Democracy is successful only in proportion to the knowledge that people have with respect to their rights and privileges. And if the system itself is flawed, it is in the interest of the political elite to hide this fact and maintain the status quo at all costs. Canadians are never told about the flaws in the Charter of Rights. It has a number of flaws but according to government propaganda this Charter is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

This Charter does the following:

It denies Canadians property rights.

It gives everyone in the world rights when they reach Canada.

It gives Canadians responsibility for everyone's welfare when the reach Canada.

It enforces bilingualism except in Quebec -- and multiculturalism in Canada.

It is written in such a way that it is near impossible for Canadians to correct it.

It allows people to associate as a group or a union but denies them the right not to associate or not pay union dues.





Canada needs a law that sets the election date and makes it necessary to vote. For example: the first Monday after September 15th, every 4 years.

The Canadian claim to democracy is an election every 4 or 5 years and more often when and if the prime minister sees an opportunity -- 3 years. There is no set date. Therefore this Canadian date with democracy is an unknown factor even to the prime minister himself until the opportunity arrives. Canadians then elect a series of politicians and immediately loose control of their government again until the next election at an unknown date in the future. Very few Canadians benefit from this system because they are shut out from government input. Canadians on the whole are not allowed to vote for their prime minister or allowed recall or binding referendums. Canadian MPs are obliged to forget their constituents and toe the party line -- no free votes. An elite cadre of invisible bureaucrats and visible dunderheads run the government.

And then it gets worse.

The Canadian Government has evolved into a struggle between those who tax, spend, give, grant and socialize everything and those who want fewer taxes, less corruption, less big government, equality for all Canadians -- not just special-interest groups -- and more democracy. Under the present patronage system Canadians pay the highest taxes in the industrialized world and carry the highest proportional debt -- $600 billion.

This Canadian federal government has expanded out of all proportion in every direction and instead of just looking after defence, foreign relations, currency, foreign debt and the central bank, it has extended its tentacles into propaganda, airlines, electricity, employment, unemployment, culture, Indians, hockey, NGOs and provincial areas of jurisdiction health, welfare and education. Their monstrous federal bureaucracies consume 53% of the national income. Seventy percent of Canadian taxes go to support this closed shop of a vast federal bureaucracy.

And then it gets worse.

The federal government has fallen under the influence of special-interest groups. These organized groups: left-wing socialists, gays, lesbians, feminists, Quebecois, multiculturalists, prisoners, pedophiles, minorities, abortionists, UN people, Indians, appointed-for-life Supreme Court justices, immigration industry, social workers, civil servants, unionists, welfare recipients, people who need grants or loans in Shawinigan and people without ethics. These groups and their patronage friends have infiltrated almost every facet of the Canadian government. They dominate or control federal programs. This oligarchy of special-interest groups let their invisible fingers manipulate the systems so that their special-interest are front and center in government programs, spending and court decisions while all the time the majority of Canadians are quietly kept out of the loop. If you are a member of a special interest group you might appreciate homosexual-marriage decisions or kiddie porn from the Supreme Court or if you are an Indian you might appreciate a decision that allows you to fish all year or the Nisgaa agreement. If you are within the loop you might also appreciate an HRDC grant or a massive loan from a government-associated bank with the help of a few phone calls from the prime minister but if you are outside the loop, you are merely a number. Individual Canadians are not liked by the federal government. Your MP does not even represent you. He represents his political party party discipline.

This past election had a 63% Canadian voter turnout. The Liberals got 41% of the votes of this 63%. Therefore those who declined to vote 37% of Canadians could have changed the outcome of the election. Therefore a very small proportion of Canadians actually elect the government and the proportion of non-voters who refused to exercise their right to democracy could have changed the outcome of the election. These large groups of non-voters are allowing the activists to control the government. The ruling Liberals in Ottawa see nothing wrong with this system because they and their special-interest friends continue in control.

Canada needs a law that sets a firm date for elections and compels Canadians to vote in all elections. This is the only system that will thwart the hidden agendas of manipulative politicians and special-interest groups. This law would give Canada back to all Canadians. Citizens who have come to accept democracy should also accept the obligation and responsibility to ensure that democracy is not bent or twisted by powerful politicians or special-interest groups. If the Australians can do it, and have done it since 1918, why not the Canadians?
If the Americans know the dates of their elections years in advance, why can't the Canadians have the same advantage?

