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Liberals # 8 (Ottawa Washed)

Canadian politicians tend to get Ottawa-washed when they are elected to Ottawa. They are isolated in Ottawa in Northern Ontario sometimes thousands of miles from their constituents.

Their enthusiasm about representing their constituents back home is quickly washed away by party leaders and the opulent lifestyle in Ottawa.

Their enthusiasm is washed away by the lack of principles in their political party where the direction changes according to the pressure from pressure groups, lobby groups and highly organized special-interest organizations.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when they realize the perks that are available to MPs -- travel the world for free and no one can check on your itinerary.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when they are allowed as Members of Parliament to decide how much and what type of pay raise to give themselves each year just before parliament closes for 3 months each summer. To be able to do this and still claim the moral high ground is an example of what Canadian individuals have to accept from their isolated MPs.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when MPs realize that this is the way things are done in Ottawa and individual Canadians just do not enter the picture.

The enthusiasm of MPs is washed away when they realize that politicians lie and lie in parliament and just brazen their way through question period. It is called question period, they say -- not answer period -- period.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when they hear daily cries for judicial inquiries into the prime ministers conduct and conflict of interest in Shawinigan and these cries are ignored.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when they realize that the parliamentary television camera is not allowed to point at their empty seat and the folks back home have no idea that they are really enjoying themselves in an exotic tropical country on a fact finding mission. Just like the other MPs.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when they realize that foolish, stupid and inept politicians may get reelected to office even though Canadians realize these problems.
Their enthusiasm is washed away when they realize that Ottawa itself is on autopilot and no one except the Prime Minister knows where they are going and he's not saying in case someone might call for an official inquiry.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when they realize that very few people really care about what is going on.

Dangerous Canadian Place

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Capital Punishment