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Supreme Court of Canada dressed in red. Canadian Supreme Court decisions are made by people who are never questioned and dress up in red gowns.




Supreme Court of Canada



The Canadian Supreme Court base their decisions on a charter,

That turns all the laws passed in Parliament into a nonstarter.

They show how these appointed judges can make their own laws,

And pronounce themselves omnipotent amid political applause.



When these appointees are all dress up like Santa Clause,

No prime minister has dared to use the notwithstanding clause,

Appointees are never questioned bout their vested preferences,

Special interests, prejudices or who made their secret references.



And they are appointed for life till they turn seventy-five or die,

And their decisions are obeyed just like old Captain Bligh,

'Cause no one dares to protest it's not politically correct,

Canadian could be frowned on if they even show disrespect.



These judges then tell the parliament what is law and what is not,

And politicians may as well go stand out on the parking lot.

They've changed a hundred laws while these politicians just watched,

While lawyers nod their heads and show Parliament can be botched.



Dictatorships rely on constant education by the media,

They use newspapers, radio, TV, books and even the encyclopedia,

Eventually a pounded down populace agree that they are right,

And police themselves accordingly cause its better to be polite.



This judicial dictatorship does not need parliamentary debate,

No rough and ready democracy could be slow and irate.

When everything can be centralized and no questioned asked,

While politicians travel the world and corruption can be masked.



People all bow their heads while phony refugees take us for fools,

No one dares to question policy cause the Supreme Court rules,

And the Charter that they read covers everyone on earth,

Just obey the rules, shut your mouth and dont ever show no mirth.




The Canadian Supreme Court recently ruled that Canada cannot extradite people without seeking assurances they will not face the death penalty in the country to which they are sent. This is a graphic illustration of the Canadian Supreme Court telling the Canadian Parliament what is law and what is not law instead of the Canadian Parliament telling the Supreme Court what is law and what is not law. Either the Supreme Court has usurped the powers of parliament or parliament has put itself in the position of being completely subservient to the Supreme Court. It means that the judges of the Supreme Court make the laws in Canada -- they changed 58 laws in 16 years. It means that the elected MPs in Parliament are merely ornaments. It means that the prime minister, who introduced the notwithstanding clause in Parliament in 1982, is afraid to use it or reluctant to use it. It means that Canadians live in a judicial dictatorship.

This incident has come about because of Glen Burns and Atif Rafay are wanted for murder in the US. The Canadian Justice Minister Anne McLellan wants assurances from the state of Washington that they will not seek the death penalty in these cases. Not only is the Supreme Court of Canada browbeating the Canadian Parliament but they are also intimidating the US justice system. Why should the Americans give guarantees to the Canadian Justice Minister about the outcome of an American murder trial? Why should the Supreme Court of Canada be ALLOWED to impose their political philosophies on both Canada and the US? The Americans have difficulty adapting to the arrogance of pompous Canadian officials who try to push their socialist ideas on the US justice system. They have difficulty believing that Canada would refuse to return terrorists and criminals to be tried in a court of law. They find it hard to accept that Canada has become a judicial dictatorship. Canadians have no difficulty because they have been browbeaten into silence a long ago.

These types of judicial decisions have already added to the unique Canadian problem of a never-ending line of incoming phony refugees, illegal immigrants, international terrorists and criminals making their way to Canada from all over the world. These international criminals and terrorists know that when they arrive in Canada they can claim more rights than Canadians under the Canadian Charter of Rights and they can never be sent back to face judgment in the country where they committed their crimes.

This is a blueprint for future national and international controversies as various countries in the world want their criminals and terrorists returned in order to put them on trial and the Canadian penitentiaries fill up with these same criminals and terrorists. What happens when a Bin Laden type arrives in Canada? Then, as the Canadian Supreme Court refuses to extradite him and as Canadian parliamentarians still nod their heads, the Canadian people will still be allowed to look on helplessly. That's what happens in a judicial dictatorship.

Canadians are caught in the bind of having recently reelected these loony-left Liberals and therefore they will have to suffer this ignominy of not only being unable to change their Charter but also being helpless in the whirlwind of these future judicial events.

This is the start of something real big and stupid. Foresight and cleverness is not one of the fortes of our Supreme Court or our parliamentarians. Who will be the first to say, Enough is enough? Elected parliamentarians are elected to run Canada therefore they should run Canada not the appointed-for-life Supreme Court.

