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Socialism is supposed to be the "middle path", where a benevolent government may interfere to control the exploitation of capitalism and therefore banish the greed of the capitalists. Canadians have now come to trust their nice socialist government that will protect them from the harsh realities of the capitalist world.

All governments, in order to function, are expected to provide a certain amount of social services. Unfortunately history has shown that socialist governments, once they get established, tend to expand their socialist programs in all directions as they expand to cover what they see as the social needs of the people. It is a slow gradual process. It is like an addiction. And like an addiction, it grows and grows and is extremely difficult to shake off. Except that this is not an addiction of an individual but a nation. And like an addiction it is very expensive. Therefore the socialist politicians become the tax-and-spend specialists. This is one of the reasons why Canadians are the most overtaxed people in the industrialized world and the $C is worth 63 cents. It takes Canadians until sometime in August to be tax free.

Those who receive the social benefits from a socialist government want them to continue from the cradle to the grave. The suggestion that these benefits are extremely expensive or that Canadians are the most overtaxed citizens in the industrialized world is met with ridicule. These people are loath to give up what they consider as their birthright. These receiving-minorities are also, like all socialists, well organized. Their clubs, unions, groups, committees and associations have the inside track and the ear of their socialist politician friends. It is a cozy relationship.

This form of socialism stifles incentive and individual responsibility. In the socialist system there is little incentive for lazy able-bodied people to work if welfare is readily available or pays more than the work. There is also little individual pride as more and more able-bodied people become locked to the government welfare system.

Both communism and socialism have many common denominators: they stifle individual incentive, all responsibility, and they like to control communications. They love to pump out their socialist propaganda either through government radio/TV stations or bought journalists. They control access to communications by licenses and taxes. They prohibit licenses and increase taxes for those they dont like. And just because they cannot control every world written on the Internet, means nothing. Somewhere in Ottawa, at this very moment, a civil servant is attempting to justify his existence by planning a procedure or program to control the Internet.

These socialists want to gain the benevolent patronage of their masters and they intend to do this by placating the politically correct, appealing to left-wing activists and regularly screaming discrimination and racism.

The people who vote these socialists into office will eventually get what they deserve.

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