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The United Nations wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. It has 30 articles.
Has anyone ever brought this to court because he/she was being denied one of these rights?
And if they did, what court could rule on this issue and who would enforce the findings?

The socialists at the UN, mostly from Third World countries, have voted Canada as the best country in which to live for the past 7 years. Canadian Liberal politicians can't stop nodding their heads and talking about it. Of course the UN only voted for socialist issues -- not the extraordinary high taxes or the $600 billion debt -- the relatively highest debt in the world.

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The control freaks at the UN have been meeting quietly and planning for years: the (1991) Morelia Declaration, the 1992 Rio UN Conference and the 1997 Kyoto Agreement. All these conferences demonstrated an extreme confidence in the UN, extreme intrusiveness in national affairs and extreme nuttiness on the part of scientists, bureaucrats and politicians.

But now the control freaks and environmentalists at the UN have taken it a step further. On September 5-9th,2000, the United Nations held their Millennium Assembly and Summit in New York. Their grandiose plans laid out in an Earth Charter displayed again their tendency towards global control and nuttiness. This charter is a plot for global takeover by UN bureaucrats. It was the largest gathering of heads of state in history. They used all the modern socialist rhetoric.

The Earth Charter demands the following:

Everyone adopt sustainable development plans.

Everyone kowtow to UN regulations and manage the use of renewable resources such as water, soil, forest products, marine life to protect the health of ecosystems.

All beings are interdependent and all forms of life are valuable regardless of their value to human beings.

Everyone should have access to birth control.

Everyone will use restraint when using energy, (stop driving) eradicate poverty, (more welfare) promote equitable distribution of wealth among nations (CIDA send more money to UN) and write off all international debts.

The Charter wants gender equality; no discrimination against homosexuals and a UN bureaucrat to ensure that these ideas are taught in all schools.

It wants no national armed forces or weapons and all forces and weapons should be under UN control.

It wants all nuclear weapons eliminated.

It wants a UN Arms Register where every gun and weapon is registered.

It wants UN peace education to be taught in all schools from pre-school to university.

It demands UN political control of the global economy and also wants the World Trade Organization under UN control.

It wants to eliminate the veto for permanent members of the Security Council.

It wants the implementation of UN treaties such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and compulsory jurisdiction over all states by the International Criminal Court.

The UN wants to tax all foreign exchange transactions.

This crazy charter will subordinate the rights of all individuals, organizations, forces, nations and human beings to the wishes of UN bureaucrats. Will this Charter eliminate nations or will it eliminate the UN?

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Abraham Lincoln


Kofi Annan

"Tolerance of those who are different -- of their views, their cultures, their beliefs and their ways of life -- is a hallmark of all great civilizations and is essential for a world such as our own, in which people of many different cultures are striving to coexist peacefully."...Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

These are good sentiments from the UN but unfortunately they mask the new direction of the UN.

The UN delegates believe that because the economy has gone global, national sovereignty is therefore more pliable. Human rights should be a global issue on a parallel with the global economy. They want globalization to contribute to an increase in equality among nations and human rights. They want to bring the least developed countries up to the same level as western countries and they want the western countries to pay for it. They believe that democracy and decentralization are ascendant and that the International Criminal Court should be capable of controlling global events. They see a new and expanded role for the UN peacekeeping. They want all armies to be transferred to UN command. They want to put things right in the world; their version of right. And guess who they want to pay for this -- you. Don't you feel better already? They believe that nationalism is an undesirable trend especially when it is combined with religious or political fanaticism. They want a new world order.

Stand up straight now. Pay attention. Believe. Obey.

James Bredin

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The whole continent of North America has representatives from only 3 countries at the United Nations -- Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Africa has representatives from 53 countries at the UN. This is an illustration of the relative influence of African representatives at the UN compared with North American representatives. It is also an indication of the great struggle to get UN peacekeepers involved in Africa.

Africa is on the verge of catastrophe. In the last 30 years Africa has had 30 wars. Fifteen African states have serious food problems. Ten million people are short of food in the Congo. Rwanda has 900,000 refugees; dozens of tribes, 11 armed rebel movements and 9 armies from surrounding countries all fighting each other, all at the same time. Twenty million Africans are already HIV positive. The Organization of African Unity has 53 member countries of which 20 are at war with each other. Ceasefires and treaties are announced frequently. They last as long as it takes to reload. Sub-Saharan Africa is a basket case.

In January 2000 the UN Security Council of which Canada was a member at the time, approved a plan to send 5,537 troops into Central Africa on a peacekeeping mission. Since then various African delegates at the UN have been screaming for more peacekeepers except they want war fighters -- not peacekeepers. And they want other countries to pay for it through the UN.

The UN could find itself locked to the ever-increasing African problems plus its own ever-increasing economic problems. It owes 73 countries $872 million for troops and equipment. It has 51,832 employees.

It may not be politically correct these days but I believe that Africans should solve African problems. To say otherwise is to say they are not capable.


Lloyd Axworthy

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More on the African problems...

Canada has just finished its two-year stint as a part-time member of the UN Security Council. It gave Mr. Axworthy, Canadas Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, an opportunity to show his anti-Americanism. He wanted to increase the number of Third World representatives on the Security Council. That recommendation would have decreased the influence of the permanent members of the Security Council, particularly the US.

He wanted all ongoing conflict and bloodshed in Africa to stop. He said, "What is more recent and disturbing, what provides the global community with a compelling reason for engagement today, is the increasing 'civilianization' of conflict. Active Council engagement would serve to reverse this situation. It would also reinforce the legitimacy of states. The Council's responsibility to protect civilians in armed conflict is therefore compelling, from a human security perspective, in terms of fulfilling the Council's own mandate and in the interest of enhancing state sovereignty."

