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Letter to Bernard Laundry:

I read in the National Post on Friday August 24th, 2001 that you want a "European-style confederal union made up of two countries, a sovereign Quebec and the rest of Canada."

These are the reasons I have a problem believing you:
You believe that you cannot do this without a referendum in Quebec and I hear you have delayed this next referendum until your next term -- sometime after 2003 or maybe even after 2007 or maybe never. Your predecessor Bouchard played the same game. He delayed and delayed until conditions were right. And when he got the right conditions to retire, he took the first opportunity and left office. He never called a referendum despite his loud emotional rhetoric. Just like you now, it was all an illusion. Why do I have a problem trusting politicians? Because Canadian politicians are more apt to lie than tell the truth.

In many ways you have a great province and I admired the way your province refused to sign onto Trudeau's flawed Charter of Rights although the other provinces all lined up to sign on. They still believe, although hardly anyone has read it, that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Unfortunately I have to remind you, Mr Laundry, that your province of Quebec is on federal welfare for life. Quebec receives $5.5 billion a year in welfare payments, called equalization payments by your francophone friends in Ottawa. In other words, Mr Laundry, Quebec is going nowhere. Quebec politicians, like all welfare recipients, makes loud noises but don't do much. Ottawa has bought the subservience of Quebec.

So shut up or call a referendum!

In 1982 Prime Minister Trudeau and his then Justice Minister Jean Chretien wrote and declared the Canadian Charter of Rights. They did not ask the Canadian people. They did not get a referendum on a question that would change Canada completely. They got the Queen to sign it. Canadians accepted it although Quebec used the notwithstanding clause (Sec 33) to counteract the Charter for their French-only sign law.

Ottawa socialists have ensured that this Charter of Rights is so sacred, that the appointed-for-life Supreme Court has changed Canadian laws accordingly, 58 times -- kiddie porn, homosexual marriages by feminist activists in Supreme Court. This appointed and unquestioned Supreme Court has also decided in all their wisdom that a province could indeed break away from Canada under certain conditions. It only requires a referendum with a clear question and a clear majority. A clear majority is 50%+1 in the real world. But not necessarily in the Canadian House of Commons.

Jean Chretien was not pleased so he wrote The Clarity Act. He even ensured passage through the Senate by the appointment of extra senators-for-life. This Clarity Act reserves for the House of Commons the right to decide for itself whether the Supreme Court conditions have been met. Then Chretien added an extra stinger. He passed an amendment to the Clarity Act on Tuesday March 7th, 2000 which will allow aboriginals to be among those who will decide if the result of any future secessionist referendum will pass. Therefore not only the House of Commons but the Cree in Northern Quebec will now have a say in whether the Quebec referendum question is a clear expression of the will of the Quebecois to secede from Canada. In strictly political terms it means that Chretien has out maneuvered the separatists in Quebec. Therefore Quebec cannot legally secede from Canada regardless of the referendum question or the clear majority -- even 90% -- if the House of Commons or the Cree decide that Quebec cannot go.

When you receive this information Mr. Laundry, put it in your pocket and read it before you make future speeches about future referendums.