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Where Have All the Loyalists Gone?




James Bredin


Canadians are or were loyalists in a sense,

But pompous politicians now tend to sit on the fence,

Afraid to alter the system since Trudeau’s Charter,

Same-sex referendum is now a non-starter.


And don’t you dare talk of callbacks or term restrictions,

Or possible adscam corruption and convictions,

Or the idea that politicians should somehow stay home,

And not eternal junkets between Cairo and Rome.


The most over taxed people in civilization,

Still a million refugees coming in desperation,

Where deportation seems to be completely forbidden,

Political manipulations always hidden.


Expecting good order, good government and peace,

And if held in detention, immediate release,

So patriotic loyalists have now long been stuck,

Like playing hockey where someone up stole the puck.


Saturday, January 22, 2005




Canada has turned into a basket case haven for international terrorists, foreign spies and worse; Canadians themselves are not allowed to do anything about it. These terrorists and spies who represent every oddball and communist dictatorship in the world are here by the hundreds because of the Canadian Charter of Rights. They have more rights in Canada than Canadians and Canadians are not allowed to change the Charter of Rights without permission from the prime minister and he wrote it in 1982. Canadians are not allowed to deport activist terrorist criminals claiming refugee status. Canadians are obligated and indeed compelled to protect, house, feed and give medical care to a never-ending line of terrorist activists.

Canada has been taken over by a group of left-wing ideological socialists who call themselves Canadian but in reality are international socialists who think globally about human rights never the rights of individual Canadians. The rights of individual Canadians are merely incidental when compared to the rights of international terrorists. And the sacred Charter of Rights cannot be changed. This clash of ideologies demonstrates the helplessness of individual Canadians.

Those who decide these issues have been appointed for life to the Supreme Court by the prime minister. Naturally the prime minister appoints people who think along the same lines as he himself. They do not need written instructions in order to make decisions that he likes. They are infallible. No one is allowed to question them. They cannot make a mistake. Their words are law.

Individual Canadians are helplessly trapped by socialist activists groups who influence the government to a degree that is frightening.


Ex-Prime Minister Trudeau and Ex-Prime Minister Chretien wrote the flawed Charter of Rights -- without property rights.



Before Canada had the appointed-for-life Supreme Court, we had the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. The object of the BNA, the Judicial Committee wrote, was neither to weld the provinces into one, nor to subordinate provincial governments to a central authority, but to create a federal government in which they should all be represented each province retaining its independence and autonomy.

In order to achieve this ideal federation, the Ottawa government should download 90% of its bureaucracy to the provinces.

Unfortunately somewhere along the way the meaning of true federalism was swept under the carpet as Ottawa expanded and centralized and taxed and spent ever more. Then Trudeau and Chretien wrote the so-called Charter of Rights and foisted it on Canadians without a referendum.

In Canada, because of this international socialist Charter of Rights, it often appears that vociferous minorities have more power and sway than the majority of Canadians. The Supreme Court even allows interveners -- feminists -- to influence cases.

The emphasis in Canada should be for Canadians as a whole -- not vociferous minorities or special-interest groups. The unfortunate side effect therefore is that minorities and special-interest groups can foist their politics and lifestyles on the majority of Canadians. And the majority is locked in, unable to maneuver other than to accept the unpalatable consequences. And to make matters worse, Canadians have long been programmed to never protest. No one in Canada stands up for or defends the majority of Canadians in these matters. It is not politically correct.

All Canadians need to be equal so that the numerous minority groups have the same rights -- not more rights or special rights or historical rights. Equal rights for Canadians should have been written, not equal rights for "everyone" which has been turned into special rights for some.

All Canadians should be equal before government and the courts and all equal Canadians should have property rights. No one group -- Indians, feminists -- or province Quebec -- should have preferences over the others.

Unfortunately there is no one out there, especially a federal politician, who will stand up for the majority of Canadians.


Trudeau's Charter




James Bredin


Trudeau wrote the Charter for all humanity.