Make yourself into a lamb and someone will make himself into a wolf. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Canadian Supreme Court and Democracy




James Bredin


Dictatorial decisions by an appointee,

Dumbed down democracy damned difficult to see,

Unaccountable judges excused from questions asked,

'Bout their individual interests or eccentric pasts.


Appointed for life or until they're seventy-five,

Judicial dictatorship while they're still alive,

Dressed up like ancient bishops wearing long gowns,

What they see in the Charter could change with a frown.


And don't dare to think or ever ask a question,

Just believe, have faith and never make a suggestion,

Though they may change every second law in the land,

While real lawmakers stand by with their heads in the sand.


And their sacred status quo set rigid still in time,

Like standing straight in history -- supreme and sublime,

In some ancient Roman relief on a castle wall,

Before their imperial empire began to fall.


And they proclaim that this is all democracy,

Just that they have been pronounced aristocracy,

And isn't equality great with no recall?

Without referendums with your backs to the wall?


And changes can be stopped with a snap election,

Special programs for the voting-block selections,

Where less than half the people even bother to vote,

Because they know that change is distant and remote.


Wednesday, August 13, 2003




Ex-Prime Minister Chretien and Ex-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau wrote the Charter of Rights in 1982. They got the Queen to sign it -- no referendum, no discussion, no input from Canadians in general and extremely difficult to change. It allowed Supreme-Court-made law.

The prime minister appointed all Supreme Court justices for life, until they reached 75 or die. Canadians were not allowed to question these appointees about hidden prejudices or vested interests.

In 16 years the Supreme Court struck down 58 statutes -- 31 federal and 27 provincial according to their private interpretations of the Charter. This appointed-for-life Supreme Court neutered our elected parliaments by changing, canceling or remaking laws made in parliament. These were revolutionary changes -- homosexual marriages, kiddie porn, definition of spouse, Indians allowed to fish out of season etc. The Supreme Court -- not the federal government -- made federal policy. Therefore Canadians were denied democracy and were forced to accept these changes -- judicial dictatorship.

It has now become clear that individual Canadians lost in these Supreme Court decisions and certain vested-interest groups won -- feminists, homosexuals, civil libertarians, aboriginals, bilinguals, multiculturalists, francophones, environmentalists, immigration advocates, prisoners rights groups, visible minority groups. They did it all in the name of equality -- for groups -- not individual Canadians. Many of these politically correct groups were financed through government bureaucracies -- the court challenge program. Therefore the silent majority not only paid for this special-interest internal revolution but also financed the process that brought the changes about.

It gets worse. Subservient Canadians do not know how to change these problems because there are no advocates for Canadian individualism or democracy.


Supreme Court # 2




James Bredin


Where does she come from; somewhere over there;

Near the pizzeria at Dufferin and St Clair.

They say she knows English or maybe it is French,

And now she's been appointed to the Supreme Court Bench.



She took a course at night school two years ago today,

She's politically correct in every single way.

She has a hidden agenda and belongs to certain groups.

These multicultural activists types have read a few books.



And now dear sir, your questions; they're causing some strife.

She's a single mother with connections and her appointment is for life.

That's all you're allowed to know and that laws written down,

And soon she'll be wearing that red and white gown.



What do you mean, she doesn't stand for anything at all?

She has a paper from night school hanging on her wall.

How much does it take to decide a Charter case?

A red gown and a stool and a scowl on your face.



She's at home right now reading the Charter.

She says it covers everyone -- terrorists or martyrs,

Her appointment is final; Canadians if you please,

Continue being submissive or she'll look down on you as sleaze.


Nov 8th, 2001


Canadians have no option but to accept the infallibility of Supreme Court justices (appointed until they die or turn 75 years) when these justices privately interpret the Charter of Rights according to their own prejudiced views and make legal decisions accordingly. They have changed 58 federal and provincial laws laws made in parliament with these legal decisions. They have usurped parliament and democracy. They appear to be untouchable in their red gowns.

No Canadian Supreme Court justice has ever had to publicly answer a question about his or her special interests. Special interest groups such as the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund ("LEAF"), Disabled Women's Network Canada ("DAWN Canada") and Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton are allowed and listed as interveners in Supreme Court cases.

Could these special interest groups influence the outcome of a Supreme Court case?

If the special interests of the interveners and the hidden prejudices of the Supreme Court justices are the same, what would that mean for a defendant?

