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No Referendums because we’re Canadian




James Bredin




Ottawa bureaucratic despotism rules the day,

They’ll help you especially if you just say that you’re gay,

Or same-sex stuff or polygamy is your bag,

Even if you’re only inclined or want to come in drag.


It’s the herd mentality plus inept politicians,

Bisexual bilingual curious conditions,

Special-interest lobby groups who have their own agenda,

Multicultural mandarins on a hacienda.


Where referendums and recall have always been banned,

Only they will decide and everything will be just grand,

So you don’t need to think because they will decide,

When they come back from vacations which are worldwide.


They want to get rid of Gomery and put in their own man,

Someone they can trust and they don’t give a damn,

Someone with no interest in conspiracies or theft,

A staunch party member from way out on the left.


Character assignation in muddy adscam mess,

They’ll try anything and everything except confess,

The accused doing the accusing with pointed finger,

Could teach the Mafia while defending their left winger.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005



The Lot of Loyal Loyalists




James Bredin



Pay lots of welfare ransom to unilingual Quebec,

Where most of our prime ministers come from if you check,

Call it equalization or some other fancy name,

Call it anything you like but it’s ransom just the same.


Manage the media and tell everyone it’s great,

Nothing to be ashamed of and no need for debate,

No need for referendums where majority might rule,

Managed by multicultural minorities so cool.


No need for recall because politicians really reign,

Or is it dictatorship or is that a fancy name?

The adscam inquiry showed some of their corruption,

But it didn’t even cause the slightest disruption.


They can’t be recalled or questioned or queried,

They’re too busy traveling to be bothered or wearied,

The divine right of politicians is their only way,

Constituents have no say as they stand in feet of clay.


Polygamy and same-sex marriage is now the in thing,

No one can point out that they’re flying on one wing,

Just because we’re trained to never question or think,

They’ll do it to us slowly and then they’re going to wink.


Monday, January 24, 2005



Canadian Polygamy and Same-sex Stuff




James Bredin


Polygamy might be okay but suppose it’s not,

Because four or five or six wives is an awful lot,

And if each of those wives have three or four kids,

An ordinary man would soon find himself on the skids.


We can only be observers in these passing events,

Our pompous politicians consider us dissidents,

It’s because this same-sex stuff and polygamy are in,

Regardless of your religion or if it’s a mortal sin.


So these polygamous families will be welfare cases,

And we’ll support them all and their many embraces,

And these activist minorities -- we better obey,

Majority without referendums have no say.


 ‘Cause it’s written in the Charter or can’t you read?

You red-neck right-wing Nazi, you better concede,

You don’t have permission to question authority,

Especially if you’re a member of the majority.


I will never understand those who sell their souls,

For their hidden agenda and political goals,

And try to justify it all in some Charter clause,

Get their appointee judges to okay all their laws.


Like most people on this issue I couldn’t care less,

It’s lack of democracy that I really detest,

Canadians are just observers -- a mild mannered crowd,

We listen to their speeches and go home if we’re allowed.


Sunday, January 23, 2005



Letter to Preston Manning


Dear Preston:


I read your article in the National Post August 15th, 2001.  You called on the Canadian Alliance and the conservatives to cooperate on a joint plan in parliament.  You seem to assume that parliament still counts for something. 


I have news for you, Preston.  The opposition -- you were there -- could not shake the disciplined majority Liberals for the 92 days of questions about the missing billion dollars at HRDC in 2000.  The Liberals just brazened their way through.  They now have an even bigger majority.  So much for parliamentary questions!


Has something changed in the Liberal ranks that they might now respond to pointed questions in parliament?  Are they going to fess up to corruption or conflict of interest in high places?  Dream on!


Opposition MPs should show their displeasure with parliament by staying away from parliament for the complete session.  I realize this will not happen -- too radical.  But it might be more effective than those endless useless questions that mean nothing in the long run.  The Liberals got a bigger majority despite the questions.


There is only one other slight chance that the opposition might bring about change in parliament.  The opposition will have to forget Liberal corruption, the missing billions of dollars, the incoming flood of illegal immigrants -- many with AIDS -- and provinces on permanent welfare.  The opposition should call instead for a constitutional conference to be held out West in order to alleviate western alienation. And they should do nothing else but call for this constitutional conference.  The subsequent media attention might bring about such a conference and eventually the needed changes. 


I realize these are radical ideas.  But the next session of parliament is going to be a repeat of the last session.  The Liberals are going to walk all over the opposition and they havent even started on amendments to the Access to Information.  You are playing straight into the Liberals hands with your proposals.


Respectfully Submitted


James Bredin


August 15th, 2001


Canadian Charter of Rights




James Bredin


Canadians never asked for a Charter of Rights,

History had been kind to them under the northern lights,

But socialist politicians had these rights written down,

Got the Queen to sign them with the weight of the crown.


