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The Canadian Parliament closed for the summer 2000 on June 13th 2000 and did not open again until September 18th, 2000. A month later parliament closed again on October 20th, 2000, for an election on November 27th, 2000. The Canadian Parliament sat for 92 days in 2000 according to Hansard.
The Canadian Parliament averaged less than 120 sitting days per year throughout the 1990s. The British Parliament sat 12% more days and the U.S. Congress sat 20% more days than the Canadian Parliament. Even while the Canadian parliament was sitting the room was mostly empty. Canadians were fed the illusion that the parliament was full because the TV cameras were only allowed to show the MP speaking and those in the immediate area. The TV cameras were not allowed to show the whole almost empty room. Canadians had no say in this matter -- they don't even elect their prime minister though he is the one who makes all the decisions.

The Liberals dislike Parliament and questions. They hate questions about HRDC taxpayers' money grants, the missing billion dollars, the 22 ongoing police investigations or the telephone calls Prime Minister Chretien made to a government bank to lobby a $600,000 loan for a Shawinigan friend.

They also shut down the Somalia inquiry, stonewalled the APEC inquiry, ignored the Krever inquiry and called an election to avoid embarrassing questions about the Auditor Generals Report -- the missing billion dollars at HRDC.

In this way the Liberals maintained the status quo. Both HRDC and CIDA continued to shovel billions of taxpayers money to worthy recipients as though they were in a hurry to empty the treasury. Tens of thousands of incoming illegal immigrants and phony refugees still came to the waiting immigration lawyers. Canadians are mesmerized by the antics in Ottawa.

But still the Liberals got reelected. Does anyone know the answer? Am I missing something?

The Liberals entered the election on November 27th, 2000 with only 38% of the popular vote but they came out of the election with 41% of the 61% of Canadians who bothered to vote.

The liberals did this by catering to the special interests of sodomites, lesbians, pedophiles, prisoners, feminists, civil servants, Ottawa, Quebecois, the minorities, the CBC, the unions, the entertainment industry, the environmental movement, the nuclear industry, the immigration industry, hotel-owners in Shawinigan or any special interest group that can be identified while forgetting completely the majority of Canadians.

They know how to manage the media, cover their tracks, loose the paper work, mismanage the bureaucracy, give millions to their friends through HRDC grants, deny everything in parliament, burn the evidence or delay inquiries into oblivion. Democracy is anathema to activists and Liberals.

Democracy is extremely important and very fragile. It can be bent and manipulated in a hundred ways by those without ethics. This lack of democracy has been shown many many times in Canada. Canadians on the whole had no say in the legalization of kiddie porn, bilingualism, multiculturalism, 58 federal laws changed by the Supreme Court, homosexual marriages, Indians fishing out of season while other Canadians watched or the 65-cent dollar.

Democracy means nothing to these activists because they have a global picture of socialism where individualism and individuals do not count. They have the enthusiasm of excited preachers about human rights -- their version of human rights -- except that they never mention consequences. They mask their global socialist intentions under human rights and Canadian democracy and individualism looses every time. This lack of democracy and individual Canadian rights could be a fatal disease for Canada as Quebec separatism grows again and western alienation is agitated.

In order to counteract this hijacking of the Canadian government by these activists, Canadians have two options:

· Binding referendums. This type of political action would mean that the majority of Canadians might get involved.

· Canadians should be required by law to vote. Those who refuse to vote should be fined $10 and this $10 should be added to the taxes of those who refuse to vote or pay the fine.

These two options will of course be stopped or blocked by the activists and socialist in parliament.

The Liberals love these Human Rights Review Boards. It is their type of politics. It is all reminiscent of the Liberty, Equality, Fraternity of the French Revolution, which ended in widespread use of the guillotine; and of the Bread, Land, and Freedom of the Soviets, which ended in the Gulag and firing squads.

The government appointed Canadian Human Rights Review Panel wants to end discrimination against the poor, which would allow these commissars of rights to poke their noses into the body politic even more ruthlessly. The Liberals love it.

The Fraser Institute has stated, the inclusion of social conditions in Human Rights Acts would lead to an ever-expanding list of controls on business and demands on government. Are we all going to hell in a basket?

The rights maniacs were the ones behind the making of hate crimes deserving of special punishment. For them, too, massive non-white immigration is a given. It is from ethnic immigration groups, in fact, that they derive most of their business.

The Liberals love this.