That's everyone in the world -- not just Christianity,

Thousands say they're refugees, all coming here,

Bringing wives and children and then disappear,

And Canadians who read the Charter are just one or two,

And those who understand it are indeed very few,

Aboriginals are not Canadian and allowed special rights,

From old Indian treaties -- no changes, no rewrites,

And Canadians have been told to be enthusiastic,

The Charter is not drastic -- its fantastic,

That Canadians should be denied rights to their possessions,

Even the UN Charter allowed these concessions.


Jan 29th, 2002


The Canadian Charter of Rights could be construed as a communist document because it does not mention that Canadians should have rights to property. Webster's Dictionary defines communism as, "A theory advocating elimination of private property". A communist government rejects the idea of private property rights just as the Canadian Charter of Rights fails to give Canadians property rights. It means that the Canadian Government can do anything it likes with property. It can take it from individual Canadians (ESPECIALLY GUNS) or it can take it from Canadian provinces and keep it or give it to someone else. A graphic example of this has already occurred in BC where 90% of British Columbia will be given back to the Nisgaa Indians and other Indian tribes. No Canadian can claim property rights (Except the Indians as groups who have been given unequal rights in the Charter but individual Indians still cannot own property even on their own reserves.) because Canadians have no property rights in Canada. Rights to free expression are lost or meaningless if Canadians have no rights to private property.

Canadians comply with government edicts just as the Russians did in Soviet Russia. Canadians turn a blind eye to the socialists in Ottawa and they in turn push their socialist dogmas From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need."Karl Marx. It is a beautiful statement except when it becomes government dogma. Then it is called communism. It is called conditioning and Canadians have been conditioned to believe the socialist in Ottawa. Canadians have long been programmed not to protest. Its not Canadian tradition, we are told.
Like communism, socialism also rejects the concept of private property. Socialists believe in the "collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods." Socialists place no value on property rights and manipulate the system so that the government controls everything and individuals control nothing. This is the reason why the socialists in Ottawa constantly trumpet the Charter of Rights. It gives them carte blanche to take property, take guns, give property to Indian tribes, tax and spend on their socialist projects expanded government bureaucracies and a complete disregard for the national debt of $580 billion. They want to be judged by their good socialist intentions -- not the bottom line.

Not even western Canadians, with all that so-called western alienation, have even bothered to protest. A farmer driving a tractor on a huge field can protest all he wants. What are the odds that someone will hear him?
This is the reason why Chretien, who had a hand in writing the Charter, has never opened up the Charter so that it could be corrected. This is the reason why he has never invoked the notwithstanding clause for those off-the-wall Supreme Court decisions.

Few dictators in the world have as much power as Prime Minister Chretien between elections. So why should he bother to change anything. He has just been reelected.
Although section (d) gives everyone the right to associate, the Charter does not give Canadians the right not to associate or not to belong to a union or not to pay union dues. Union members have no say in what happens to union dues -- they financed the June 15th 2000 riots in Toronto. It is socialist dogma all the way. This section of the Charter looks like a union boss wrote it.

Even the UN Declaration of Human Rights, on which the Charter was based, has property rights.

Sec 17(1)
Only in Canada are Canadians denied property rights thanks to the Charter of Rights.

"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." Winston Churchill

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Incoming Refugees and the Charter      




James Bredin


Trudeau forgot Canadians when they wrote the Charter for humanity,

After seeing the conceited Soviets with all their Socialist vanity,

And now thousands of phony refugees are footing it over here,

On Air Canada flights every night to the Canadian frontier,

See their free lawyers, truly a misnomer, and get their refugee kits,

Information received on laptops in Canadian-immigration hits,

Then they get translators and welfare and medicare and more,

Free housing forever with no rogue refugee could ignore,

And then they use their cells to phone home and pass the word,

That here in Canada they are welcome -- nay truly preferred,


And these rogue refugees with their many wives and kids,

With leather luggage piled high on the many landing skids,

Move to motels up and down and all along the Kingston Road,

While they e-mail digital photos to their friends to download,

And of course their friends are delighted and elated by the news,

That Canadian immigration is so dumb and so easy to confuse,

And they too call their many wives, kids, relatives and friends,

And someone to drive them to the airport in the Mercedes Benz,

But Canadian Immigration is bound by Chretien's Charter,

Written and cant be changed since the days of Jimmy Carter.