It is the people to whom all authority belongs. Thomas Jefferson.

Australian voting law

Complete Australian voting Act


A study of democracy is extremely democratic. We assumes that we have the right to do this because this type of freedom could bring into the open our own questionable political inadequacies. It presumes that we have the right to change our political setup. Powerful political mandarins distrust those who aspire to change their world. It opens up more questions than answers.
Are those who study democracy looking at the idea as ideal for themselves and their country or are they studying it as a Protestant might study Catholicism or a Catholic might study Islam?
Should the idea of one man one vote place a legal obligation on the man to vote (such as in Australia)?
Should the person who is elected by the people have an obligation to represent their views or should he be bound by party discipline (As in Ottawa)?
Should political parties be necessary to form a majority in parliament?
Is it possible to form a working government without political parties?
Should majorities, whether in parliament or in the country, dictate to minorities? Should a minority, because of a Charter of Rights be allowed to dictate to the majority, as is the case of French language rights in Canada? How can an open system of government ensure that the needs of the majority and the minority are harmonized?
Does a country need a strong central government, as in Canada, or strong municipal or provincial governments, as in Switzerland?

Canada, particularly western Canada which has been alienated by this government, is in a desperate search for the answers to these questions. The Ottawa government will of course stall or ignore all this. They have just been reelected. Why should they bother?

Party discipline is opposed to democracy. In the beginning the Bolsheviks had nothing except party discipline. They eventually ruled the USSR. In the beginning the Nazis had nothing except party discipline. They eventually ruled most of Europe. Party discipline is one small but necessary step towards dictatorship. Party discipline has been the rule in Ottawa for at least 40 years. An example of that would be that no MP as been allowed to vote his conscience or the wishes of his constituencies on the matter of capital punishment. Nunziata was excommunicated from the Liberal Party because the Party lied about the GST. But Nunziata refused to lie. He was a living symbol, as he sat as an independent in parliament, of what will happen to MPs who question party discipline. This was good for the Liberal Party. It is not necessarily good for Canada or democracy.

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The people in BC need some tough love


These days Canadians are obsessed with the ideals of democracy. This study of democracy is really a study by Canadians who observe their extremely inefficient Canadian system of government and believe that it can be improved. This inefficient political system needs to be changed but those who have the power to change it -- the politicians who are in love with the system -- want to maintain the status quo. These are the reasons Canadians want change:

We have a Quebec government that threatens to separate from the country and announce complete independence when the opportunity presents itself. We have a Supreme Court that announced that these negotiations might occur. We have a federal government that does nothing about it. Therefore Canadian political solidarity is weak.

We have a ruling Liberal Party in Ottawa who have few members out west. This demonstrates that another large section of Canada is severely alienated from Ottawa.

We have tax-and-spend politicians in Ottawa who can disregard the massive $600 billion national debt as though it didnt exist. This causes interest payments of $50 billion a year. This is an extremely heavy burden for the taxpayers of Canada.

The ruling Liberal Party in Ottawa is into party discipline to such a degree that they will excommunicate any member who disobeys the prime ministers edicts. MP Nunziata was a graphic example.

We have senators who are appointed by the prime minister, for life, who have no job description and no constituents and a fantastic pension. Their only function in life is to stay alive and vote as the prime minister wishes.

We have a Supreme Court that is appointed by the prime minister. These men/women are never questioned about their past or their politics or their vested interests. Real justice could be illusive under these circumstances.

We have a country that is run by order in council while Parliament is not sitting -- about 9 months of the year -- and a prime minister who constantly travels the world about three months a year.

Party discipline means that those who are elected by the people are not allowed to represent the people. Therefore party discipline is a form of dictatorship where the prime ministers majority dictates his wishes.

These are just a few of the problems that might cause Canadians to be obsessed about the meaning of democracy. It is not that Canadians want a real democracy which would be notoriously inefficient because of the input of so many different viewpoints but Canadians want an efficient government. They want to feel represented in their government -- not alienated. They want input whether through their MP -- dream on -- or referendums. They want honest politicians -- dream on -- and a strong dollar. They want to feel proud again.

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