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Why Democratize the Middle East?




James Bredin



Why should we try to democratize the Middle East?

Very few of them are in favor of this in the least,

They learned politics from the ancient Roman Empire,

And democracy they don't aspire to acquire.


Some say they know why we're over in Afghanistan,

The prime minister dictated that that group ISAF can,

But NATO and UN is there with little debate,

'Cause soldiers have gone there since Alexander the Great.


And Jamie Murphy died there for all the above reasons,

No referendums, no recall, no impeachment in season,

As they wore medals at his large memorial service mass,

But no one looked so lonely as his frantic little lass.


Tuesday, February 03, 2004



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Letter to Osama bin Laden
September 19th, 2001


I don't know your address and neither does anyone else so I have to write you this in the open.

I Like your beard. Could do with a trim. How is the weather over there in Afghanistan? How are all the wives and kids? Is it 4 or 5 wives? How many are you allowed?

I hear you're in a bit of trouble and you may have to leave town. Before you make any travel arrangements especially in the New York area -- could be dangerous -- think of claiming refugee status in Canada.

Canada has a Charter of Rights, which was written for "everyone" in the world by our prime minister. There are 11 sections in the Charter that specifically protect terrorists. And it can't be changed without the prime minister's permission.

If you claim refugee status in Canada, we have a whole brigade of government-paid lawyers in the immigration industry who are willing and ready to take your case all the way to the Supreme Court. This is the same Supreme Court that has been appointed for life by our international liberal prime minister -- Chretien again -- and no one is allowed to question them. They base their legal decisions on whatever they read in the Charter on that day. They move very slowly and your case could take years. Therefore you should have no legal problems here in Canada.

You remember Ahmed Ressam. He claimed refugee status here in Canada and was turned down. But he wasn't locked up. He was given a date to appear for deportation. Of course he didn't appear for deportation. He was too busy. He went back to Afghanistan to learn how to make bombs. In December 1999 he was arrested trying to enter the US with a carload of explosives. He was on his way to bomb the Los Angeles Airport during the millennium celebrations. He was convicted in the US and is now doing time.

Seven days after the New York incident, the majority Liberals defeated an anti-terrorist motion in parliament that would have outlawed fundraising for terrorist organizations. The US and the UK already have this legislation. Therefore the majority Liberals have shown their true colors -- soft international liberal socialism. They left Hedy Fry, Minister of Multiculturalism, at that UN conference on racism in Durban S. Africa until the bitter end despite the fact that the US and Israel had pulled out. That was on September 7th,2001 -- 4 days before the New York incident.

All you need is transportation to Canada. Bring the wives and the kids. The government and the immigration social workers will love you.

Respectfully Submitted

James Bredin

There is no doubt that one of the major security problems in North America is the lax Canadian immigration-refugee policies.

Ahmed Ressam came to Canada with a forged French passport. Despite this he was admitted to Canada because of the lax refugee policies. Then his refugee claim was turned down and even then he was not deported.

Ahmed Ressam was apprehended by US customs crossing from Canada to the US in December 1999 with a car packed with explosives. He and his co-conspirators were on their way to blow up the Los Angeles airport.

John Manley, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Elinor Caplan, Minister of Immigration recently balked at the idea of a continental perimeter on grounds that it might offend Canadas multicultural groups and bureaucracies.

Canadians need protection from their Liberal politicians. They also need to get rid of their Charter of rights, written by Chretien who was Justice Minister for Trudeau in 1982, which gives rights, not to Canadians, but to "everyone" in the world.

The Ressam Trial in the US

The terrorist attack on the US has shown how irrelevant the UN has become. The UNs capacity to forge communications between friend and foe is all an illusion -- bureaucratic propaganda put out by the UN to justify their existence. The UN has indeed turned into a special-interest lobby for economically depressed areas with their own political agendas. The UN has become an international socialist agency of pressure groups and rogue nations, through which $Billions are funneled to their special causes. They believe that they have an entitlement to this money and if it is not forthcoming they will cause nothing but trouble for the developed world. They like to call it Human Rights. And while doing this, the UN has also turned into a forum to denounce the US, Israel and the Western World. Many of these UN members tried to extort $Billions for 200-year-old slavery from the US. They did this at their Durban conference on racism. The UN therefore concentrates on the needs of its internal lobby-group members and rogue nations instead of preventing wars -- which these latest terrorist acts have been called by George W Bush.

Therefore the UN has become useless in the larger sphere and should be radically changed or closed down.

The Canadian Liberal socialists are of course in lock step with these UN international socialists. Hedy Fry, Canadian Multicultural Minister, stayed to the bitter end at the Durban conference on racism despite the fact that the US and Israel had walked out. This is the lady who reported burning crosses in BC that no one else saw or heard. She represents everything the politically correct left-wing special-interest Ottawa Liberals love. Careful now. Someone might point a finger at you and scream, "Racist!"

These Canadian Liberals have refused to tighten up on incoming immigrants, illegal immigrants, refugee claimants and terrorists. These Liberals, like their friends at the UN are into human rights in a big way.