Could special interest groups such as the Hell's Angels or police associations be allowed as interveners in Supreme Court cases or is this category only confined to feminist groups?

No prime minister of Canada has ever used the notwithstanding clause despite the many off-the-wall legal decisions -- homosexual marriages, kiddie porn, Indians fishing out of season while other Canadians look on. Prime Minister Chretien introduced it in parliament himself and called it a safety valve at that time and now the Indians and Fisheries Department officials are shooting at each other in New Brunswick.

The following changes are needed quickly if Canada is to avoid becoming a legal basket case:

The Charter should be rewritten, corrected or abandoned.

Supreme Court justices should be questioned about their special interests.

Otherwise Canadians will be running around in circles for a long time.

Canadian Supreme Court Judges




James Bredin


The Supreme Court judges should be free from politicians,

And their life-time appointments should not have conditions,

They should not have to base their decisions on his Charter,

Written for all including illegals and terrorist martyrs.



The man who appointed them wrote their international Charter,

Him and Trudeau back around the time of President Jimmy Carter,

His appointees altered more laws than parliament can make,

Heavy handed decisions where no people can partake.



If the Supreme Court rules then why vote for politicians?

If the laws on the books are altered without votes or traditions?

Common law or case law changed by this unquestioned bunch,

Their bigotry and intolerance wrapped up in a secret hunch.




Judicial dictatorship is the phrase that has been used,

By those who are confused and not terribly amused,

But Liberals love it they avoid all dicey decisions,

Don't use the "notwithstanding clause" nor Charter revisions.



The propaganda of their faithful comes on strong every day,

From their media moguls who guide Canadians in this fray,

The Charter they say is the best thing ever since sliced bread,

It matters little that in the meantime if democracy is dead.




So believe in them and their court because they are supreme,

It doesn't matter if their decisions on porn and spouse are extreme,

We're all in this together and were such a happy bunch,

Forget about it, go to Tim Hortons and maybe have some lunch.


July 3rd 2002


Canada has not been hijacked by organized crime but it often appears that organized special-interest groups have hijacked Canada. These small highly organized groups proclaim that they are only interested in equality. They constantly emphasize the words "equality" and "systemic discrimination."

They are not interested in equality for the majority of Canadians or even equality for individual Canadians; they are interested in special status for their own politically correct groups. They are not interested in democracy or majority opinion; this too would interfere with their narrow focus of interest. They are not interested in the parliamentary process to push their interests in the normal democratic way because they know that this process has been eliminated by party discipline. They know that Ottawa only responds to the needs of the majority party therefore these special-interest groups have taken their hidden agendas to the Supreme Court of Canada and financed it through the court challenge program -- taxpayers money -- you even pay their wages.

Canadian laws passed in parliament have been frequently cancelled or changed by the appointed-for-life Supreme Court of Canada. In 16 years they struck down 58 statutes -- 31 federal and 27 provincial. And instead of using the notwithstanding clause to control the Supreme Court, the federal government adapted and compromised along the way. These changes allowed homosexual marriages, kiddie porn, a new definition of spouse and Indians to fish out of season etc. The many changes benefited special-interest groups -- feminists, homosexuals, civil libertarians, aboriginals, multiculturalists, environmentalists, immigration advocates, prisoners rights groups, and visible minority groups. These changes blocked individual equality, stopped democracy, interfered with the majority and turned Canada into a judicial dictatorship.


Trudeau's Charter




James Bredin


Trudeau wrote the Charter for all humanity.

That's everyone in the world -- not just Christianity,

Thousands say they're refugees, all coming here,

Bringing wives and children and then disappear,

And Canadians who read the Charter are just one or two,

And those who understand it are indeed very few,

Aboriginals are not Canadian and allowed special rights,

From old Indian treaties -- no changes, no rewrites,

And Canadians have been told to be enthusiastic,

The Charter is not drastic -- it's fantastic,

That Canadians should be denied rights to their possessions,

Even the UN Charter allowed these concessions.


Jan 29th, 2002


Supreme Court decisions are all based on the Canadian Charter of Rights -- a socialist document written for "everyone" in the world and not specifically for Canadians. It was written by Trudeau and Chretien in 1982 and foisted on Canadians without a referendum. Our present prime minister, when he was justice minister in 1982, introduced the Notwithstanding Clause -- Sec 33 of the Charter -- to override Supreme Court mentally-ill decisions. But since then, our federal government has never used the notwithstanding clause.

