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LIBERALS # 5 (Patronage)

The Liberal Party system of catering to every minority group and special interest group is not democratic.

It is a gross manipulation of the so-called democratic system based on patronage by the Liberals who only have 40% of the 62% of Canadians who even bothered to vote. The Liberals concentrate their patronage and dole out their special privileges to their friends: lesbians, gays, identifiable minorities, Indians, Quebecois, Liberals, civil servants, friend of the prime minister, trade unionists, those who live in Shawinigan, those who have no ethics, socialists, bilinguals, prisoners, ex-prisoners or a justices of the Supreme Court unquestioned appointees. It appears that they are all members of a vast left-wing conspiracy.

This system caters to some Canadians while giving the cold shoulder to other Canadians. And if you are just an ordinary individual Canadian and not a member of one of these groups, you might be called any number of names for merely identifying them: scary, redneck, biased, bigoted, racist, homophobic, nazi or a member of a vast right wing conspiracy.

One of the oddities of this conspiracy which was brought out during the election was that if you are a Quebecois friend of the prime minister, you can get an almost limitless supply of taxpayers money from the government through loans or HRDC grants. And if they bother you about non payment of the mortgage, that will suddenly stop when the person who is bothering you gets fired.

The real scary part in all this is that the Liberals got reelected and all these shenanigans in Shawinigan are ongoing as you read this.