House Resolution 1146, sponsored by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has called for the United States to end its membership in the United Nations.

Maybe, just maybe, the Americans will do the proper thing and then stop supporting this useless left-wing organization of mostly rogue nations.


George W Bush, U.S. President, saluting the flag. 


The root of the Canadian-terrorist problem

Canadians are only now beginning to realize that Trudeaus 1982 Charter of Rights may be flawed. Those who do not realize this, have not read it, or too much barbecue smoke may have damaged their brains. Could it be the lawn chemicals?

Canadians already had all the rights written in the Charter. Therefore they did not need a Charter. The Charter of Rights created a sense of dependency among Canadians. It stipulated that Canadians should depend on a socialist Charter for rights and unless these rights were written down in the Charter, they had no rights.

The Canadian Charter of Rights was not written for Canadians. It was written for everyone in the world including illegal immigrants, refugees and terrorists as soon as they put a foot in Canada. (There are 11 sections of the Charter that specifically protect terrorists.) Then the Charter gave Canadians the responsibility to support everyone in the world and at the same time denied Canadians property rights by failing to mention it. (35,000 refugee claimants this year alone)

Then the Charter allowed the appointed (and unquestioned) Supreme Court justices to make legal decisions based on their private interpretations of the Charter. The Canadian legal system has not recovered. No one knows what might be read in the tealeaves of the Charter.

In R. v. Askov (1990) a Supreme Court decision allowed tens of thousands of individuals charged with everything from rape to murder to walk free. In R. v. Egan (1995) the Supreme Court read in the phrase sexual orientation into the Charter even though Parliament specifically voted to reject the phrase when it passed the Charter. In R. v. Feeney (1997) they allowed an alleged murderer caught red-handed to walk free.

Under normal circumstances, this should have been enough for a country to change the Charter. Especially a Charter that defended terrorists, was foisted on Canadians without a referendum by a prime minister who was not elected by all Canadians. Unfortunately Canadians seem to be in a trance about the good intentions of their politicians. Our politicians have had the option to override these Supreme Court decisions but the prime minister never used the notwithstanding clause of the Charter (Sec. 33). Also unfortunately for Canadians, these silver-spoon socialists who wrote the Charter insisted that it could not be changed unless 7 provinces with 50% of the people + the federal government were in agreement. Therefore it is a foregone conclusion that Canadians are unable to repair the Charter especially as Prime Minister Chretien was one of the writers and his permission is needed.

Canadians are therefore trapped under a politically correct Charter of Rights written for everyone (including terrorists) (Section 7 to 15) by Chretien and Trudeau and interpreted by appointed-for-life (until they are 75 or die) justices of the Supreme Court. It is international socialism shrouded in smoke and mirrors by socialist government propaganda, the CBC, the immigration industry and those with hidden agendas.

Not only are Canadians denied rights to property in the Charter but unilingual Canadians (Section 16 22 of the Charter) have to pay for bilingualism whether they like it or not. Then Canadians are denied equality in the Charter despite section (15) because Section 35 gives special rights to Indians. How could there be equality in the Charter if Indians are given special rights? If those who wrote the Charter claim that there is equality in the Charter, they should emphasize that Indians are not considered Canadians. And if Indians are not Canadians, why does the Department of Indian Affairs spend $8 billion a year to support Indians?

The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens." --Thomas Jefferson.

Canadians are not allowed participatory democracy. Canadians are not allowed to vote for their prime minister. He may continue in office for life. There are no term limits in the Charter. Canadian MPs are not allowed to represent their constituents in Parliament due to political party discipline. Canadians are not allowed citizen-initiated referenda or recall or elected senators or questioned Supreme Court judges. Canadians are not allowed to have a constitutional conference unless the prime minister approves it. Are Canadians allowed to think?
And still the constant government propaganda pronounces daily that the Charter is the greatest thing to ever happen in Canada. Canadians and would-be terrorists believe it. The Canadian Charter of Rights caters to special-interest groups illegal immigrants, refugees, terrorists, Indians (Sec 35), bilinguals (Sec 16-22), multiculturalists (Sec 27), feminists (Sec 15) and unionists (Sec 2d).

Paul Cellucci, US ambassador to Canada, has long ago called for a North American perimeter that would apply more rigorous controls for people landing from overseas.

The majority-Liberals in Ottawa hate this idea.

Immigration Minister at the time Elinor Caplan refused electronic scanning of passports for fear it might infringe on civil liberties. She is concerned about the human rights of these thousands of incoming refugee claimants -- 35 thousand this year alone and they refuse to leave Canada.

Occasionally someone gets deported but they often come back again and again because of the lax Canadian immigration attitude. Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, the RCMP and Immigration Canada have been second-guessed by the Liberal-appointed Immigration Boards. The Liberals are completely opposed to common visa requirements for Canada and the US. These Liberals might loose control (sovereignty they call it) and therefore the ability to reap the future harvest of these payback Liberal votes when these incoming illegals, refugee claimants and terrorists become Canadian citizens in 3 years -- in time for the next federal election.

