MP Jane Stewart, head lady at HRDC

The recent Auditor Generals report, which came down a few minutes before Jean Chretien called the election, used phrases such as "disturbing," "unacceptable weaknesses," and "breaches of authority," "improper payments," "limited monitoring" and "approvals that had not followed established procedures."

If the Auditor General used these phrases to describe the Liberal conduct at HRDC, is it possible that this complete lack of financial responsibility with the Canadian taxpayers' money and the deliberate manipulation of this money could involve criminal intent?

Do any of the 23 ongoing police investigations involve Jane Stewart or Pierre Pettigrew the former head of HRDC?

But this is only part of the story.

Whereas HRDC gave billions of taxpayers money to fellow Liberals in the guise of jobs, jobs, jobs, CIDA gave billions of taxpayers money to foreign dictators, UN, despots and foreign organizations with almost the same abandon.
And believe it or not but this too is only part of the story.
The Annual Report of the Information Commissioner revealed deliberate acts in the PMOs office to avoid compliance with the Access to Information Act.

1. Is this is a case of civil servants trying to avoid compliance with a Canadian law.

2. Were the Liberals and their bureaucrats who were exposed giving billions to friends and left-wing causes trying to cover their tracks?

3. Has anyone ever been charged with an offence under the Access to Information Act?

4. Should the RCMP investigate this?
5. Is this the same RCMP that built a road to the prime ministers cottage?

6. How much of this conduct will tolerant Canadians accept?


It is almost forgotten now but the HRDC scandal preoccupied question period in Parliament for the short period that parliament was open in this 21st century. The Liberals and government bureaucrats stonewalled as they performed daily twists and turns and defended the handouts of taxpayers money to worthy patrons. The Canadian Alliance Party claimed that the government broke its own spending rules under the Financial Administration Act. The media claims that when and if Jane Stewart, the minister in charge of HRDC, did finally tell the truth, no one would believe her. Billions of dollars had gone unaccounted. Application files for grant money were missing and not a single politician or bureaucrat would admit that there might have been a slight error despite the ongoing 22 police investigations. Or was it because of the 22 police investigations.

Since 1996 Quebec received twice as much from HRDC as any other province. Shawinigan the prime ministers hometown received $8.5 million. That tiny place received more than Manitoba (5.5 million), Saskatchewan ($5.3 million) or Alberta ($3.8 million). This is either blatant systemic favoritism for Quebec or an indication of what another province might receive if or when it started to make separatist sounds.

Indeed the idea of using taxpayers money to create jobs, jobs, jobs, for no apparent reason other than influencing voters, smacks of communist policy and advancing dictatorship. It definitely has little to do with the open market or improving the Canadian economy and is one of the reasons why Canadians pay the highest taxes in the industrialized world the other is CIDA and Indian Affairs.

Canadians who were not allowed to vote for their prime minister nevertheless reelected his Liberal Party despite these scandals. At least they did in the East. The West is another story.


MP Pettigrew who ran HRDC from 1996 to 1999 and may have handed out more $billions of taxpayers' money than Jane Stewart.


The Liberals just got reelected so they are not in the least concerned about HRDC or CIDA or the missing billion dollars. They are going to tax and spend on their favorite programs like they have done for years. If they give a slight tax break in one area, they will take back twice as much in another area. They can't afford to be giving real tax breaks. Are you kidding? They need the money to funnel it through HRDC and CIDA in order to give it to worthy recipients. And if the majority of those worthy recipients happen to be in Quebec, thats just too bad for those in western Canada. Its called tough love. Those westerners will just have to show more respect for Ottawa.

Just because those westerners elected their own senator-in-waiting, they thought they were going to run their end of the country. Who do they think they are -- Quebecois? Have they got their guns registered yet? There may be some criminals out there who failed to register their guns.

Those westerners are just going to have to get out the little Red Book and find out what its all about. And along with respect, they will just have to show a little discipline. We may have to give most of Alberta back to the Indians just like we did in British Columbia. They should read the Nisga'a Agreement if they want to see what's in store for them. Those Albertans will just have to learn about human rights.

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt"... Marcus Cicero (0106- 0043BC)


Even as you read this, bureaucrats at HRDC are handing out millions of Canadian taxpayers money to worthy recipients. Why should the Liberals worry? They were just reelected for another 4 years.

