not forthcoming, they will show their disapproval in many ways especially in undermining American authority and sovereignty.

The UN Environmental Program, in its Human Development Report 1999, advocated the creation of a world central bank dominated by the UN and the imposition of global taxes.

At the June 1998 Rome Summit, the UN pushed for the authority to arrest and try any person in the world before its criminal court. The September 1999 UN Report of the Group of Governmental Experts on Small Arms called for the global abolition of the right to keep and bear arms.

A panel of seven UN activists blamed the UN, the US, Britain, France, Belgium, the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and the Rwandan Government for the Rwandan genocide a million people killed. This of course is a graphic example of a guilt trip by special-interest groups at the UN. Their report appears to be the first step in the extortion of $billions from the named parties. They asked Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General to establish a commission to name the countries that owe Rwanda money. They also demanded a cancellation of Rwandas international debts.

Many of these UN special-interest groups will soon meet again Aug. 31 Sept 7th 2001 in Durban, South Africa. In their typical and blatant politically correct way they call it the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and related intolerance. India is being criticized for the caste system. Israel is being criticized for Zionism. The Americans and the former colonial powers of the 16th to 19th centuries are being criticized for slavery. These activists want to extort $billions from the Americans and these former colonial powers. They want the money and they want it now. They also want to link globalization to racism. And they want an apology with the money.

The UN Decolonization Committee has recently claimed that certain colonies want freedom. They listed Samoa, Guam and Gibraltar among the 17 so called colonies despite the fact that these colonies want to stay as they are. They left Tibet off the list, which has screamed for years that they do not want to be a colony of China. China of course is a member of the Decolonization Committee.

The United States was voted out of the United Nations Committee on Human Rights and the Narcotics Task Force. Many of the UN countries that participated in the secret vote to oust the US were themselves dictatorships with little or no human rights Cuba, China, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Liberia, Syria, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Pakistan.
This was a proverbial slap in the face to the Americans who to an overwhelming degree support the UN. The anti-Americanism of many developing countries at the UN is blatant. But the Americans may just have the balls to stand up to these special-interest groups at the UN.
US House Resolution 1146, sponsored by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) would essentially call for the United States to end its membership in the United Nations. Therefore US support for the UN would fade. The UN would of course continue, probably in Vienna, but at staggering cost to the EU.
U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Illinois) Chairman of the International Relations Committee, said, I don't think it's appropriate for me to sponsor it, but I would vote for it."

What is going to happen at the UN?

American Sovereignty Restoration Act

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The UN once believed in this.


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