An illegal immigrant to Canada Ahmed Ressam was admitted to Canada despite the fact he told immigration officials that he had a criminal record. Two years later, his claim to be a refugee was turned down but he wasn't deported. He was eventually given an invitation to turn himself in for deportation. Canada must be the only country in the world where deportees are given an invitation to turn themselves in for deportation. This could be compared to giving a criminal facing a lifetime in jail, an invitation to turn himself in at the jail on a certain day. Ressam of course failed to appear for deportation. Six years later (2 of which he spent in Afghanistan learning how to make bombs.) Ressam was arrested trying to cross over into the US with a carload of explosives. He was on his way to blow up the Los Angeles Airport. He was convicted in the US and is currently serving time there.

Regardless of Liberal Party priorities, Canadians and Americans will have to cooperate on incoming immigrants, illegal immigrants, refugee claimants and would be terrorists because it has become apparent that many of these terrorists use Canada as an entry point to North America. Canadians should not be brow beaten by Liberal Party policies concerning illegal immigrants despite the close Liberal-Immigration-industry connection. Canadians should not have to wait for 3-4 years for the Liberal mandate to run out. Time and events are screaming for change while the Ottawa Liberals bob and weave and attend biased UN conferences.

Canadians and Americans are going to have to learn from the Israelis and counter terrorism with counter terrorism. Dead terrorists cannot fly jets into tall buildings. The thousands and thousands of dead cry out for revenge.

If you read Canadian Government propaganda or watch their television news, you might get the impression that the New York terrorist incident happened but it was not a Canadian event and therefore should not be of interest to the Canadian Government. There is no terrorist connection with Canada, the insisted. There is no evidence. Seven days after the terrorist attack in New York, the majority Liberals in Ottawa, turned down an opposition proposal that fund raising should be stopped for all terrorist groups, as it is in the US and the UK. This shows that Canadian Liberal politicians in Ottawa are so far out of touch with reality that some radical grassroots changes have to occur in order to bring them back to reality. Canadians have to do some deep soul searching to find the root causes of Canadian problems.

The silent but politically correct virus in our Charter of Rights has caused, directly or indirectly, almost all Canadian political and immigration problems. If "everyone" in the world has rights according to the Trudeau-Chretien Charter, where does that leave normal Canadians -- the obligation to support "everyone" in the world as they arrive in Canada. Indeed incoming terrorists arriving in Canada have more rights than Canadians. This Charter, written by Chretien who was Trudeau's justice minister in 1982, has been touted by all government propaganda for 20 years as the best thing since sliced bread.
Few Canadians have read it. Fewer still have analyzed it. Fewer still realize it is the cause of our problems and no one knows what to do about changing it because Chretien's permission is needed.

The Charter allowed Supreme-Court made law. These justices who were appointed by Chretien for life and never questioned about their competence or prejudices, have changed Canadian laws 68 times while elected officials looked on and nodded their heads. Canada therefore is not a democracy but a judicial dictatorship. Supreme Court justices rule Canada -- not elected politicians. Canadians are helpless in this dictatorship because no prime minister has ever used the notwithstanding clause to circumvent it.

Because the Charter was not written, not for Canadians, but "everyone" in the world, Canada has to support the incoming 40,000 refugees annually. They are not kept in custody. They are given a cheque for $1200 and the banks are obliged to cash it. These phony refugees are not tested for an unknown number of tropical diseases or AIDS but instead are given generous medical treatment while Canadians line up at Emergency rooms and even die waiting for treatment. Canadians actually die for these incoming refugees.

Government supported immigration lawyers line up to represent these incoming refugees and bring their cases all the way to the appointed-for-life Supreme Court.

Aboriginals are not recognized as Canadians in the Charter even though the Department of Indian Affairs spends $7 billion a year to support these Indians -- enough to give each Indian $40,000 annually. The Nisgaa treaty and its clones, will not only give Canada to the Indians but also compel Canadians to support them. And the appointed Supreme Court will do this.

Special unequal payments to Quebec. (4 times the HRDC billions to Shawinigan in Quebec than the entire West.) Then Quebec gets $8.5 billion annually in equalization (welfare) payments. If Canadians decide that equal treatment is not for them and that Quebec should be showered constantly with Canadian taxpayer dollars, then Canadians deserve what they will get. Overwhelming taxation. (Canadians wait until September to call their incomes their own whereas Americans are tax free in May.)

Canadians at this moment find themselves in the untenable position of being locked to the mentally ill, left wing international socialist Liberals for another 3-4 years. The Liberal record of playing footsy with special provinces, minority groups, refugees and special interest groups, shows that they are not interested in equality for all Canadians. But they are interested in getting a lock on certain blocks of votes. (Immigrants, homosexuals, prisoners, refigees. terrprosts and feminists) They are also locked to the status quo. They are completely opposed to changing the Charter of Rights, which Chretien himself wrote.

In order to bring Canada back to reality, Canadians need to abandon the Charter, which Quebec did not sign. Canadians need referenda, proportional representation, democracy and recall of absent, stupid or drunk politicians.

Keep the faith.

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