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Ottawa Liberals and their Decisions

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Dilemma of the damned




James Bredin


Bait and switch election campaigns of lies and deceit,

Promises made just to gain power and then retreat,

Where appointed ethics watch dogs are all on side,

And Supreme Court decisions to help them all decide.


Where the government does not represent the nation,

Shown in adscam corruption and manipulation,

A well oiled group of functionaries and attorneys,

Some travel with politicians on their global journeys.


Constant sound bites and video from tropical places,

Pompous announcements from all their tanned faces,

As we wade wearily through the snow and drive on the ice,

And we nod our heads and never question their price.


And why should the same-sex decisions bother them?

Or those church types who point a finger and condemn,

They’ve got it made in the shade and they might decide to stay,

Maintain the status quo and never never go away.


Friday, January 21, 2005


"In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up." - Martin Niemoeller (1862-1954)

The Liberals know they only have the vote of 41% of the 62% of Canadians who bothered to vote. That means they represent only one in four Canadians. They want to increase their authority in Ottawa. They want to impose their policies, their endless socialist programs, their bureaucracies, their HRDC (taxpayers) money and spoon feed their propaganda through the CBC to extend their mandate. They bend over backwards to promote their projects:

Give Supreme Court appointments for life.

Senate appointments for life.

Governor General appointments.

Refugee status to new arrivals.

Welfare to East Coast fishermen.

The vote to prisoners regardless of their crimes or sentence.

. Welfare for preferred provinces, called "equalization" payments -- just another vote buying gimic.

ESL classes and multiculturalism to every minority in Canada.

And then they refuse DNA registration for ex-prison pedophiles.

Those who receive benefits directly or indirectly are expected to influence others and vote accordingly. The Liberals want all Canadians to be dependent and subservient -- no individualism.

They know that no scandal can touch them. They brazened it out (as with HRDC) for the 92 days that parliament sat in 2000. They even brazened it out when the prime minister admitted phoning one of his appointees at a government bank to arrange a loan of $600,000 for one of his friends. And then they got reelected. They can brazen their way through anything now. No scandal can stick to them. It's Liberal dictatorship all the way. They have the majority and the disciplined (trained seals) MPs.

The enemy of individualism and Canadians is in Ottawa. Individualism among Canadians is discouraged. The Charter of Rights, which was written by Trudeau and Chretien in 1982, gives Canadians the right to belong to an organization. But it doesn't give them the right to refuse to belong to an organization or to refuse union dues. Bolshevism also encouraged people to belong to organizations. The enemy of individualism at that time lived in the Kremlin and they stayed for another 80 years. They too knew about the abuse of power.

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The Canadian public suffers from memory loss because of the constant propaganda, arrogance and parliamentary manipulation coming from Ottawa. It is impossible to remember all the cynical government actions. The Liberals are past masters at arrogance, media manipulation and information overload. They shut down the Somalia inquiry, stonewalled the APEC inquiry, ignored the Krever inquiry and this week called an election to avoid questions about the Auditor Generals Report the missing billion dollars at HRDC and the 21 ongoing police investigations. Both HRDC and CIDA never even slowed down shoveling out billions of taxpayers money to worthy recipients as though they are in a hurry to empty the treasury.

Chretien wrote the Charter (without property rights) and appointed the Supreme Court judges for life and they made Canadian laws. They changed 58 laws and gave us controversial kiddie porn, homosexual marriages and Indians fishing out of season while Canadians watched from the shore.

In a constitutional democracy the moral content of law must be given by the morality of the framer or legislator, never by the morality of the judge Robert Bork (1984)

Our prime minister said prior to his election that he would cancel the GST. He even lied about the lie when he denied that he had said it until someone produced the video. And we still have Mulroneys hated GST.

In November 97 the final Krever report was released. Canadians had been getting sick HIV, AIDS and hepatitis because of the defective Canadian blood bank. In MAY 1998, the Liberals unanimously votes against full compensation for all hepatitis-c victims because of the defective blood bank. Chretien called that vote a confidence motion and his disciplined sycophant Liberals voted his way because he could refuse to sign their next nomination papers.

The immigration boards own statistics revealed that about 71 per cent of refugee claimants disappeared before their immigration hearing. The Liberals ignored these strange statistics. But those in the huge immigration industries loved it. As a result, the Ontario Social Services Ministry had to spend up to $160-million a year to support 17,000 immigrant welfare recipients whose sponsors had reneged on their promise to support them.

In March 2000 Chretien refused to testify at the APEC inquiry. The inquiry investigated the RCMP pepper-spraying of student protesters during an Asia-Pacific Conference held in 1997 at the University of British Columbia. Documents indicated the prime ministers office was in communication with the RCMP regarding the protesters. Unfortunately Chretien received an invitation instead of a subpoena to testify at the inquiry. He declined the invitation. It rendered the $4 million inquiry meaningless.

Chretien denied there was a brain drain from Canada to the United States and he denied taxes were too high although Canadians paid the highest taxes in the industrialized world.

In the week of October 16th, 2000, the last week before parliament closed for this unnecessary election on November 27th, 2000, the Liberals barely 3 years into a 5-year mandate, with a tightly disciplined majority -- did the following to ensure reelection:

Chretien backed off his renaming of Mount Logan to Mount Trudeau. The symbolism of this action crashed when western grassroots opposition raised its head.

Chretien invited Brian Tobin into his cabinet even though Brian Tobin is not even a member of the federal parliament. Brian Tobin wants the federal government to finance a ship building industry in Newfoundland. He wants Newfoundlands fishermen and ship builders on federal welfare.

Finance Minister Martin unveiled $100-billion in tax cuts in his sudden mini budget. But it is meaningless because they manipulated the numbers again and in the usual tax-and-spend Liberal way, spending will rise by some 8-billion dollars in the current fiscal year alone to nearly 120 billion dollars. These numbers are out of control again but they are hidden in the information overload and when did the tax-and-spend Liberals worry about mere numbers national debt of $583 billion or a 65-cent dollar. They want to tax and spend until we are all in the poor house.

Canada failed to qualify for the high level Moodys AAA rating. Canada had held a steady AAA rating from 1974 to 1994.

Nine Liberal MPs failed to attend a Commons committee meeting on the Auditor Generals Report. Without a quorum the meeting was cancelled. This avoided questions about the missing billion dollars. On last count the Liberals had 25 reasons why they missed the meeting but none of the other MPs missed it. Liberals vote in unison but they cannot lie in unison.

Jack Reid the Information Commissioner, accused the PMO of both denying public access to information under the Access to Information Act and threatening the careers of civil servants who ask questions their job. The list of Liberal arrogance is breath taking.

Chretien admitted phoning one of his appointees at a government bank to influence a loan of $600,000 for one of his friends. And he got reelected. Can Chretien therefore misuse his influence anywhere anytime? Is there an appointee or a police force with the guts to push the Criminal Code on him?

Society is like a stew. If you dont keep it stirred up, you get a lot of scum on top.

The test of democracy is freedom of criticism. David Ben-Gurion

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