The Supremes


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The never-have-to-answer-a-question Supreme Court dressed in red.


The Supreme Court of Canada may indeed have the divine right of kings. They base their decisions on their private interpretation of a socialist document, the Canadian Charter of Rights, which was written for "everyone" in the world. They were appointed by the prime minister for the remainder their lives until they reach 75 or die. No one in the world is allowed to question them about hidden agendas or prejudices -- homosexuality, feminism or connection to lobby groups. And their Supreme Court decisions are also unquestionable. They have usurped the right of Parliament to make Canadian laws by simply canceling and changing many of these laws. The judicial activism by these appointed-for-life judges has overturned at least 58 laws since Mr. Trudeau and Mr Chretien wrote the Canadian Charter of Rights in 1982. These changes include the abortion law, the Lords Day Act, kiddie porn, school prayer, Indian fishing rights out of season, ancient Indian treaties, homosexual rights, the definition of spouse -- the definition of family where children grow up -- and the rights of phony refugees not to be questioned and go all the way to the Supreme Court.

Canadians can neither question these strange decisions or why these strange people were appointed to the Supreme Court. It is an example of the imposed Charter of Rights -- imposed international socialism -- no referendum and imposed Supreme Court decisions. Canadians cannot change the Charter of Rights without permission from the prime minister who helped write it. It's obey or jail judicial dictatorship.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote: make yourself into a sheep and someone will make himself into a wolf.