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numberfour //
Toronto //

Toronto, Ontario, was once known as Toronto The Good.

This is the time and temperature
in Toronto right now.

Another Quiet Weekend in Toronto




James Bredin



Last weekend they shot another guy just outside his door,

His body lay for five hours in the corridor on the floor,

Till someone stepped over him and noticed that he was dead,

With blood all over the floor and a big hole in his head.



Many tenants heard the shots but no one paid much attention,

But they hear shots a lot in that building or should I mention?

The guy they shot was one of the really good guys they said,

But all the dead guys are good guys with bullets in the head.



Next day they shot another guy in the parking lot next door,

Rumor said it was a gang fight and they had to even the score,

But no one knows for sure and no one trusts or helps the cops,

'Cause if the shooter goes to court hell get a wink and get off.



This weekend they shot another guy just further down the street,

Left him dead all day on the sidewalk like homeless guy indiscreet,

No one heard those shots and no one cared or knew the dead guy's name,

Hes dead down at the morgue now; nameless and no one to blame.


Saturday, January 31, 2004


Toronto Harbor


Toronto City Hall




James Bredin



The socialist communists at City Hall,

Want to change all the rules so they can have a ball,

They want to sleep and squat in various parks,

And not be bothered by the cops or the narcs.


They demand more money and action from the mayor,

And socialist politicians should beware,

Even with homeless shelters everywhere wall to wall,

They want to change all the rules and make the call.


They want more money for themselves and less cops,

And when they drive their new cars they want no stops,

And they need drugs and booze and no jail time now,

Or they'll riot again because they know when and how.


And forget the people who get shot every weekend,

Dead people don't count they're dead and won't attend,

And those who voted are bemused and watch every day,

Will the socialists do it again like Bob Ray?


Sunday, February 08, 2004

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