No referendum, no callbacks and no election dates,

No political term limits and they can close all debates,

No proportional representation or questioned high court judges,

'Bout their special interests, prejudices or socialist grudges.


The Charter weighed Canadians with accountability,

For phony refugees and terrorists with all their hostility,

This socialist Charter was written for everyone on earth,

Saddled Canadians with responsibility without much mirth.


Everything in the Charter, Canadians already had,

Plus property rights -- not in the Charter -- too bad.

The socialists stipulated that their governments would decide,

And their appointed judges would point the way and guide.


Canadians accepted that this was the way to go,

Complements of Jean Chretien and Pierre Elliot Trudeau,

No one objected as these politicians had their way,

Taxed and spent and traveled and doubled doubled their pay.


But the dollar dived down, down to almost to sixty cents,

Plus the six hundred billion dollar national debt nonsense,

The politically correct jumped up and said everythings okay,

These socialists are happy while Canadians are led astray.


This is the time and temperature
in Toronto right now.

We Have Our Own Problems




James Bredin



Think about referendums, recall, impeachment -- stuff like that,

Not soldiers in Afghanistan -- cheap jeeps and mortal combat,

Think if we could vote for senators or maybe even judges,

Could we influence politicians with more than just nudges?


Why be in it up to our necks -- this weird international stuff?

How can we overlook our own in-house problems --  more than enough?

Jamie Murphy didn't want to get killed so very far away,

Without referendums or recall -- just political decay.


In the global scheme of things Canada is far from being big,

Same population as California with refugees hid,

We can't call the shots though we're in the UN and G8,

And NATO and Afghanistan getting killed for who's sake?


We don't have property rights and can't ask the right questions,

Through the fog of parliament and party enforced elections,

We're so low, were not allowed to vote for our own prime minister,

And why do you think that this suggestion is downright sinister?


Friday, January 30, 2004


Jamie Murphy




James Bredin


Armies passed through Afghanistan since Alexander the Great,

And nothing much has changed there though politicians still debate,

Nothing can be won there except bitter grief and misery,

Its all part of the political-Liberal-UN love-in history.


Taliban suicide guy killed Jamie Murphy over there,

Because of that Liberal-UN Afghanistan affair,

These pompous pious politicians -- so proud and so pleased,

Put the fate of Jamie Murphy in a cheap jeep deceased.


The Liberal-UN love-in is harmless if no one dies,

But the stories out of Afghanistan turns all this to lies,

They will deny -- it wasn't the Liberals in those cheap jeeps,

It wasn't members of the UN assembly who will weep?



Wednesday, January 28, 2004





Canadian Armed Forces



I believe that the Canadian Armed Forces should revert back to the way they were in the fifties -- an army, a navy and an air force.  Canadian armed forces personnel should have reasons to feel proud.  All trained Canadian armed forces personnel should spend time learning the other language as part of their training in this bilingual country.


I believe that the Canadian army, though small, should have equipment as good or better than the US Army.


I believe that Canadian navy ships should all be icebreakers in order to go into the Canadian Arctic.  The Hudson Bay and other places north, should have a strong presence of Canadian navy ships.


I believe that the Canadian Air Force should be equipped with the most modern planes available with the most up to date equipment and all capable of vertical landing and take off.


I believe that all Canadian forces should stay in Canada unless there is an obvious threat that could put Canada in danger.


The implementation of these policies should not be left to one man who is not elected by all Canadians.  The prime minister of Canada should depend on all Canadians to stay in office not his friends in his own political party.  His interest should be his standing in Canada -- not his standing at the UN.  He should be interested in maintaining proper armed forces for and in all of Canada.


I believe that these policies should be put in writing and given to the Canadian people in the form of a referendum.  I believe that politicians who fail to plan to bring these policies about should be voted out of office.


I believe that under the present system our Canadian politicians are isolated in their own little world of party politics in Ottawa -- far away from reality and the people.  They have no reason to improve the system if their own high-priced nest is feathered.


Do you think any of these changes should come about?


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Canadian Political System




James Bredin


Canada has no control of its crooked politicians,

No need to reveal their background, complaining about conditions,

And then they go to Ottawa and completely disappear,

In an anonymous committee where they pretend they're sincere.


And if that's not bad enough, they can't be fired or recalled,

Whether they're mentally ill, drunk, berserk or gone completely sprawled,

We have no referendums or term limit restrictions,

They may stay forever and never reveal their convictions.


They get elected by propaganda from socialist schemes,

They never for one minute mention their communist dreams,

And if or when they finally get kicked or voted out the door,

They get a going-away package -- just another score.


Sunday, January 25, 2004



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Canadian Charter with rights for "Everyone" in the world