The great threat to Canadian democracy is the discreet manipulation and control of the media by the Liberals. These Liberals have committed $250 million per year to subsidize Canadian magazines. Therefore those who own and produce Canadian magazines only have to satisfy those who send the cheques and wait for the money. Hence the Liberal bias.

The Liberals have committed $600 million per year of taxpayers' money for the CBC. This band of nitwits at the CBC also know that they only have to satisfy those who send the cheques -- not the viewers or the listeners. Their fragrant socialist-Liberal politically correct bias has been shoved down Canadian throats for years. The CBC French programs are rigorously broadcast throughout Canada although few people outside Quebec listen or understand them. The ratings for these French programs outside Quebec are an official secret. This expensive deception is a graphic example of how easily people can be conned and conned again and again. It is also a graphic example of how helpless these conned Canadians may be when their politicians are bound up in party politics and discipline rather than Canadian politics. Individual Canadians are in a straightjacket if they want to change anything in the government.

The Liberal government sends in excess of a $billion per year to the Canadian television and film industry in patronage money. The Liberals therefore have successfully purchased the Liberal bias in the Canadian media industry. It is blatant Liberal propaganda. Goebbels, Hitlers propaganda minister would understand so would the editors of Pravda.

This money combined with the media bias presents a threat to democracy and this no doubt has influenced many elections. Those involved in the media industry not only vote Liberal but it is in their interest to influence others to vote Liberal. That's where the money comes from. They have become dependent on the government (Liberals) for the big dollars. And although these ideas -- about where the money comes from -- are never voiced or written, they are the guiding light.

This expensive media support by the government is one of the many reasons that Canada has a national debt of almost $600 billion. It takes one third of all taxes to pay the interest -- nothing off the principal. These facts are also seldom mentioned in the media. Canadians are led to believe that everything is great. Just leave the Liberals in power for life and everything -- except democracy -- will continue to be great.

When Canadian politicians mention sustainable development and they often mention it, they mean that the taxpayers should sustain their development programs. It is double speak for wall-to-wall socialism only a step away from communism. These politicians want to manipulate and control everything in Canada. They want a government program for everything.

It also means that these tax-and-spend politicians should disregard the $600 billion national debt and the 63-cent dollar. It means more government programs. It means Canada will go further in the hole and Canadians will maintain the dubious honor of being the highest taxed individuals in the industrial world.

Sustainable development means that Canadians are going to pay more for useless government programs and there is no end in sight.

The Liberal Party system of catering to every minority group and special interest group is not democratic.

It is a gross manipulation of the so-called democratic system based on patronage by the Liberals who only have 40% of the 62% of Canadians who even bothered to vote. The Liberals concentrate their patronage and dole out their special privileges to their friends: lesbians, gays, identifiable minorities, Indians, Quebecois, Liberals, civil servants, friend of the prime minister, trade unionists, those who live in Shawinigan, those who have no ethics, socialists, bilinguals, prisoners, ex-prisoners or a justices of the Supreme Court unquestioned appointees. It appears that they are all members of a vast left-wing conspiracy.

This system caters to some Canadians while giving the cold shoulder to other Canadians. And if you are just an ordinary individual Canadian and not a member of one of these groups, you might be called any number of names for merely identifying them: scary, redneck, biased, bigoted, racist, homophobic, nazi or a member of a vast right wing conspiracy.

One of the oddities of this conspiracy which was brought out during the election was that if you are a Quebecois friend of the prime minister, you can get an almost limitless supply of taxpayers money from the government through loans or HRDC grants. And if they bother you about non payment of the mortgage, that will suddenly stop when the person who is bothering you gets fired.

The real scary part in all this is that the Liberals got reelected and all these shenanigans in Shawinigan are ongoing as you read this.

Canadian politicians tend to get Ottawa-washed when they are elected to Ottawa. They are isolated in Ottawa in Northern Ontario sometimes thousands of miles from their constituents.

Their enthusiasm about representing their constituents back home is quickly washed away by party leaders and the opulent lifestyle in Ottawa.

Their enthusiasm is washed away by the lack of principles in their political party where the direction changes according to the pressure from pressure groups, lobby groups and highly organized special-interest organizations.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when they realize the perks that are available to MPs -- travel the world for free and no one can check on your itinerary.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when they are allowed as Members of Parliament to decide how much and what type of pay raise to give themselves each year just before parliament closes for 3 months each summer. To be able to do this and still claim the moral high ground is an example of what Canadian individuals have to accept from their isolated MPs.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when MPs realize that this is the way things are done in Ottawa and individual Canadians just do not enter the picture.