It appears that Mr. Axworthy wanted to fix what he thought were the Security Councils problems at the UN and then fix African problems. He wanted to send UN peacekeepers to Africa to force everyone into a peaceful situation.

Canadian UN soldiers had already been involved in Somalia - Liberals shut down the inquiry -- and Rwanda - while a million people were being slaughtered -- and they had absolutely no influence. But that didnt bother Axworthy.

Africa has turned into a basket case continent. They have widespread famine, corruption, AIDS, wars, poverty, epidemics, turbulence, military coups, dictators with billions in Swiss bank accounts, massacres, millions of people dependent on emergency food supplies and debt up to their eyes.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization lists 15 African countries with food problems and 10 million people short of food. The Congo has already had interventions from the UN, the CIA, the French paras, mercenaries and neighboring African states.

Intervention did not help or even slowed down the madness.

African leaders scream for debt relief and aid.

Central Africa is probably the most dangerous place on earth. If an AK47 doesn't get you, AIDS will. It remains to be seen how this problem will be solved.


The Canadian Parliament gave royal assent to Bill C-19 on the last day before the summer break 2000 and Parliament only sat for 92 days the whole year.

Canada is now committed to the International Criminal Court. The Court will be at The Hague, in the Netherlands, but also other venues when appropriate. It will come into formal existence after 60 UN countries ratify the agreement. One hundred and one countries have signed the agreement and 17 have already ratified it 43 to go. Governments in the ICC are obliged to not only change their laws to coincide with the agreement but to arrest, detain, investigate and transport alleged criminals for the ICC.
The all-powerful judges of the ICC are in many ways like the justices of the Canadian Supreme Court unquestioned by elected representatives about vested interests and allowed to be accountable to no one. There are no jury trials. This of course could allow rampant favoritism among these politically correct socialists at the UN.

The US refused to sign the ICC agreement and made it quite clear that they objected to it by passing a law that authorized the president to use all means necessary and appropriate to free any United States military personnel held in any country for the ICC. That means Canada.
Although the idea of the ICC may be worthy, Canadians could then find themselves at odds with their close American cousins if the ICC issues an arrest warrant for an American serviceman living in Canada. It will be very interesting to watch the Ottawa Liberals turn in the wind when that happens. George W Bush must be smiling to himself.


The UN seems to be dominated by hundreds of delegates from small developing countries who feel that they have a right to extort money from western nations. Only 3 countries in North America send representatives to the UN while 53 countries in Africa send representatives to the UN. Would this be considered an imbalance? In order to find solutions for their ongoing conflicts these Third-World representatives frequently call for peacekeepers from the UN to solve their problems. But they would prefer soldiers to fight battles and bring back stability to their unstable areas not peacekeepers. They would like a standing, well-financed UN army, under UN command to straighten things out in their world.

The practical Americans view the discredited reality, which peacekeeping and peacemaking suffered in Somalia, Croatia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Haiti, Namibia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Mozambique as sliding down the slippery slope of unthinking over commitment. American political opinion which is real American opinion, not the opinion of appointed UN representatives is opposed to either putting US soldiers under UN command or having them die in foreign fields for foreign causes.

This area of Sub-Saharan Africa which wants the peacekeepers has been involved in a series of wars, revolutions, genocide -- where a million people were slaughtered -- turmoil, hate, corruption, HIV, AIDS, famine, violence, despots with billions in Swiss banks, indifference, tribal conflicts, mass graves containing unknown numbers of victims, sanctions, sanction violations, AK47s, military equipment, broken peace agreements, oil, and diamonds in the ground. This lethal mixture has turned Sub-Saharan Africa into a basket case 30 wars in 30 years.

Human rights is not high on the agenda for politicians from this area.

There is no peace here for peacekeepers to keep only wars to be fought. This fact seems lost amid the socialist rhetoric of the UN as they attempt to manipulate western governments of the world to send peacekeepers, armies, money and forgive debt.

The Organization of African Unity (OAU) commissioned a report on the genocide in Rwanda that occurred while Canadian peacekeepers were there in 1994. A panel of seven so-called international experts then blamed the UN, the US, Britain, France, Belgium, the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and the Rwandan Government for the Rwandan genocide.

This of course is the second biggest guilt trip since the beginning of the UN. Their report appears to be the first step in extracting $billions from the named parties. It is an example of how far out in left field the UN has gone. It may be one of many examples why the UN should now be closed down. They asked Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General to establish a commission to name the countries that owe Rwanda money. They also demanded a cancellation of Rwandas international debts.

More recently these same representatives met in Senegal in preparation for another UNs World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Forms of Intolerance which will take place in Durban, South Africa this coming summer.

They plan to produce an International Plan of Action for states to follow they want to extort more money from western countries. They feel the African problems -- the ongoing wars, the genocide, the general mayhem and anarchy are good enough reason to extort money from western countries.

If these western countries fell for the Jubilee Year line and the Odious Debts line in the year 2000, maybe they will also come across with more money.

This extortionate guilt trip will be laid on the soft socialist governments at the UN in order to extract money for Africa. And instead of Jubilee Year and Odious Debts, they intend to blame, not themselves but western countries for the ongoing Sub-Saharan anarchy. They say that their problems were caused by colonialism and the slave trade in Africa. They want reparation, restoration and compensation for nations, groups and individuals affected by slavery and the slave trade, colonialism and economic and political exclusion. And they also want an apology.

And worse, there are soft socialist representatives at the UN who will go along with this. I suspect Canadian representatives will be first in line. They want to be judged by their good intentions not their stupidity.

They already got an apology from President Clinton for what happened in Rwanda.

These Third World representatives can smell the $billions coming their way.

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