Special interest groups (publicly funded non-profit lobby groups) are often listed as interveners in Supreme Court cases. Their recognized presence in court displays a bias towards them. Defendants in Supreme Court cases then find themselves battling not only the prosecutor but special-interest groups.

In the Ewanchuk case the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund ("LEAF"), Disabled Women's Network Canada ("DAWN Canada") and Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton were listed as interveners. Did these special interest groups influence decisions in court?

In 1991 the Supreme Court Askov decision released tens of thousands of criminals who were facing every charge in the Criminal Code including homicide.

The Marshall decision: This has led to race riots, assaults and arson on the East Coast while Indians fish for lobsters out of season and other Canadians look on from the shore. If you are a lobster fisherman on the East Coast and this decision threatens your livelihood, dont worry. Be happy. Obey like a normal subservient Canadian because no federal government has used the notwithstanding clause to stop these off the wall decisions. They are all based on the Charter of Rights, which the prime minister wrote in 1982. Therefore you better obey or its jail.

This is the same Supreme Court that allowed homosexual marriages, a change in the definition of spouse, Indians to fish out of season while fellow Canadians look on, and kiddie porn.


Trudeau's Charter # 2




James Bredin


The Charter has been touted as such a terrific thing

Those righteous pious propagandists constantly sing

From their lofty command cubicles high in administration

How Trudeau's Charter caused our foundation and salvation



We should believe and behave and forget about the flaws

We should applause because it is the basis of our laws

And the Supreme Court will tell us when to breath and what to think

Where left is right and right is wrong and everyone is pink



We should never critique it and stick to the status quo

And buy their bilingualism with all our taxpayers' dough

Though they tell us all we're equal but Indians are unique

They can claim their treaty rights with our property rights oblique



He wrote the Charter for everyone -- that's all humanity

It doesn't mean Canadians -- its communist insanity

Where phony refugees can claim all their Charter rights

With judicial justification to the Supreme Court heights


March 1st, 2002




Supreme Court Appointees




James Bredin


The Supreme Court judges are appointed to the bench,

Without hearings or questions from the public trench,

'Bout special interests that could influence a case,

Or conduct in the past that could bring lots of disgrace.


The danger is in their political connections,

Are they influenced by feminists with objections?

They're appointed for life, till 75 or die,

And their time on the bench could see justice say goodbye.


Canadians are not allowed to have these notions,

Not allowed to question political promotions,

And propaganda restrains any public clamor,

'Bout dictatorship or nepotism with a hammer.


The hidden connections are therefore under the table,

Not front and center like a new-product label,

We are forced to believe because we have no option,

That they change our laws because of Charter adoption.


Saturday, October 12, 2002







Ms. McLachlin, head lady at the Supreme Court. And with the best hair do.


The Supreme Court often reverses laws passed in the Canadian Parliament. These appointed-for-life judges remake and cancel more laws than our elected MPs can pass in parliament. This system of judicial dictatorship might be tolerable if the prime minister used the safety valve -- the notwithstanding clause -- to ensure democracy in Canada but no federal government has invoked the notwithstanding clause. They love this form of judicial dictatorship because dictatorship is always easier than democracy and Canadians are so complacent. Canadians never protest. They just take it.

Peter Lougheed of Alberta, Allan Blakeney of Saskatchewan and Sterling Lyon of Manitoba were instrumental in putting the notwithstanding clause (Sec. 33) into the Charter of Rights in 1982 because they felt there was a danger to democracy in judge-made laws. Jean Chretien, the just ex prime minister introduced it to Parliament. But he never used it while Canada turned into a judicial dictatorship. Acquiescent Canadians, who have no input to the changes, are obliged to obey these judge-made laws or go to jail.

Chretien continued to appoint these Supreme Court justices for life (until 75 or die). No one can or could question Chretien about it. No one could or can question his appointees about hidden or vested interests -- feminism, homosexuality, prisoners rights, devil worship, aboriginal rights, Quebec favoritism, multicultural groups or the Liberals themselves? No Canadians can question the eventual dramatic changes, nor do they have input to the changes in Canadian law.

Jefferson, one of the early American Patriots, put it this way: "The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance."

This is the time and temperature
in Toronto right now.