The enthusiasm of MPs is washed away when they realize that politicians lie and lie in parliament and just brazen their way through question period. It is called question period, they say -- not answer period -- period.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when they hear daily cries for judicial inquiries into the prime ministers conduct and conflict of interest in Shawinigan and these cries are ignored.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when they realize that the parliamentary television camera is not allowed to point at their empty seat and the folks back home have no idea that they are really enjoying themselves in an exotic tropical country on a fact finding mission. Just like the other MPs.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when they realize that foolish, stupid and inept politicians may get reelected to office even though Canadians realize these problems.
Their enthusiasm is washed away when they realize that Ottawa itself is on autopilot and no one except the Prime Minister knows where they are going and he's not saying in case someone might call for an official inquiry.

Their enthusiasm is washed away when they realize that very few people really care about what is going on.

Trudeau claimed that MPs turn into instant nobodies the moment they were 50 yards from the House of Commons. Chretien learned everything he knows from Trudeau. He was Trudeau's justice minister. They wrote the flawed Charter together.
Canadians are just now beginning to realize that they are in deep trouble because they reelected the Liberals to Ottawa last November 2000. This latest 20% pay hike that the Liberals just took is only a drop in the bucket. They are only getting started. The lesions are about to continue. Stay tuned.

Canadians should have known because the list of Liberal shenanigans is long and peculiar. Liberals have little or no concern for taxpayers' money. The money is there to be taken or given to friends. Legally of course, through pay hikes or giveaways through HRDC or CIDA. They deny all conflict of interest in these giveaways. Prove it, they say.
1. Liberals promised to abolish Mulroney's GST and it was a major 1993 election promise. When Liberal MP John Nunziata voted against the 1996 budget for this reason, Mr. Chrétien kicked him out of the Liberal Caucus and excommunicated him from the Liberal Party. He was a living breathing example to the others -- what would happen to them if they showed the slightest independence.
2. They expropriated British Columbian property at Nanoose Bay, B.C.
3. They breached a signed contract in the Pearson Airport scandal. They denied compensation to the wronged parties. Then they were forced to pay $60-million in damages only taxpayers money.
4. They breached a signed purchase contract in the EH-101 helicopter scandal. They were then forced to pay $500 million in cancellation fees only taxpayers money.
5. They cut off the Somalia inquiry after it found uncomfortable evidence about the Liberals.
6. Protesters at APAC were pepper-sprayed by the RCMP and the Liberals covered the connection to the prime minister. The $5-million Inquiry sent Chretien an invitation to give evidence instead of a subpoena. He declined the invitation. Surprise. Surprise.
7. Liberals moved closure about 50 times in Parliament to cut off debate on their bills, including Sheila's Bill C-55.
8. Prime Minister Chretien showed his arrogance to Albertans when he appointed a senator-for-life from Alberta despite the fact that he knew Albertans had paid for an election to elect their own senators. The Governor General -- not the prime minister is supposed to appoint senators.
9. Prime Minister Jean Chretien was too busy skiing to attend the funeral of King Hussein of Jordan. Canada was the only member the Security Council or the G7 which did not send a Leader or Head of State to the funeral.
10. The party-disciplined Liberals defeated a Reform motion to use the notwithstanding clause to overturn a B.C. court decision declaring possession of child pornography legal. (143 to 129)
11. Liberals have an open-door policy to refugee claimants, spies and foreign terrorists. They also have strong connections with the huge immigration industry.
12. Both the arrogant socialist Liberals and the (NDP) B.C. government made a deal with the Nisga people without input from the citizens of B.C. Our politicians did not allow British Columbians to be heard.
13. Jean Chrétien gave his friends in Shawinigan: The Canoe Hall of Fame ($500,000); A tourism museum ($5 million); Several hotels ($3.8 million); A congress centre ($3 million); a fountain in the river - all complements of the Canadian taxpayer. More money than all the western provinces received. And no questions allowed or answers given.
14. Several shady people in Chretiens constituency received millions of dollars in taxpayers money to create jobs. There are so many unanswered questions about the shenanigans in Shawinigan that it would take an independent government inquiry to get to the bottom of this obvious conflict of interest. The Liberals refused to allow this inquiry. Surprise, surprise.
15. Liberals blamed the RCMP for building a private road into Chretien's cottage.
16. Liberals allow parliament to sit as seldom as possible (90 days in 2000). One way to cut down on the repetitive questions about Shawinigan.
17. Liberals refuse to talk about the flawed constitution.
18. They shred all incriminating papers.
19. They stall all scandals and cancel all inquiries.
20. They buy all elections with billions of taxpayers' money.
21. They buy all culture groups, have-not provinces, lobby groups and special-interest groups in Canada.
22. They vehemently represent all special-interest groups, minority groups, feminists, multicultural groups, aboriginals, deviate groups, the huge immigration industry, the vast CBC, the unions, the entertainment industry, the environmental movement, the nuclear industry, the monstrous federal bureaucracy and the Quebecois but have forgotten the average English-speaking Canadian.
23. They brought us the Airbus fiasco, which benefited Mulroney (He of the GST got more millions.).
24. They brought us unnecessary gun control for law abiding Canadians which benefited the criminals.
25. They brought us unemployment twice as high as the U.S.?
26. They brought us a 63-cent dollar.
27. They brought us forced bilingualism ($4 billion a year) and multiculturalism from coast to coast to coast.
28. They control 50% of the economy compared to government control of only 33% in the U.S.
29. They brought Canadians the highest taxes in the industrialized world.
30. They brought us a $600 billion national debt?
31. They ensured that all those appointed to the Supreme Court are not asked questions about their vested interested or hidden prejudices.
32. This ensured that these left wing appointees to the Supreme Court made left wing legal decisions -- pornography, homosexual rights, Indian land claims and Quebec separation.
33. They refused to use the notwithstanding clause while waiting for the leftist Supreme Court to put a leftist spin or cancel every law in the land. (58 laws since 1982)
34. They sent bombers to bomb civilians in Yugoslavia, all for human rights.
35. They sent our soldiers to Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, Rwanda (While a million people were being slaughtered), the Republic of Central Africa, Haiti and East Timor -- anywhere the United Nations pointed a finger.
36. They allowed all prisoners to vote. Guess who these criminals voted for?

