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The Americans have the same problem.


The big problem in Canada is socialist Liberal politicians. All Canadian prime ministers for the past 40 years have turned out to be tax-and-spend socialists, regardless of the name of their political party. They travel the world constantly with planeloads of family, friends and reporters. They send back sound bites to let Canadians know where they are.
This is one of the many reasons why Canada has a $600 billion national debt and a 63-73-cent dollar.  These days it goes up or down according to the US dollar.
The sound bites come nightly in the news from our ever travelling prime ministers from every corner of the globe.  At times it seems that the country is being run by some global traveler who may occasionally return to Canada.
Parliament, when it is in session, about three months of the year, appears to be completely irrelevant.

This is the time and temperature
in Toronto right now.


Forgive all debt now




James Bredin


Are we a country suffering from dementia or worse?

Kicked down with Kyoto and the other same-sex-stuff curse?

Voters bought with their own money by a political group,

Going around and around and around like a great big hoop.


We are expected to bow and smile as they forgive foreign debt,

And tax and spend and travel more – how much can we forget?

And countries that are now debt free; can now go out and borrow more,

No one asked our permission and we don’t seem to know the score.


And if these debts can be cancelled once, can they be cancelled twice?

Or maybe three times or four times and what’s the eventual price?

Did anyone ask these questions or will they wait till we forget?

And what about Mr. Mugabe of Zimbabwe’s foreign debt?


Are we controlled by an international socialist agenda?

Do what we’re told as we listen to communist propaganda?

Does two and two make four any more or have we all forgotten?

That stuff like this that smells quite bad is usually quite rotten.


But we the people are never never asked what we think,

Decisions made at a G8 meeting with a nod and a wink,

By isolated mandarins as they strut their stuff,

And then their propaganda editors say it was never enough.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005



Joe, as Mulroney's appointee at the UN 1994

Joe Clark first became a Conservative MP in 1972 at age 33. Four years later, he won the Conservative Party leadership race and was leader of the Conservatives from Feb 22, 1976 to Feb 8, 1983. For some strange reason, he stepped down as leader despite having the support of over 60% of delegates at the party convention. Brian Mulroney then took over the Conservative Party. But for 200 days during that period, 1979 - 1980, Joe was prime minister.

He had a minority government but he insisted on running the government as though he had a majority government. His campaign promise to move the Canadian Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem caused Arab threats of an oil and trade embargo against Canada and forced him to change his mind. Joe Clark, like ex Prime Minister Chretien, liked to constantly travel the world, even during his short term as prime minister. He visited Japan, India, Israel and Jordan, all at taxpayers expense. He even lost his luggage. His first tax-and-spend budget with a huge excise tax on gasoline -- an increase of 18 cents a gallon in those days helped bring about a no-confidence vote in parliament which brought down his government.

Joe Clark, like his friend Mulroney (he of the GST) behaved like a tax-and-spend Liberal while in power. They forgot that they had been elected as Conservatives. They were both opposed to capital punishment despite polls that showed that in many cases, as much as 80% of constituents favored capital punishment. Joe Clark was also Mulroney's (he of the GST) Minister of External Affairs from 1984 to 1991. He helped draft the Charlottetown Accord for Mulroney (he of the GST). This Accord was turned down in a referendum by Canadians because it would have given special status to Quebec above and beyond the other provinces. It was even worse than the Charter of Rights. Clark was there when Mulroney introduced the Goods and Services Tax and he voted in favor of it. He was there when Mulroney stacked the Senate with eight of his friends in order to shove the GST though the Senate.

Joe retired from politics in 1993 and took a position teaching at the University of California.
Joe has now been reelected but during the election he acted as a spoiler and divided right-wing votes that allowed the Liberals to gain an even larger majority and form a government again.

At least Joe was concerned (see below) about that telephone calls that the prime minister made to his friend and appointee Francois Beaudoin in connection to the $600,000 loan to a constituent in Shawinigan.

This issue was raised during the election and Canadians still voted the Liberals back into office with an even bigger majority. (Joe indirectly helped the Liberals in that win because his party split the right-wing vote) Does that political win wipe out any and all police investigations -- 22 police investigations ongoing at HRDC? Does it mean a crime was not committed?

The Ethics Commissioner Mr Wilson, also appointed by Chretien, said during the election that there was no rule about this issue so therefore there was no foul.

Sections 119 or 122 of the Criminal Code deals with the improper use of public office to benefit someone.

The mounties need permission from their boss in order to arrest someone for the above offence. And guess who appointed their boss?



Chretien has now quit as prime minister because he had to.  Paul Martin got elected leader of the Liberal Party.
The people of Canada do not elect their prime ministers.  They are selected among party members -- away from the public.
This same public has no referendums, no call back and no impeachment.  We are allowed to look on from a distance, through a TV screen as parliament.  But the cameras have specific directions -- no overall view of empty seats.  The real decisions are made far away in secret cabinet sessions.


Howard Wilson, the man that Chretien appointed as his ethics commissioner. He reported any illegal shenanigans directly to Chretien -- not to parliament and definately not to his fellow Canadians. This allowed Chretien to cut any problems off at the pass before they became public knowledge -- especially his bank-loan Shawinigan caper.



Ayn Rand's ideas about multiculturalism.


Bilingualism and Multiculturalism //


Ottawa Liberals and their Decisions


CIDA They use the word "millions" a lot at this site.

Report of the Auditor General (2000). They called an election because of this.


HMCS Oriole off Vancouver Island. By far the most beautiful boat in the Canadian Navy.




If for some strange reason you are feeling bold, unCanadian, agressive and want to let someone know; don't keep it to yourself. It could ruin your health. Therefore in order to relieve the pressure, click on ..."Feedback" and let us know how you feel. You never know. It might be good for your health and good for Canada. So click on ....


"When the people are afraid of the government, we have tyranny.

When the government is afraid of the people, we have liberty"

Communist Traits in our Media




James Bredin


Some socialist writers reveal their reasons in their raves,

Sounds like they'd send you and me to a northern Gulag as slaves,

For not obeying their socialist dictums -- commie policies,

Lenin and Stalin would understand their communist fallacies.



Sanctimonious platitudes of equality every day,

Where workers live in Soviet paradise with little pay,

Everyone equally poor like robots, all the same, with no say,

And we're told well  love it in Pravda newspapers every day.



And this same Pravda newspaper will tell us all we need to know,

What to think, what not to say, when to come and where to go,

And we'll be efficient and effective as their statistics will show,

A proud proletariat without the freedom we now know.



Tuesday, January 20, 2004




Welcome to one of the better sites on the net. This is a Canadian political site but it involves Americans in a big way. We share this big continent. We share membership in many organizations -- OAS, NAFTA, FTAA and UN. This is also a big site and you will not have enough time to read it all in one sitting. It is vital to your well being that you read this complete site. Therefore put this site into your favorites so that you can come back quickly.

This site is not suitable for committed socialists, union types, Liberals, communists or pedophile priests.

Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative has no brains...
Winston Churchill

Ottawa Liberals and their Decisions

How CIDA gives Canadian taxpayers' money to foreigners.

The missing $billions at HRDC

Canadian Nuclear Stuff //


Supreme Court of Canada dressed in red gowns, all appointed for life (Until they die or turn 75) by the prime minister and they never have to answer a question by anyone.



The Commons where the pantomime of Parliament takes place and no one takes responsibility for anything. And the TV cameras are not allowed to show the empty seats.

A very Liberal Place


Another extremely dangerous Canadian web site


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