An internal audit showed that HRDC had lost track of a billion dollars. They never did find it or give a reasonable answer to where it went. This is the same organization that collected 2,000 pieces of information on every Canadian and suggested that Canadians should carry identification papers. Have you paid your taxes? Have you registered your gun?

The arrogant Liberals, refused to call an inquiry and denied that HRDC had problems. Their system of delay, stonewall, cover-up, shred, hide, accuse, bafflegab, take long foreign trips under the heading Team Canada, go home on Friday, close Parliament for 3 months intervals and call an election, are normal in their world. And they got away with it. The Liberal backbenchers, the trained seals, the disciplined voting machine, all nodded their heads in unison. Parliament only sat 92 days in 2000.

In 1997, CITEC of Shawinigan, Chretiens hometown, received a $7.8 million grant from HRDC. After a six-month RCMP investigation, a Quebec Crown prosecutor charged Mr Lemire and Pepin, both founders of CITEC and both friends of Chretien, with fraud and theft of $150,000. They were due to receive another $4 million in grants from HRDC but Jane Stewart, the head of HRDC, decided to stop payment.

Only in Canada. God help us.


MP Maria Minna, head lady at CIDA

CIDA gave Bangladesh $3 million for gender equality in July 2000 + $5 million to improve the health of women and children -- not men and transparency (whatever that is) + $15 million to improve riverbank stability in the Kalni-Kushiyara flood plain + $10 for more transparency.

Do you think that the $5 million for gender equality plus $3 million for childrens rights that Canadian CIDA gave to the Congo in December 2000 will make one iota of difference in gender equality or childrens rights in the Congo?

Do you think the $5 million to Guyana for birth control next April will help population problems?

The millions that CIDA gives out for strange causes goes on for pages and pages.

Is there any logic to this giving, giving, giving. Is there any logic to why Canadians should be the highest taxed individuals in the world? Is there any logic to why the Canadian dollar should be worth only half the American dollar when it was worth more than the American dollar only 25 years ago. Ask Maria Minna. She is in charge of CIDA.


Canada should be very careful not to get sucked into the ongoing conflicts in Africa.
You may have noticed that the problems in Africa are getting front-page attention these days. Canadians are being presented with these problems in Africa as though they have a definite connection to Canada and therefore Canadians should feel obliged to do something about it.

It appears that these international socialists at the UN want massive intervention in Africa to stop African tribes from killing each other and massive compensation from non-African states at the UN because of previous genocide in Africa. Modern day socialists find common cause with each other almost every day at the UN, just like the old time communists always found common cause with each other. In their common cause, they can easily justify among themselves why Canada should get involved in Africa.

The UN war crimes judges and chief prosecutor say survivors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide should be compensated. They plan to submit a compensation plan to the Security Council. Lawyers at the UN also want in on the spoils of this guilt trip. They want to represent the survivors of the 1994 genocide at the UN International Court. Canada, while a temporary member of the Security Council was sympathetic to the idea of compensation. And if Canada does not send soldiers (peacekeepers) to stop the fighting in Africa, they should send $billions instead to compensate for the estimated 800,000 Tutsis who were killed by Hutus. Can you see the logic behind this?

The socialists at the UN realize that this is possible because Canada has already funneled $billions of taxpayers money through CIDA and the UN to various African dictators. Canadians never complained about these CIDA giveaways. Why should they complain now? After all, Parliament is closed most of the time. It only opened for 92 days last year. Therefore no one will ask questions in Parliament like the Canadian Alliance did about HRDC during those few days in 2000 when it was open.

When CIDA comes through with the $billions in compensation for these lawyers at the UN and various unknown African entities, it will set a precedent. The 1994 genocide may be repeated again soon and therefore more victims may be seeking compensation. The Hutus and the Tutsis are still at it. The same radio broadcasts in French and Swahili that incited the previous genocide are being repeated. The knives are out again.

This basket case scenario of death, murder and genocide is bad enough in itself. Canadians should stay away from it, both with soldiers and money. Unfortunately common sense does not often get through to the ambitious Canadian politicians at the UN.

When was the last time your MP represented your wishes in Parliament?

Should Canada retire from the UN?

Should the complete UN be disbanded?

Got you. You had not even thought about it.

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