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Liberals # 9 (Pay Raise)

The arrogance of the Liberals is breathtaking. They have a clear majority. They know that the opposition is in tatters. They know that they brazened their way through last years constant questions about the giveaways at HRDC and the missing billion dollars and 22 police investigations -- and got away with it. They know that they just bought another election by forking out taxpayers billions to certain areas. They know that Chretien just brazened his way in the Commons and barely avoided an inquiry into his obvious conflict of interest in Shawinigan by calling an election and then they know he admitted everything during the election and even then got reelected. They know they are home free and four years to go. They know that the public attention span is about four days. Therefore they know they can rob the treasury.
They can add the numbers to the $600 billion national debt and no one will know. And the Canadian dollar is always dropping recently 63 cents US so no one will notice a few more cents drop.

They just voted 202-58 (June 6th 2001) to raise their pay by $22,000. They got 14 Canadian Alliance MPs to vote for the raise.

Chretiens pay will go from $184,600 to $262,988.
Doesnt that make you feel better?

Extremely Dangerous Canadian Place


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