The Canadian Charter of Wrongs and Rights




James Bredin


Our judges tend to view themselves as gods without any flaws,

And they're allowed to do this because they make and change our laws,

Dressed up in bishops gowns they alone decide what's right or wrong,

And Canadians better believe it and follow right along.



Because the Chretien/Trudeau Charter said they could all this,

It saved political decisions that could have been hit or miss,

As judicial dictatorship replaced democracy,

The elite were elated with renewed aristocracy.



As we all stand around waiting decisions from on high,

Just like any normal dictatorship we eat humble pie,

And the media keeps telling us about the Charter of Rights,

Were so proud because they keep telling us 'bout all these delights.



Because of their strange tendencies when they make their decisions,

'Bout marriage, cons, queers, and terrorists immigration revisions,

The meaning of democracy is completely dampened down,

And parliament has been replaced by a fancy bishops gown.



And don't ask to change the system because it just can't be done,

No political appointee will decide to end his/her fun,

Referendums or recall are not politically correct,

No set election dates -- snap elections when we least expect.


Tuesday, November 18, 2003




The Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau created the Court Challenges Program in 1978 to address concerns about minority linguistic rights. It was expanded in 1985 so that special-interest groups could lobby for taxpayer funding to bring their special-interest cases to the courts in order to push and expand what they saw as their own special-interest constitutional rights. The Mulroney (he of the GST) government cancelled the program in 1992.

In 1994, shortly after the Liberals were elected again, they turned the program into a non-profit organization. It meant that the Liberals (Sheila Copps, Minister of Canadian Heritage) could be at arms length and the organization could be extremely partisan with the $2.75 million they received each year. The Liberals, in their quest for votes had written these special-interest groups a blank cheque by giving them almost complete access to the millions. It paid off handsomely for the Liberals because their catering to special-interest groups got them reelected in 2000.

This whole situation is flawed because it is based on section 15 of the Charter:

Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the rights to equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

This equality section above states Every individual -- not feminist or homosexual organizations. These highly organized groups have imposed their special agendas by turning every individual in the Charter into every activist group.

All individual Canadians should be equal before the court and the government. Did you notice that Trudeau and Chretien left out the word Canadian? No wonder every individual in the world wants to come to Canada to claim refugee status.

INDIVIDUAL: 1. Inseparable. 2. of, relating to, or distinctively associated with an individual.

An individual is not a group or an organization. Is it not possible for these people to read the Charter? How can the bend the words of the Charter to their own vested interests? Who made the decision to let this happen? How far down the wrong road can we go? Are there any individuals left in Canada. Will Canada survive the onslaught of these special-interest groups?


Trudeau's Charter # 2




James Bredin


The Charter has been touted as such a terrific thing

Those righteous pious propagandists constantly sing

From their lofty command cubicles high in administration

How Trudeau's Charter caused our foundation and salvation



We should believe and behave and forget about the flaws

We should applause because it is the basis of our laws

And the Supreme Court will tell us when to breath and what to think

Where left is right and right is wrong and everyone is pink



We should never critique it and stick to the status quo

And buy their bilingualism with all our taxpayers dough

Though they tell us all were equal but Indians are unique

They can claim their treaty rights with our property rights oblique



He wrote the Charter for everyone -- thats all humanity

It doesnt mean Canadians -- it's communist insanity

Where phony refugees can claim all their Charter rights

With judicial justification to the Supreme Court heights


March 1st, 2002



These days, western Canadians are almost completely isolated from the political elites who run this country with only 40% of the 61% who bothered to vote. (You do the math. Figure what percentage that really is.) This phenomenon has always been a part of the Canadian political experience. Canadians -- especially western Canadians -- have never had input into the major constitutional affairs of this country.

Canada initially came into being as a British imperial rear-guard action to stop the spread of the American Revolution. This left a large British army in what was then British North America. The British then wrote the British North America Act of 1867. Canadians had no alternatives but to accept this imposed constitution. The learning process started early.

