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The CBC and Don Cherry




James Bredin


The CBC is in a quandary about Don Cherry's remarks,

Seems that what he said, got them mad and has set off some sparks,

Not politically correct so they started a witch hunt,

The Language Commissioner also said he was much too blunt.



So appointees at the CBC want an inquisition,

For this sports commentator when he explains his position,

Everything will be censored especially offensive remarks,

And Hockey Night in Canada may have to be played in the dark.



Because appointed officials are more important than players,

Protect politically correct mandarins and some soothsayers,

And then some members of parliament got involved in the fray,

Shouting and screaming and yelling to substantiate their pay.



They want to censor him using a seven-second delay,

Make sure he's politically correct when he describes the play,

This is how multicultural mandarins will deliver pain,

Inquisitors can't see themselves in the mirror, they're so vain.


Saturday, February 07, 2004




The Francophonie group started in Versailles in 1986 as a movement to arrest the decline of French as an important language. It was a French counterbalance of the Commonwealth summit meetings and games. But nowadays it has evolved into a vast socialist network for developing countries and their protégés. There are fewer French speakers in the world than there are Portuguese speakers in Brazil and there are 12 Francophonie countries that do not have French listed as a language. It is a graphic illustration of the present Liberal government forcing English-speaking Canadians to support their global socialist policies within this so-called French language institution. And it is all very politically correct.

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) tells us that we are part of La Francophonie, a vast network of 51 states and governments that share French as a common language. They conveniently overlooked the fact that the vast majority of Canadians speak only English and they also overlooked the 12 Francophonie countries that themselves do not speak French. These games are not about games. The athletes are relatively unknowns. These games are a vast expensive government propaganda institute on a scale seldom seen outside communist dictatorships and a slap in the face for unilingual English speaking Canadians who are forced to foot the bills. Unfortunately Canadians have long been trained not to protest.

These international socialist have Francophonie summit meetings and Francophonie games. La Francophonie met in Moncton in 1999 for the eighth Sommet des chefs d'État et de gouvernement des pays ayant le français en partage. It gives federal politicians another reason to travel the world as if they needed a reason. Six Francophone Summits have been held:
1987 Quebec
1989 Dakar
1991 Paris
1993 Port Louis
1995 Cotonou in Benin
1997 Hanoi
1999 Moncton New Brunswick.

Francophonie Games have and will be held:
1989 Morocco
1994 France
1997 Madagascar
2001 Canada Ottawa Hull area.
2005 Niger

The Francophonie organization now seems to be predominantly African and non-French speaking. Regardless, the Ottawa government loves them all and generously supports them with Canadian taxpayers dollars.

African Countries: Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Gabon, Morocco, Rwanda, Burundi, Central African Republic, Guinea, Niger, Togo, Benin, Comoros, Egypt, Guinea-Bissau, São Tome and Principe, Tunisia, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Chad.

Countries in Francophonie that do not have French listed as a language: Cape Verde, Macedonia, Saint Lucia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, São Tome and Principe, Bulgaria, Equatorial Guinea, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania.

The Francophonie Games were held in Ottawa-Hull in the summer of 2001. The government admitted to a cost of 40 million Canadian dollars but conveniently that does not include CIDA expenses -- another $40 million. Benoit Hubert, deputy director-general of the organizing committee, told a press conference that all Francophone African countries, except the Democratic Republic of Congo, attended. Hubert also said that the CIDA paid for the transportation of contingents from the developing countries. That should make the Canadian taxpayers feel better and take their minds off that $600 billion national debt.

Government House Leader Donald Boudria went to Quebec City in April 98 and begged for an agreement with Quebec Municipal Affairs Minister Rémy Trudel about these upcoming Francophonie Games because both France and Quebec had voted for these games to go to Beirut and voted against the Ottawa government in Cameroon in January 1997. There was a strong possibility that Quebec would boycott the games even though the federal government (we the taxpayers) would be paying for it. Quebec eventually won an equal partnership in the games although it only cost them $3 million, as if that could compare with the unknown multi millions the Canadian taxpayers would be paying. Don Cherry wrote in the Vancouver Province on March 31, 98 that Canada will spend $12 million to bring athletes to Canada for the games.

Canadian taxpayer dollars mean nothing to the Liberals. They want to be judged by their good international socialist deeds; not the bottom line -- $600 billion national debt.

At least 400 Francophonie types decided to stay in Canada and claimed refugee status. The Immigration Minister did not react as if this was unusual. These refugee claimants and future Liberal voters even had their transportation paid to Canada by the Liberal government.

The Liberal government claimed these games were a great success. One Egyptian boxer was expelled after testing positive in a drug test. Two Moroccans were sent home after being accused of shoplifting. The games were marred by small crowds or no crowds.

The only Canadians who really knew the games took place were the few Liberals who stayed in Ottawa and the few ordinary Canadians who found them by accident.

Mark these games down as another reason why Canada should amalgamate with the US.

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