The most amazing thing about all this; the Liberals got reelected for another four years. Go figure. This crowd makes the mafia look good. And now the Liberals are really going to teach Canadians a few lesions.

Another Dangerous Canadian Place Edit

The Vast Travels hidden by the Access to Information Act

Canada has had a problem for a number of years. Our federal government has grown too big and powerful and too isolated from Canadians. Parliament only sits approximately 120 days a year only 90 days in 2000 scandals and an election. Our federal politicians have been taxing and spending and traveling the world for many years. They speak to us in short sound bites from exotic foreign countries while we work our fingers to the bone trying to pay our exorbitant taxes. We have to wait until August before we can call our incomes our own. The Americans only have to wait until May maybe even sooner if George W gets his tax cuts. There is a certain undercurrent of resentment when ordinary Canadians see their tax dollars being squandered in exotic countries by planeloads of the prime ministers friends and federal MPs while the national debt is around $600 billion and the value of the Canadian dollar is dipping to 63 cents. It is either a conference or a team Canada excuse. The journalists who travel with the politicians have been bought with free plane tickets to the same exotic places. It is one big expensive bash the numbers are well hidden -- at the expense of the Canadian taxpayers. It often appears as if they are on a shopping spree trying to empty the treasury as quickly as possible.

Surely by now Mr. Chretien and his ministers have visited every country in the world, some several times. Unfortunately, if you check on the whereabouts of your MP, you will likely find that he is not available. He and many others are out of the country. They have their own travel agency that caters strictly to taxpayer-funded trips for MPs. And their schedules and itineraries are hidden by the Access to Information Act. And these are the same people who are at this very moment changing the Access to Information Act. Do you think they will improve the Act for themselves or for you?

Liberals # 9 (Pay Raise) Edit

The arrogance of the Liberals is breathtaking. They have a clear majority. They know that the opposition is in tatters. They know that they brazened their way through last years constant questions about the giveaways at HRDC and the missing billion dollars and 22 police investigations -- and got away with it. They know that they just bought another election by forking out taxpayers billions to certain areas. They know that Chretien just brazened his way in the Commons and barely avoided an inquiry into his obvious conflict of interest in Shawinigan by calling an election and then they know he admitted everything during the election and even then got reelected. They know they are home free and four years to go. They know that the public attention span is about four days. Therefore they know they can rob the treasury.
They can add the numbers to the $600 billion national debt and no one will know. And the Canadian dollar is always dropping recently 63 cents US so no one will notice a few more cents drop.