Trudeau's and Chretien's Charter of 1982 was the next major constitutional imposition. Canadians as a whole had no input -- no referendum. The learning process continued. The queen signed it in front of the cameras and it was an addendum to the constitution. Quebec was the only province with enough cahones not to sign on to this Charter because of their French-sign law.

Canadians lost equality and rights to property although everyone in the world got rights in Canada. Even though the Charter proclaims equality for everyone, in reality Canadians got shortchanged in the equality rights and property rights of the Charter because Indians got special rights Sec 25 and Sec 35. Non-Indian Canadians did not get special rights. Therefore there is no equality.

The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens." --Thomas Jefferson.

Why is the idea of equality, that is accepted by the Americans, not accepted by Canadians? Because Canadians were never given an opportunity to accept it.

Various tribes of Indians are now claiming 110% of British Columbia and the mentally ill federal government has signed the Nisga'a agreement which may not only give British Columbia to the Indians but also give them an open ended access to millions of taxpayers dollars and political independence from Canada -- all based on Trudeau's and Chretien's Charter of 1982. You might wonder how much more Canadians will accept because non-Indian Canadians will be second-class citizens without a vote in these new and very large Indian reserves.

And now, not to be outdone by the mentally ill federal government, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has ratified this Nisga'a agreement. It looks like non-Indian Canadians, whos' government just passed a law that they will register all their firearms -- may be the only people in the world who will register their guns, give their country to the Indians and assign themselves to second class status without a vote.

A Canadian constitution should promote equality for all Canadians including Indians and property rights for all Canadians. No one in Canada should have special rights. Aboriginals should be recognized as Canadians in the Charter. They should have the right as individuals to own property even on their own reserves. They should have the right to sell it if and when they please to any Canadian.

Only in Canada they say.

Trudeau's Charter




James Bredin


Government propaganda holds Trudeau's Charter high,

Can't be changed properly though Mulroney did try,

They got the Queen to sign it as if everything was right,

Not for Canadians -- written for everyone in sight.


That means phony refugees -- Ben Laden if he comes,

Four wives and fifty kids and all those terrorist bums,

Sworn to be martyrs to make us miserable and sad,

Thus Trudeau's Charter shows just how far we've been had.


The document denies us rights to our possessions,

No property rights mentioned -- land or concessions.

It claims equality for all but Indians are particular,

Their Treaty rights are special and extracurricular.


And if they claim an island, a province or a city,

The Supreme Court will bow down and act very witty,

And no one will proclaim the notwithstanding clause,

'Cause Canadians think Trudeau was close to Santa Clause.


All this is a lesson in how people can be led,

Charter to the garden path leads to communist hell,

The document is flawed in so many many ways,

Is it possible to go back to the pre Trudeau days?


Or maybe just maybe correct what has been done,

So Canadians can once again dream in the sun,

And not be confined by the politically correct,

Who manipulate the system so that they can direct.


March 9th, 2002


The Charter of Rights created a sense of dependency among Canadians. It stipulated that Canadians should depend on the government for rights and unless these rights were written down in the Charter, they had no rights. Canadians did not demand these rights. They did not even ask for them. You might wonder why the government of the day insisted that Canadians should have these rights in writing if they didn't need them and already had them. Was there more to this Charter than meets the eye?

The Charter reads:

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association.

The "Everyone" in (2) does not mean Canadians. It means "everyone" in the world who can make it to Canada. It now means that as "everyone" in the world arrives in Canada they can claim refugee status and not be questioned about it. They are then entitled to Canadian taxpayer funded welfare and medicare for themselves and their extended families for the remainder of their lives. The Charter therefore saddled Canadians with the responsibility of supporting "everyone" in the world as they arrive in Canada.

There are five types of people who like this: immigration lawyers, government social workers, international socialists, illegal immigrants, international terrorists. We have them all in abundance. That is why we have "everyone" instead of "every Canadian" in the Charter. Our politicians prefer to talk about human rights rather than Canadian rights. It is a euphemism that shrouds the multi million-dollar immigration business, the planning ideas of social engineers, the Human Rights Tribunals and the politics of international socialists.

