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Appointed Supreme Court of Canada

Appointed for life Supreme Court of Canada

The Canadian Supreme Court base their decisions on a charter,

That turns all the laws passed in Parliament into a nonstarter.

They show how these appointed judges can make their own laws,

And pronounce themselves omnipotent amid political applause.



When these appointees are all dress up like Santa Clause,

No prime minister has dared to use the notwithstanding clause,

Appointees are never questioned bout their vested preferences,

Special interests, prejudices or who made their secret references.



And they are appointed for life till they turn seventy-five or die,

And their decisions are obeyed just like old Captain Bligh,

'Cause no one dares to protest it's not politically correct,

Canadian could be frowned on if they even show disrespect.



These judges then tell the parliament what is law and what is not,

And politicians may as well go stand out on the parking lot.

They've changed a hundred laws while these politicians just watched,

While lawyers nod their heads and show Parliament can be botched.



Dictatorships rely on constant education by the media,

They use newspapers, radio, TV, books and even the encyclopedia,

Eventually a pounded down populace agree that they are right,

And police themselves accordingly cause its better to be polite.



This judicial dictatorship does not need parliamentary debate,

No rough and ready democracy could be slow and irate.

When everything can be centralized and no questioned asked,

While politicians travel the world and corruption can be masked.



People all bow their heads while phony refugees take us for fools,

No one dares to question policy cause the Supreme Court rules,

And the Charter that they read covers everyone on earth,

Just obey the rules, shut your mouth and dont ever show no mirth.







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