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There is an increased interest in polygamy these days. It means a man could have more than one wife. The Criminal Code forbids this practice. It is called bigamy. Polygamy or bigamy is not something to be taken lightly.

The media and even some feminists tend to give this idea a positive swing these days. It could solve the babysitting problems for career wives while other wives looked after their kids. The media does not seem to realize that if there are many problems these days in monogamous relationships, the number of wives in a polygamous relationship could multiply these problems. Those in favor of polygamy tend to gloss over these problems and the negative aspects of polygamy remain hidden.

Polygamy could cause untold and notorious problems. This is the reason why Western societies have shunned the practice for at least a thousand years. Therefore before this polygamy issue becomes widespread we should study it and realize the problems. We should ask the questions and make the rules about polygamy before some oddball politicians -- we have lots of them -- decide to legalize it.
1. How many wives should be allowed in a polygamous relationship?
2. Should a man be required to prove that he can support multiple wives before entering this type of relationship?
3. Should the first wife have a say in whether her husband should have a second or a third wife?
4. Should a polygamous family pay extra taxes to support the extra strain on the school system because of the large number of children likely to come from a polygamous family?
5. What happens if one wife wants a divorce?
6. What happens if one wife gets a divorce and then wants support from a man already supporting several other wives?
7. If one or more of these divorced wives from a polygamous relationship wants to collect welfare and then be supported by the taxpayers, how should the taxpayers react?
8. Should the taxpayers be obliged to support these women and their children from polygamous relationships for the remainder of their lives?

There is another side of this polygamy coin although I have seldom heard it discussed. It is the idea that a woman could have several husbands. This idea has been used in remote areas to control population relative to the amount of land available. It cuts down on infanticide, abortions and is a form of birth control.

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