They just voted 202-58 (June 6th 2001) to raise their pay by $22,000. They got 14 Canadian Alliance MPs to vote for the raise.

Chretiens pay will go from $184,600 to $262,988.
Doesnt that make you feel better?

Liberals 11 (Immmigration) Edit

Canadian federal immigration policies border on mentally ill. Canada seems to have an open door policy as far as illegal immigrants, refugees and terrorists are concerned.

Ahmed Ressam came to Canada with a forged French passport. Despite this he was admitted to Canada because of the lax refugee policies. Then his refugee claim was turned down and even then he was not deported. How do you think he did that? Canada has a huge Liberal-connected immigration business -- huge buildings full of lawyers waiting for these illegal immigrants.

Ahmed Ressam was apprehended by US customs crossing from Canada to the US in December 1999 with a car packed with explosives. He and his co-conspirators were on their way to blow up the Los Angeles airport.

John Manley, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Elinor Caplan, Minister of Immigration recently balked at the idea of a continental perimeter on grounds that it might offend Canadas multicultural groups and bureaucracies.

Canadians need protection from their Liberal politicians.

Immigrants with HIV positive problems and AIDS are now allowed into Canada despite the fact that they could pose a risk to public health and could place excessive demands on the medical system while Canadians wait to be treated at their local Emergencies -- if the ambulance has not been rerouted to another hospital. Therefore it appears your average international refugee claimant who is also a terrorist, has AIDS, TB, leprosy, the plague, a bad cold and needs 24-hour a day medical attention, is also welcome in Canada. He will be given free medical treatment for whatever ails him and welfare for life, no questions asked, complements of the Canadian taxpayers. The Ottawa Liberals want to import immigrants so bad that they are willing to import a witches' brew of global problems and the docile Canadians who just reelected these Liberals are forced to accept this. The Liberal faith in international socialism and their stupidity is close to 100%. They want to allow 300,000 of these immigrants into Canada each year. The Ottawa Liberals know that this witches' brew will eventually repay them by voting for them. It doesn't matter if some of these immigrants are in due course sent to jail. The Liberals just gave all prisoners the vote. Guess who they vote for?

It often appears that the Ottawa Liberal socialists are more dedicated to their international socialist friends than the Soviet communists were to their international communist friends. The Liberals were just reelected, gave themselves a 20% pay raise and went on vacation for the summer. So up yours. Canadians are banned from checking their whereabouts, their empty seats in parliament through the parliamentary TV or their secret foreign itineraries.

Health Minister Allen Rock and Immigration Minister Elinor Caplin are more concerned about the stigma attached to immigrants with AIDS than they are about the crowded hospitals or their fellow Canadians.

Of the 105 people identified with HIV in New Zealand, 43 were refugees. Both New Zealand and Australia now refuse to allow refugees or immigrants unless they have an AIDS test before they arrive. Why do Canadian politicians put their international and UN policies before the health of their fellow Canadians? Why are these numbers kept secret from the public. Are the Liberals all mentally ill?

If you are Canadian, this should help you feel real warm and cozy towards your elected Ottawa Members of Parliament. Unfortunately you are locked in for 4 more years with these Liberals. You have no binding referendums, no recall of stupid politicians, no elected Senate, no voice in Ottawa and you do not even get to vote for your prime minister. But you don't deserve this even if you did just reelect them to Ottawa.

Liberals forbidden to click here Edit

Click on ... Diane Francis Edit

Canada must root out fake refugees

Diane Francis
Financial Post
On Sept. 23, 1997, I published a column in The Financial Post, citing Interpol sources, that dozens of Algerian terrorists were living in Montreal, posing as refugees.

In December, 1999, one of these terrorists was caught on his way to Los Angeles to blow up its international airport on New Year's Eve, 2000.

Despite the near-miss of 1999 -- and Ottawa's irresponsible failure to act on my serious warning in 1997 -- absolutely no changes have been made to immigration and refugee policy in this country. No changes have been made to bolster enforcement or investigatory manpower. In fact, budgets for investigators and prosecutions have been slashed.

