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LIBERALS 10 (Liberal deeds)

Trudeau claimed that MPs turn into instant nobodies the moment they were 50 yards from the House of Commons. Chretien learned everything he knows from Trudeau. He was Trudeau's justice minister. They wrote the flawed Charter together.
Canadians are just now beginning to realize that they are in deep trouble because they reelected the Liberals to Ottawa last November 2000. This latest 20% pay hike that the Liberals just took is only a drop in the bucket. They are only getting started. The lesions are about to continue. Stay tuned.

Canadians should have known because the list of Liberal shenanigans is long and peculiar. Liberals have little or no concern for taxpayers' money. The money is there to be taken or given to friends. Legally of course, through pay hikes or giveaways through HRDC or CIDA. They deny all conflict of interest in these giveaways. Prove it, they say.
1. Liberals promised to abolish Mulroney's GST and it was a major 1993 election promise. When Liberal MP John Nunziata voted against the 1996 budget for this reason, Mr. Chrétien kicked him out of the Liberal Caucus and excommunicated him from the Liberal Party. He was a living breathing example to the others -- what would happen to them if they showed the slightest independence.
2. They expropriated British Columbian property at Nanoose Bay, B.C.
3. They breached a signed contract in the Pearson Airport scandal. They denied compensation to the wronged parties. Then they were forced to pay $60-million in damages only taxpayers money.
4. They breached a signed purchase contract in the EH-101 helicopter scandal. They were then forced to pay $500 million in cancellation fees only taxpayers money.
5. They cut off the Somalia inquiry after it found uncomfortable evidence about the Liberals.
6. Protesters at APAC were pepper-sprayed by the RCMP and the Liberals covered the connection to the prime minister. The $5-million Inquiry sent Chretien an invitation to give evidence instead of a subpoena. He declined the invitation. Surprise. Surprise.
7. Liberals moved closure about 50 times in Parliament to cut off debate on their bills, including Sheila's Bill C-55.
8. Prime Minister Chretien showed his arrogance to Albertans when he appointed a senator-for-life from Alberta despite the fact that he knew Albertans had paid for an election to elect their own senators. The Governor General -- not the prime minister is supposed to appoint senators.
9. Prime Minister Jean Chretien was too busy skiing to attend the funeral of King Hussein of Jordan. Canada was the only member the Security Council or the G7 which did not send a Leader or Head of State to the funeral.
10. The party-disciplined Liberals defeated a Reform motion to use the notwithstanding clause to overturn a B.C. court decision declaring possession of child pornography legal. (143 to 129)
11. Liberals have an open-door policy to refugee claimants, spies and foreign terrorists. They also have strong connections with the huge immigration industry.
12. Both the arrogant socialist Liberals and the (NDP) B.C. government made a deal with the Nisga people without input from the citizens of B.C. Our politicians did not allow British Columbians to be heard.
13. Jean Chrétien gave his friends in Shawinigan: The Canoe Hall of Fame ($500,000); A tourism museum ($5 million); Several hotels ($3.8 million); A congress centre ($3 million); a fountain in the river - all complements of the Canadian taxpayer. More money than all the western provinces received. And no questions allowed or answers given.
14. Several shady people in Chretiens constituency received millions of dollars in taxpayers money to create jobs. There are so many unanswered questions about the shenanigans in Shawinigan that it would take an independent government inquiry to get to the bottom of this obvious conflict of interest. The Liberals refused to allow this inquiry. Surprise, surprise.
15. Liberals blamed the RCMP for building a private road into Chretien's cottage.
16. Liberals allow parliament to sit as seldom as possible (90 days in 2000). One way to cut down on the repetitive questions about Shawinigan.
17. Liberals refuse to talk about the flawed constitution.
18. They shred all incriminating papers.
19. They stall all scandals and cancel all inquiries.
20. They buy all elections with billions of taxpayers' money.
21. They buy all culture groups, have-not provinces, lobby groups and special-interest groups in Canada.
22. They vehemently represent all special-interest groups, minority groups, feminists, multicultural groups, aboriginals, deviate groups, the huge immigration industry, the vast CBC, the unions, the entertainment industry, the environmental movement, the nuclear industry, the monstrous federal bureaucracy and the Quebecois but have forgotten the average English-speaking Canadian.
23. They brought us the Airbus fiasco, which benefited Mulroney (He of the GST got more millions.).
24. They brought us unnecessary gun control for law abiding Canadians which benefited the criminals.
25. They brought us unemployment twice as high as the U.S.?
26. They brought us a 63-cent dollar.
27. They brought us forced bilingualism ($4 billion a year) and multiculturalism from coast to coast to coast.
28. They control 50% of the economy compared to government control of only 33% in the U.S.
29. They brought Canadians the highest taxes in the industrialized world.
30. They brought us a $600 billion national debt?
31. They ensured that all those appointed to the Supreme Court are not asked questions about their vested interested or hidden prejudices.
32. This ensured that these left wing appointees to the Supreme Court made left wing legal decisions -- pornography, homosexual rights, Indian land claims and Quebec separation.
33. They refused to use the notwithstanding clause while waiting for the leftist Supreme Court to put a leftist spin or cancel every law in the land. (58 laws since 1982)
34. They sent bombers to bomb civilians in Yugoslavia, all for human rights.
35. They sent our soldiers to Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, Rwanda (While a million people were being slaughtered), the Republic of Central Africa, Haiti and East Timor -- anywhere the United Nations pointed a finger.
36. They allowed all prisoners to vote. Guess who these criminals voted for?

The most amazing thing about all this; the Liberals got reelected for another four years. Go figure. This crowd makes the mafia look good. And now the Liberals are really going to teach Canadians a few lesions.

Another Dangerous Canadian Place

The Vast Travels hidden by the Access to Information Act

Canada has had a problem for a number of years. Our federal government has grown too big and powerful and too isolated from Canadians. Parliament only sits approximately 120 days a year only 90 days in 2000 scandals and an election. Our federal politicians have been taxing and spending and traveling the world for many years. They speak to us in short sound bites from exotic foreign countries while we work our fingers to the bone trying to pay our exorbitant taxes. We have to wait until August before we can call our incomes our own. The Americans only have to wait until May maybe even sooner if George W gets his tax cuts. There is a certain undercurrent of resentment when ordinary Canadians see their tax dollars being squandered in exotic countries by planeloads of the prime ministers friends and federal MPs while the national debt is around $600 billion and the value of the Canadian dollar is dipping to 63 cents. It is either a conference or a team Canada excuse. The journalists who travel with the politicians have been bought with free plane tickets to the same exotic places. It is one big expensive bash the numbers are well hidden -- at the expense of the Canadian taxpayers. It often appears as if they are on a shopping spree trying to empty the treasury as quickly as possible.

Surely by now Mr. Chretien and his ministers have visited every country in the world, some several times. Unfortunately, if you check on the whereabouts of your MP, you will likely find that he is not available. He and many others are out of the country. They have their own travel agency that caters strictly to taxpayer-funded trips for MPs. And their schedules and itineraries are hidden by the Access to Information Act. And these are the same people who are at this very moment changing the Access to Information Act. Do you think they will improve the Act for themselves or for you?