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LIBERALS # 3 (The media)

The Liberals just won an election (November 2000) despite:

Liberal corruption in Shawinigan.

Missing billions of HRDC grants.

No real attempt to pay down the national debt of $600 billion.

They financed every corrupt foreign dictator and every left-wing cause they could buy through CIDA.

They got us a 63-cent dollar.

Canada has had a series of Quebecois prime ministers who are only interested in Quebec problems by placating the separatists.

The ongoing 21 police investigations into corrupt HRDC grants.

A Supreme Court that hand down very strange decisions and no one uses the notwithstanding clause.

Wait this list is not finished. Just keep watching TV. There's more to come. The Liberals are about to teach Canadians things that even Mulroney (he of the GST) couldn't teach them.

Another Jim Bredin site

AND an even more dangerous place

Prime Minister Chretien and a large cohort of his Liberal friends travel the world constantly between elections. But do not try to find his itinerary because those who have tried have had their jobs threatened for doing so. This secret Liberal information is not even available under the Access to Information Act. What are the Liberals trying to hide?


The Ottawa Liberals are past masters in dealing with separatists. They are going to treat the west to some tough love just like they did in Quebec.

They could:

Build fountains in rivers.

Give HRDC grants and huge bank loans to struggling golf courses and hotels in Alberta.

Send Heritage Minister Sheila Copps as a special representative to teach those unworthy westerners about national parks, true Canadian heritage and tough love.

Send about a hundred trainloads of new refugee claimants to the West in order to impress those westerners that Canada is a bilingual multicultural country according to the Charter of Rights.

On the last day of the parliamentary session, just before the 3-month summer break, at about the time that MPs usually improve their pay and pensions, also proclaim a new improved and environmentally sensitive National Energy Program. It will all be forgotten by late September when parliament resumes.

Open at least ten more CBC radio stations in Alberta broadcasting in French.

Send Jane Stewart and her HRDC ministry to Calgary and when half the city of Calgary is employed at HRDC, all that western alienation will just disappear.


The great threat to Canadian democracy is the discreet manipulation and control of the media by the Liberals. These Liberals have committed $250 million per year to subsidize Canadian magazines. Therefore those who own and produce Canadian magazines only have to satisfy those who send the cheques and wait for the money. Hence the Liberal bias.

The Liberals have committed $600 million per year of taxpayers' money for the CBC. This band of nitwits at the CBC also know that they only have to satisfy those who send the cheques -- not the viewers or the listeners. Their fragrant socialist-Liberal politically correct bias has been shoved down Canadian throats for years. The CBC French programs are rigorously broadcast throughout Canada although few people outside Quebec listen or understand them. The ratings for these French programs outside Quebec are an official secret. This expensive deception is a graphic example of how easily people can be conned and conned again and again. It is also a graphic example of how helpless these conned Canadians may be when their politicians are bound up in party politics and discipline rather than Canadian politics. Individual Canadians are in a straightjacket if they want to change anything in the government.

The Liberal government sends in excess of a $billion per year to the Canadian television and film industry in patronage money. The Liberals therefore have successfully purchased the Liberal bias in the Canadian media industry. It is blatant Liberal propaganda. Goebbels, Hitlers propaganda minister would understand so would the editors of Pravda.

This money combined with the media bias presents a threat to democracy and this no doubt has influenced many elections. Those involved in the media industry not only vote Liberal but it is in their interest to influence others to vote Liberal. That's where the money comes from. They have become dependent on the government (Liberals) for the big dollars. And although these ideas -- about where the money comes from -- are never voiced or written, they are the guiding light.

This expensive media support by the government is one of the many reasons that Canada has a national debt of almost $600 billion. It takes one third of all taxes to pay the interest -- nothing off the principal. These facts are also seldom mentioned in the media. Canadians are led to believe that everything is great. Just leave the Liberals in power for life and everything -- except democracy -- will continue to be great.


LIBERALS # 4 (Political ethics)

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