If you are an American visiting this Canadian site, it will help if you think of the Liberals as Democrats. They have the same philosophies. These Liberals have been in power so long they think they own Ottawa. They are in the process of putting Canadians in debt up to their eyes.

Prime Minister Jean Chretien (Liberal) has just been reelected prime minister of Canada for the third time. His Liberals got 41% of the 62% of Canadians who bothered to vote. But these Liberals were almost shut out of the west. His Liberals win elections by catering to every socialist left-wing group in Canada -- feminists, homosexuals, prisoners, pedophiles, minorities, multiculturalists, Indians, unions, bilinguals and every identifyable group.

ex-Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (he of the GST) was elected as a Conservative but ruled as a tax-and-spend socialist liberal and then introduced the Goods and Services Tax. He even stacked the appointed Senate with 8 of his friends to push it through. No Canadian has been allowed to pass a cash register since then without paying his GST. He then tried to become leader of the UN.

Ex-Prime Minister Trudeau, (very Liberal) recently deceased, wrote the Charter of Rights with his then Justice Minister Chretien in 1982. It gave rights to everyone in the world, responsibilities to Canadians and unequal rights to Indians who were not recognized as Canadian in the Charter. It allowed the Supreme Court to use the Charter instead of law to make legal decisions. This Charter was foisted on Canadians without a referendum. It denied Canadians property rights and equality. It left Canadians with government enforced bilingualism and multiculturalism except in Quebec.
And this flawed document is constantly called the Canadian Constitution by Government bureaucrats.

Do you know where your MP is today. He is likely in a far tropical exotic land having a good time at your expense. These good parliamentarians have their own travel agency. It is all very hush hush. You cannot even find out through the Access to Information Act because these travels, conveniently, are untouchable. Its a state secret. And don't try to find him/her on TV when Parliament is sitting because the TV cameras are only allowed to show those speaking and those strategically placed around them.

And there are others who travel the world brazenly under the "Team Canada" banner as if that tag will cover the use of taxpayers' money to travel the world. They have a plane load of journalists with them on free junkets just to pipe back the propaganda to Canada.

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You have to be over 12 years to read these pages. Otherwise you need your mothers permission. If you are connected with any special-interest group, you are forbidden to read these pages. This site promotes Canadian equality for all Canadians even Indians that are not recognized as Canadian in the Charter.

Updated January 31th, 2001.

Democracy is successful only in proportion to the knowledge that people have with respect to their rights and privileges. And if the system itself is flawed, it is in the interest of the political elite to hide this fact and maintain the status quo at all costs.

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Prime Minister Chretien


Ex-prime minister Mulroney (He of the GST)


Ex-prime minister Trudeau

All these prime ministers came from Quebec. They were and are all millionaires. They were all in favor of government imposed bilingualism and a quota system in favor of bilinguals in the federal civil service. None of these men used the notwithstanding clause to correct the weird decisions from the Supreme Court. All of them increased the national debt -- now close to $600 billion.
These men were all elitist centrists Quebecois and their decisions tended to placate Quebec -- in fear of separation -- and alienate the West. This problem can still be viewed in the recent election results.

I genuinely appreciate your stopping by my homepage, and hope you will find the information helpful.

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If you keep reading these pages you are liable to develop an attitude. You will eventually have very little respect for federal politicians especially Liberals -- talking heads --trained seals -- disciplined voting machine.

It is probably a serious sin if you continue and you will have to seek forgiveness. You may be assigned to take sensitivity training if you agree with what you read here.

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Canadians have had a number of constitutional problems. We have the British North America Act 1867 and Trudeau's Canadian Charter of Rights 1982. Attempts to change or modify these at Meech Lake, Charlottetown and Calgary failed.
The British North America Act (BNA) is a template for the formation of a Canadian federation not a unitary state as we have become. Before Canada had the appointed-for-life Supreme Court, we had the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. The object of the BNA, the Judicial Committee wrote, "was neither to weld the provinces into one, nor to subordinate provincial governments to a central authority, but to create a federal government in which they should all be represented each province retaining its independence and autonomy."
Therefore in theory, the provincial governments should be equal to the federal government but in practice the federal government is supreme even when it illegally overlaps the jurisdiction of the provinces.
A constitution and a Charter of Rights should protect citizens from their own government and oblige the government to obey the constitution.
The Canadian Charter of Rights in many cases does the exact opposite. It was foisted on Canadians without grassroots consultation or a referendum. It did not preclude the BNA. It is an international socialist document that gives rights to everyone in the world who can make it to Canada and it saddles Canadians with the obligation to shelter, house, feed and get medical attention for all these incoming refugees. It brought about a huge immigration industry. It does not give equal treatment to all Canadians because it favors Indians in Section 35.
Although section (d) gives everyone the right to associate, the Charter does not give Canadians the right not to associate or not to belong to a union or not to pay union dues. Union members have no say in what happens to union dues.
The Charter does not give Canadians the right to own property.
This is why federal politicians talk about human rights rather than Canadian Rights. Our politically correct politicians have had the option to override Supreme Court decisions on pornography and same-sex marriages but the federal government has never used the notwithstanding clause (Sec. 33).
The Charter of Rights cannot be changed unless 7 provinces with 50% of the people + the federal government are in agreement. Therefore it is a foregone conclusion that Canadians are unable to repair the Charter especially as our prime minister was one of the writers, his permission is needed and he has steadfastly refused to use the notwithstanding clause to stop the strange decisions from his appointed Supreme Court -- homosexual marriages, kiddie porn, Indians fishing out of season while Canadians watch from the shore and Quebec separation from Canada.

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