Dictatorial Supreme Court




James Bredin


It is assumed that the government should enforce all the laws,

But not if the Supreme Court decides that these laws may have flaws,

And every little criminal gets a chance with the Charter,

Written by Trudeau and Chretien in the days of Jimmy Carter.



Therefore those who make the laws are all second-guessed at best,

And those who enforce them realize that each case is just a test,

While lifetime judge appointees who search for lenient conditions,

Dressed up like lords of the castle they write their weird decisions.



Add to that mixture, refugee criminals from overseas,

Wined and dined and waited on by refugee lawyers if you please,

Because multicultural groups have weight and lay down conditions,

Their voting-block numbers mean much more to pompous politicians.



And in a one-party state where our voting patterns rule,

Individuals are nothing its the judges that are cool,

No referendums or recall to keep political check,

Designed by politicians for politicians so what the heck?



Sunday, August 17, 2003



This is the time and temperature
in Toronto right now.


Judges Appointed for Life




James Bredin


They worry that someone might want to vet Supreme Court judges,

'Cause some believe they might be in league or have particular grudges,

And they're allowed to decide and destroy every law in the land,

And that means you so stand up straight and obey their last command.


We'll have special-interest gay marriages foisted on us all,

And we'll accept all these legal decisions just because,

It's what you get when you have no input; what do you expect?

Is this not what we want 'cause its so politically correct?


And these secretive Supreme Court judges appointed by friends,

Dress up in red gowns for pictures in keeping with the trends,

And the special-interest types all scream the system still works,

And secret agenda is well hidden by secretive dorks.


Wednesday, February 04, 2004


If Canadians, like their American cousins, were allowed to ask Supreme Court appointees questions before they took up their appointments, these are some questions:

1. What do you think of capital punishment?
2. Should prisoners who have been given a life sentence for murder be alloed out of prison after 15 years in Canada.

3. What do you think of prisoners' rights?
4. Are you now or have you ever been a member of a feminist organization?

5. What do you think of homosexual rights or same-sex marriage?
6.. Should women be allowed to have abortions?

7. What do you think of aboriginal rights?
8. Should Indians be considered as Canadians in the Charter?
9. What other appointed positions have you held?

10. What organizations do you belong to?

11. What do you think of the Charter of Rights?

12. What do you think of the immigration situation in Canada?

Questions for a female Supreme Court Appointee 




James Bredin


If your lesbian Supreme Court judge was feminist to boot,

And she sent you to jail for years without giving a hoot,

And her hidden interests, you were not allowed to know,

As she scowled without question and you learned to kowtow.



'Cause unlike the Americans, Canadians can't ask,

This political appointee with a face like a mask,

Are you a butch, gay, queer or just another simple dyke?

Are you in a same-sex marriage and is this what you like?



Is that a swastika tattooed in red on your arm?

Are you that way inclined and would it do any harm?

Is that a moustache or just a few hairs on your lip?

Should those who own guns be given the whip?



Is hanging a good thing or is hanging way out?

Should so many prisoners be out and about?

Are those black jackboots you've got on your feet?

In the middle of the summer in this ninety-degree heat?



Why should you be allowed to change all the laws in the land?

No notwithstanding clause used for a political stand?

Why should you turn us into this totalitarianism?

Does democracy count in your authoritarianism?


Canadian Charter of Rights # 3




James Bredin


Canadians never asked for a Charter of Rights

History had been kind to them under the northern lights,

But socialist politicians had these rights written down,

Got the Queen to sign them with the weight of the crown.



No referendum, no callbacks and no election dates,

No political term limits and they can close all debates,

No proportional representation or questioned high court judges,

'Bout their special interests, prejudices or socialist grudges.



The Charter weighed Canadians with accountability,

For phony refugees and terrorists with all their hostility,

This socialist Charter was written for everyone on earth,

Saddled Canadians with responsibility without much mirth.



Everything in the Charter, Canadians already had,

Plus property rights not in the Charter -- too bad.

The socialists stipulated that their governments would decide,

And their appointed judges would point the way and guide.



Canadians accepted that this was the way to go,

Complements of Jean Chretien and Pierre Elliot Trudeau,

No one objected as these politicians had their way,

Taxed and spent and traveled and doubled doubled their pay.



But the dollar dived down, down to almost to sixty cents,

Plus the six hundred billion dollar national debt nonsense,

The politically correct jumped up and said everythings okay,

These socialists are happy while Canadians are led astray.