Sections (d) gives "everyone" the right to associate. Does this mean that "everyone" is compelled to associate? Do people have the right not to associate? Do people have the right not to belong to an association or a union? Was this section written by a union boss?

And in the true spirit of international socialism, the Charter does not mention the right of Canadians to own property or the recognition of Aboriginals as Canadian.

International socialists who appoint judges to the supreme court are apt to appoint people who think as they do about international issues rather than Canadian issues. All Canadian prime ministers since Trudeau have been international socialists. They like to impress the world rather than their fellow Canadians. Canadians as a whole do not vote for their prime ministers so there is no need for a prime minister to impress Canadians -- only control his party. Mulroney tried to be appointed leader at the United Nations after he left office. Chretien tried to have the UN moved to Montreal, even to take over the US debt to the UN while Canada had (still has) a national debt of $576 billion.

These supreme court judges are charged with interpreting Canadian laws according to their interpretations of the Charter. We have Supreme Court judges who were appointed for life by international socialists interpreting Canadian laws according to an international charter which was written for "everyone" in the world by international socialists. Do they also sing the International?

Democracies that depend on a Charter or a written dogma are less democratic. There is no need for public debate. Decisions are made by appointed-for-life judges and outweigh decisions made by elected parliamentarians. We then get strange decisions about kiddie porn and centuries-old Indian treaties and the definition of spouse. And we have international socialists in Ottawa who refuse to use the notwithstanding clause to control it. Public opinion has no input as we step closer to judicial dictatorship and international socialism.

Unless Canadians change the Charter, this creeping form of international socialism and creeping dictatorship will grow and grow until Canada is no longer recognized as Canada. Blame Canada.

Canadian Charter of Rights -- maybe




James Bredin


Canadians never asked for a Charter of Rights

History had been kind to them under the northern lights,

But socialist politicians had these rights written down,

Got the Queen to sign them with the weight of the crown.


No referendum, no callbacks and no election dates,

No political term limits and they can close all debates,

No proportional representation or questioned high court judges,

'Bout their special interests, prejudices or socialist grudges.


The Charter weighed Canadians with accountability,

For phony refugees and terrorists with all their hostility,

This socialist Charter was written for everyone on earth,

Saddled Canadians with responsibility without much mirth.


Everything in the Charter, Canadians already had,

Plus property rights -- not in the Charter -- too bad.

The socialists stipulated that their governments would decide,

And their appointed judges would point the way and guide.


Canadians accepted that this was the way to go,

Complements of Jean Chretien and Pierre Elliot Trudeau,

No one objected as these politicians had their way,

Taxed and spent and traveled and doubled doubled their pay.


But the dollar dived down, down to almost to sixty cents,

Plus the six hundred billion dollar national debt nonsense,

The politically correct jumped up and said everythings okay,

These socialists are happy while Canadians are led astray.


March 24th, 2002




Throw the Charter of Rights out with the Dishwater




James Bredin



The Chretien/Trudeau Charter should be thrown out,

To stop these Supreme Court judges with dangerous clout,

But the media and their mandarins say, No way!

Democracy for the people not allowed a say.



These judges are dictators with complete control,

Appointed for life by socialist friends I'm told,

And referendums and recall never allowed,

Nor set dates for elections as they all scream aloud.



Parliament is the only place where laws should be made,

Not in the Supreme Court with decisions for the gay,

And politicians run to change the laws to comply,

And we submit completely and no one asks why.



Monday, November 24, 2003







The Liberals in Ottawa rule Canada with only 40% of the 61% of Canadians who bothered to vote. Therefore the majority of Canadians are not represented in Parliament. This has occurred in 20 of the past 23 federal elections. The majority of Canadians have not been represented in Parliament for a long time. The idea of government of the people, by the people for the people is definitely not Canadian. It is time that Canadians thought about proportional representation even if this idea is total anathema to the entrenched Liberal socialists in Ottawa.

