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These days, western Canadians are almost completely isolated from the political elites who run this country with only 40% of the 61% who bothered to vote. This phenomenon has always been a part of the Canadian political experience. Canadians have never had input into the major constitutional affairs of this country.

Why were Canadians as a whole denied input into the major constitutional changes of the country?

Canada initially came into being as a British imperial rear-guard action to stop the spread of the American Revolution. This left a large British army in what was then British North America. The British then wrote the British North America Act of 1867. Canadians had no alternatives but to accept this imposed constitution. The learning process started early.

Trudeau's Charter of 1982 was the next major constitutional imposition. It came to be known as the Charter of Rights. Again Canadians as a whole had no input -- no referendum. The learning process continued. The queen signed it in front of the cameras and it was an addendum to the constitution. Quebec was the only province with enough balls not to sign on.

Canadians lost equality and rights to property in the Charter although "everyone" in the world got rights in Canada. Not only did Canadians get shortchanged in the equality rights and property rights of the Charter but also Indians got special rights -- Sec 25 and Sec 35.

"The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens." --Thomas Jefferson.

Why is the idea of equality, that is accepted by the Americans, not accepted by Canadians? Because Canadians were never given an opportunity to accept it.

Various tribes of Indians are now claiming 110% of British Columbia and the mentally-ill federal government has signed the Nisga'a agreement which may not only give British Columbia to the Indians but also give them an open ended access to millions of taxpayers dollars and political independence from Canada -- all based on Trudeaus Charter of 1982. You might wonder how much more Canadians will accept because non-Indian Canadians will be second-class citizens without a vote in these new and very large Indian reserves.

And now, not to be outdone by the mentally-ill federal government, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has ratified this Nisga'a agreement. It looks like non-Indian Canadians who's government just passed a law that they will register all their firearms -- may be the only people in the world who will register their guns, give their country to the Indians and assign themselves to second class status without a vote.

A Canadian constitution should promote equality for all Canadians and property rights for all Canadians. No one in Canada should have special rights. Aboriginals should be recognized as Canadians in the Charter. They should have the right as individuals to own property even on their own reserves.

Only in Canada they say.

When you realize that the Canadian Charter of Rights was written by international socialists -- Trudeau and Chretien -- you begin to realize what they have done to Canadians.

In the true spirit of international socialism they have turned the democracy that Canadians enjoyed prior to the Charter into a judicial dictatorship. Democracy means government by the people for the people. Majority rule. It means rule by elected officials who debate and make laws and govern according to the will of the people. It does not mean rule by appointed-for-life Supreme Court judges.

Democracies that depend on a Charter or a written socialist dogma are less democratic. There is no need for public debate. Everyone has rights. The majority does not rule. Indeed minorities may foist their beliefs and lifestyles onto the majority. Indeed outlandish mentally-ill decisions may be handed down from the Supreme Court and Canadians are obliged to obey.

In Canada because MPs have been left neutered by the Charter of Rights, Parliament often resembles a discussion group that sat for 90 days in the year 2000. Many legal and political decisions are left to the judges of the Supreme Court. These judges are appointed for life, until they are 75 or die, by the prime minister. Prime Minister Chretien is an international socialist and therefore appoints judges who are like-minded. These judges then base their legal and therefore political decisions on an international-socialist document the Canadian Charter of Rights -- and frequently overturn parliamentary-made laws. These Supreme Court judges have wiped out 58 Canadian laws since they were allowed private interpretations of the Charter.

Canadians are living in a judicial dictatorship, which is almost impossible to change.

In order to change the Charter it takes the agreement of 7 provinces with 50% of the people plus the federal government. Therefore the prime minister has to agree. But the prime minister wrote the Charter and has never used the notwithstanding clause (Sec 33) despite the many hair brained decisions from his appointed-for-life Supreme Court. Therefore Canadians are unable to change the Charter while Chretien is prime minister.

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