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Socialists, particularly Ottawa socialists, particularly now that their beloved Liberals have been reelected for another 4 years, are loath to allow private industry to take over their venerable institutions. In their socialist philosophy, the government should run everything.
They like to mollycoddle prisoners, release them early, give them the vote, refuse to take their DNA and even refuse to set up a Canada-wide registry for active ex-prisoner pedophiles. Corrections Canada has even built a nine-hole golf course for 300 convicts at its Ferndale prison near Abottsford, B.C. According to Solicitor General at the time, Andy Scott, the Ferndale Golf Course for inmates offers the right environment to rehabilitate these gentlemen.
In recent years Canadians have become disillusioned because federal statistics show 1,306 murderers have been released on parole in the last ten years. This has resulted in 448 killers on full parole and 858 on day parole. During the next two years another group of killers, including 42 first-degree murderers are due to be released on parole and 400 more during the subsequent 5 years. Government officials tell us there is no need for alarm. Do you believe them? Eventually we will read the statistics about what these released killers did while they were free -- now. This is the type socialist planning, do-gooder philosophies and bone-headed thinking that allows hundreds of violent offenders to automatically get out of prison after serving two-thirds of their sentences.
The socialists complain that the cost of keeping an offender in a federal penitentiary is nearly $46,000 per year. This compares to about $27,000 for a halfway house or $9,000 to supervise an inmate on parole. They use these numbers to emphasize why more prisoners should be released into a supervision status by their fellow social workers. These same numbers could also tell us why all prisons should be shut down and they also tell us that the inmates are beginning to run the asylum. It is obvious to any normal person that the present system is out of control and that the time has come when prisons should be turned over to private industry.
In recent years private entrepreneurs have began to plan, staff and operate prisons in the U.S. Britain and New Zealand. And the results are compelling: private prisons exceed standards of conduct expected in publicly-run prisons; private prisons operate between seven and 30 percent less expensively than public prisons; private prisons have fewer problems with inmate populations; and private prisons invest more time in prisoner rehabilitation and education. International evidence suggests that private prisons provide at least as good a service as public prisons: they have fewer escapes, fewer disturbances, and both staff and prisoners appear to rate the services more highly than services in public facilities.
Prisons are not universities, hotels, resorts, play areas, or experimental facilities for goody-two-shoe social workers. Prisons are there to keep prisoners out of circulation for however long the courts see fit. Prison authorities should be mainly concerned with ensuring these prisoners stay in prison for the duration of their sentences all of it.
Prison information should be public information. The names of prisoners should be available to the public. The names of those about to be released should be available to the public. Eighteen states maintain online databases of inmates and parolees, which allow Internet users to find current and former prisoners names, photographs, criminal records and sentences.
The balance of public safety should be in favor of the public not the human rights philosophies of the socialists. The victims rights should outweigh the prisoners rights.

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