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Canadian Government Ethics

Canadian freedom is not god given. Freedom is won by outspoken people in inches and yards and miles and if it is not exercised it may be taken away by politicians or bureaucrats in inches and yards and miles. This is usually done with a regulation, a law or a constitution -- register your gun or carry your identification card. An example of this forfeited freedom would be Canadians civil servants who speak only English their native language who are now viewed by their federal government as not being as worthy of promotion as bilingual Canadians. This causes them to be classified as second class employees in their own country in their own language.

Another example would be the implimentation of the metric system on Canadians without a referendum.

Freedom may be lost if it is not exercised. An apathetic public may get the politicians, the laws, the huge taxes and the regulations they deserve. Canadian politicians who realized the extent of Canadian apathy, have taken advantage of it by abusing their ability to tax, spend, travel, write charters, laws, rules and regulations. Canadians pay the highest taxes in the industrialized world. They have to wait until August each year before they are tax free. Canadians have the most traveled politicians in the world. Prime minister Chretien and his imperial entourage spends about 3 months a year out of the country, often under the heading "TEAM CANADA." This publicity tag seems to justify eternal travel in exotic tropical countries during the long Canadian winters. The prime minister and his friends recently gave themselves an 8% unrecorded pay raise, but you forgot all about that already, as he knew you would. Now they are about to give their senior civil servants an 8% raise. Money is no object when you have access to the treasury, an apathetic public and compliant voters.

Canadian politicians are bound by party discipline rather than the wants and needs of their constituents. Canadian politicians have never been allowed to vote their conscience on capital punishment -- a federal offense in Canada although polls have shown that 80% of Canadians are in favor of capital punishment.

Politicians who disobey the prime minister are ejected from the party -- a sure sign of creeping dictatorship.

The prime minister -- unlike the American president -- is not elected by the people, but chosen by his sycophant friends from within his political party.

No Canadian senator is elected -- they are appointed by the prime minister. They represent no one except themselves. They receive an extraordinary salary. They retire at age 75 with a huge pension. They have no job description. They are not even required to turn up at the job. They get unlimited travel at taxpayers expense. This is better than winning the lottery.

The Canadian dollar was U.S. $1.10 in 1974. It has dropped to U.S. 64 - 65 cents since then due to our spendthrift politicians.

Canada is almost $600 billion in debt. And the debt is growing. No one protests. No one cares. And still the Liberals got reelected.

The Canadian Employment Equity Act ensures that those who are qualified for the job may not get it because government regulations ensure that others will have an advantage over white Canadian males. And worse. Canadians accept this.

The prime minister has no sunset clause. He could be prime minister for life just like the senators he appoints. Those appointed senators have to quit at 75. The prime minister at the present rate, may go on for another 30 years.

Canada has 16,000 illegal immigrants who refuse to leave. Many are terrorists or criminals. But no one is sure, or no one knows, or no one cares. Are Canadians this apathetic?

Quebec has a government that is intent of separating from Canada but like a dysfunctional family, the parties about to be divorced, are too busy to discuss the issues.

The Canadian Constitution has a notwithstanding clause. This allows provincial governments to override Supreme Court decisions. Quebec used it to enforce their French only sign law while the remainder of Canada had enforced English-French bilingualism. Quebec is unilingual. The rest of Canada is not.

The Supreme Court recently made a decision that allowed any province that feels bad about the federal system, to have a referendum and if they get 50%+1 who disagree with the federal system, they can negotiate a divorce. They could just as easily have said, Quebec cannot separate and thats it.

The prime minister is allowed not only to stack the Senate with his obedicnt friends but he is allowed to stack the Supreme Court with his friends by appointing them unquestioned for life (until they die or turn 75).


Our politicians seem intent to do nothing about the ever-sinking Canadian dollar. The Liberals have just been reelected so they have no incentive to do anything except tax and spend as usual. Therefore the reality of the monetary world will cause the $C to head in its usual direction down. This will eventually cause all Canadians to stay in Canada because it will be too expensive to buy other currencies.

The Europeans got their act together and formed a currency union. This has stopped the currency speculators from playing around with the various currencies.

It is obvious that the Canadians should do something similar about the ever-sinking Canadian dollar. We should adapt the US dollar. This would make Canada an important participant in the FED, and virtually eliminate Canadian sovereignty as far as monetary policy goes. It would effectively lead to a customs union and a freedom of capital and labor movement that would be as fluid as Europe. Canadians would love it. Ottawa politicians and regulation prone bureaucrats would hate it. What do you think?

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HMCS Athabaskan when everyone in the navy spoke English and were proud. Where did that pride go?

How could politicians manipulate a people, in the guise of political correctness, to make them feel guilty about their history?

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HMCS Oriole at another time and place

This is some of the problem that English-speaking Canadians have to accept when they lack freedom....