The prime minister appoints all senators to the Senate for life. These people are of course, bought by the prime minister, and vote according to the wishes of the prime minister who appointed them. The prime minister also appoints all Supreme Court judges for life. No one is allowed to question them about vested interests, hidden prejudices or personal agendas -- homosexuality, feminism, environmentalism, communism -- and they in turn decide Canadian law according to their private interpretation of the Canadian Charter of Rights. Therefore there are no rules. They can disregard common law, case law and all previous court decisions. There is no way of knowing what type of decision the Supreme Court will make.

The majority of Canadians are therefore hemmed in by:
The ancient Canadian electoral system.
A socialist disciplinarian prime minister.
The resulting party discipline in Ottawa.
An international socialist Charter of Rights that emphasizes the rights of minorities over the majority.
Appointed-for-life and bought senators.
Appointed for life and unquestioned Supreme Court judges who judge according to their private interpretation of the Charter of Rights -- socialist.

"[It is] the people, to whom all authority belongs." --Thomas Jefferson

The Results of their Charter    



James Bredin


Chretien and Trudeau proclaimed their Charter of Rights,

Decreed judge-made laws from their Supreme Court heights,

Pumped out propaganda 'bout these politically correct delights,

Equality for all 'cept special rights for special types.


And their appointed judges thought themselves supreme,

Forget common law and case law -- they considered them extreme,

They changed more laws than parliament; enough to make us scream,

Doused the devil democracy in their demented dictatorial dream.


Their Charter gave rights to everyone -- especially refugees,

From the airport to the Supreme Court where everyone agrees,

That the immigration industry got them through in a breeze,

And no questions to their lobby 'bout this politically correct sleaze.


And don't say they're wrong; they'll call you racist or worse,

Point a big fat political finger while giving you the curse,

Proclaim that you're sick and maybe need a doctor and a nurse,

Besides you're poor, no Liberal lobbyist and not a nickel in your purse.


And still Canadians think they're great because of this Charter,

Written way back in the days of old President Jimmy Carter,

Don't care about incoming refugees or the occasional martyr,

Trained and taught by Ben Laden as an upcoming terrorist starter.


July 2nd 2002

Charter Rights of Freedom to Associate




James Bredin


Freedom of association was written into the Charter,

By Chretien and Trudeau in the old days of Jimmy Carter,

Was it their design and purpose to put a millstone 'round our neck?

To block individualism and leave us in a wreck?


If you want that job you'll have to associate and pay your dues,

To the union and you have no option no matter what your views?

Your freedom has disappeared in your obligation to survive,

Compelled to associate and get the job to stay alive.


Therefore the freedom of association is a charade,

Compulsion and coercion, strikes, slogans, and placards on parade,

Numb, you are just a number on the unions computer console,

Remember that this is reality, money, and control.


Replacement workers are definitely never allowed,

And authenticity of Charter rights are never espoused,

Union bosses have complete control and no room for middle ground,

Common sense is out when disputes, grievances, stupidness abound.


And you have no input to where they spend your dues from the floor,

As they back moral and political causes you abhor,

Or politicians that like abortions and are anti free trade,

So much for the Charter and freedom if you need to get paid!


And union bosses don't respond in resplendent isolation,

Don't explain their covert social causes or contamination,

Come to the meeting, pay attention and you'll hear all about it,

Bring your card, show it at the door and listen to them shout it.


Thursday, September 04, 2003




A Crooked Politician Likes a Crooked System




James Bredin


How do you bring a crooked politician to account?

When they've covered all the angles and just can't be found out?

We should design a system of checks and balance if we care,

But the media and the newspapers tell us we don't dare.


The mindset of the public has been set by this media,

Set on track with every phrase in the encyclopedia,

Directing matters of national concern, hype and agenda,

Pushing pompous communist notions with their propaganda.


The Charter is an example of being led down the garden path,

By scheming politicians taking the people for a bath,

Without referendums or recall or impeachment no less,

And we believed it all with the propaganda of the press.


No proportional representation 'cause that could break the spell,

Of sticking to the status quo and accepting those from hell,

And you are just a nobody who probably doesn't vote,

They've factored you in the numbers because you're just another goat


Friday, January 23, 2004


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