March 24th, 2002

Supreme Court of Canada  #4




James Bredin


The Charter of Rights was written by Trudeau in nineteen eighty two,

And the changes that have occurred since then, no one expected or knew,

They've changed the laws a hundred times more than parliament has made,

Parliament turned to a TV pantomime and the people felt betrayed,

But the propaganda of the media said everything was great,

Judges could change the laws and no need for parliamentary debate,

And those MPs who were elected to go to Ottawa and write laws,

Could join committees, travel the world or write letters to Santa Clause.


These judges are secretly selected by Chretien to serve on high,

Dressed up like bishops till they turn seventy-five or die,

And base their decisions on their private Charter interpretations

No questions, no demonstrations, no deportations or complications,

'Cause Canadians are compliant they have been told to obey,

And they would never believe that maybe they've been led astray,

'Cause unlike the Americans, Canadians are not allowed to ask questions,

Of these secretly selected nobodies from nowhere on nobody's suggestions.


Questions are forbidden 'bout hidden agendas, policies or homosexuality,

Or connections to lobby groups, feminists, pedophilia or morality,

The policies and laws that they've changed are too many to just list,

But any little study will show that someones getting kissed,

'Cause the Charter of Rights is being imposed whether we like it or not,

And Canadians are being allowed to do absolutely squat.

We're not allowed to notice the flaws in their laws,

And this is all being done by folk dressed up like Santa Clause.


Apr 16th, 2002




Appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada




James Bredin


You are not allowed to question Supreme Court appointees,

'Bout past prejudices, special interests or feminist families,

'Bout wisdom, welfare, warfare, education or about sports.

Is it in the Bible somewhere or is it something God wrote?



Are these appointees so extraordinary, high and mighty?

Are we so low or forever forbidden to query quietly?

About their job for life, until they turn seventy-five or die?

About changing all these laws while were not allowed to ask why.



No need to discuss or converse changes to his Charter,

Written for everyone including terrorist criminal martyrs,

So they can go to his appointed Canadian Supreme Court,

While politicians are off visiting some exotic resort.



No need for referendums in this judicial oppression,

Where judges are chosen from some secret line of succession,

In this docile democracy of political correction,

Actions hidden by an Access Act casting protection.



I feel I should apologize for asking you to think,

Because so much is decided without questions -- with a wink,

And you're expected to believe that they are always right,

No need to change their Charter because you have to stay polite.



The Liberals, the Supreme Court and you




James Bredin


The Liberals have a program for all the poor in the globe,

Legals, illegals, refugees or terrorist students under probe,

'Cause the Third World is part oftheir political propaganda,

That they push and promulgate every day in their agenda.



And at the UN they often make announcements about peace,

Theyll double foreign aid budget instead of decrease,

Canadian taxpayers will pay cause they never complain,

Bowed down by political correctness and Liberal campaign.



They have never asked Canadians even once, what they think?

Done quietly in committee or in council with a wink,

No need for referendums when appointees will change it all,

The Supreme Court will take the call without set dates or recall.



Friday, October 24, 2003


The Activists and the Supreme Court




James Bredin


Who are these special-interest groups who want to set the trends?

Influence their unelected Supreme Court lawmakers and friends,

-- Those who quote their own earlier rulings just like reigning kings,

And because they're supreme it doesn't matter what changes it brings.



Have you heard these judges now want much more monarchical power?

-- Provinces to report to them, if they're being good, by the hour,

'Cause they're a law unto themselves -- no democracy at all,

They're appointees so unlike politicians, they can never fall.


These activist feminists, natives and gay guys who want to rule,

Influence their friends and are no mere managing meddlesome tool,

To get decisions about spouses and same-sex marriages now,

As conniving politicians hide 'cause its not what they'd allow.


So Canada has to rewrite and change the Charter quite soon,

Before we all fall down some legal rat hold like some buffoon,

And we have to check with the Supremes before we get a kiss,

Or see if the outhouse is legal before we have a piss.


We're being attacked from within by our Supreme Court if you please,

Our appointees dressed up like bishops by gradual degrees,

As they change and make more laws than parliament ever could,

And democracy goes out the door and nothing is understood.


There is no doubt we are our own worst enemy after all,

And unless we get a handle on their Charter, we'll all fall,

To the pompous propaganda of these dedicated few,

The majority will obey, believing it's their cue.


Thursday, November 20, 2003

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