And Elinor Caplan, the Immigration Minister, has slandered and libelled anyone who dares to criticize Ottawa's policies.

The past aside, it's important to understand why warnings were ignored so proper reforms can be made.

First, as happens, the Immigration Ministry circled its wagons. People always defend their incompetence, or are in denial. Most worrisome is that, over the years, those pushing a dangerous and economically damaging immigration/refugee agenda have infiltrated the highest echelons of this country. These people -- starting with Caplan herself -- must be rooted out immediately.

I began writing about these problems in 1989 when I found out about immigration/refugee scams. Three of my seven books have been about white-collar crime; I was tipped off about the problem by enforcement officials in Canada and around the world with whom I had built relationships.

My first column about this was in 1989, after my 1988 book Contrepreneurs came out. I found out that the Canadian criminals who had peddled billions of dollars worth of bogus stocks worldwide were now in the business of getting bad guys Canadian citizenship or entry. One of the most notorious fraudsters I investigated in that book -- a man originally from Africa and living in Europe -- was able to get Canadian citizenship despite a criminal record, a continuing investigation and without fulfilling the residency requirement. I tipped off Ottawa, but nothing was done to stop this disgusting human being from setting up shop in Vancouver.

I suspect bribery may have been involved, but I cannot prove this.

It became obvious to me Canada was the easiest mark in the world. It also became obvious to me there are people in this country's immigration and refugee system who may be on the take.

Which is why I believe financial resources and legal tools must now be dedicated to a swift, surgical removal of a large and growing cancer within Canadian culture.

This country has an untold number of undesirables who should be turfed out now: Russian Mafiosi; fake entrepreneurial immigrants who promised jobs and didn't deliver; Somali terrorists and warlords; Chinese triads; Honduran drug dealers in Vancouver; Tamils and Sikh terrorists; and dozens if not hundreds of dangerous Muslims in Montreal.

Ottawa must commission a special police unit to hunt down those who are missing and been ordered deported. Ottawa must profile suspected terrorists and deport them if ties to suspected terrorist groups are discovered. Any immigrant or refugee convicted of a crime must be deported immediately. The government must tighten visa procedures abroad and send back immediately anyone claiming refugee status from a safe third country within the past 10 years. (The vast majority of so-called refugees enter from the United States, Europe or Hong Kong and under United Nations' refugee policy should have been turned away immediately. They weren't, for some strange and suspicious reasons.)

Lastly, Ottawa must trash its current procedures and replace all its patronage-appointed immigration and refugee judges, some from terrorist countries, with real judges who are armed with investigatory tools.

Cleaning this up must be a national priority; otherwise, the United States will tighten its border controls -- and deserves to. Truck line-ups at the border and beefed-up customs inspections will become a way of life, delaying exports to the United States. This will cost Canadians jobs as U.S. corporations will close Canadian branch plants or shelve expansion plans north of the border due to the risk of delays.

More importantly, cleaning up this situation must become a priority for the safety of Canadians. Let's not forget one plan concocted by Muslim terrorists in Montreal was to blow up a Toronto neighbourhood populated mostly by Jews.

Let's also not forget Sikh terrorists were responsible for the biggest mass murder in Canadian history -- the Air India bombing more than 20 years ago. Perhaps I first realized the threat to Canada because one of the victims of that flight was a nine-year-old girl who was my daughter's playmate. Most of those who died on that jet were Canadian immigrants from India who, ironically, fell victim to the terrorism they left behind because Ottawa didn't do its job.

Good immigration is good for a country. Bad immigration is not.

Real refugees, those living in camps because of disaster or war, should be harboured. Sick or violent people posing as refugees should not.

Free Advice to the Liberals in Ottawa:
1. An alphabet-soup of tax-and-spend projects and programs will not help Canada.
2. More Atlantic Canada initiatives will not help Canada.
3. More HRDC giveaways to fellow Liberals especially in Shawinigan will not help Canada.
4. More CIDA giveaways to foreign socialist dictators will not help Canada.
5. More global travel of politicians and bureaucrats will not help Canada.
6. Pouring Canadian taxpayers money into UN agencies no matter the cause, will not help Canada.
7. The appointment of someone with a title like Ethics Commissioner to give a pass on these projects will not help Canada.
8. More government propaganda machines such as the CBC will not help Canada.
9. More back-room deals and pigs at the trough will not help Canada.
10. A $600 billion debt does not help Canada.
11. A 63-cent dollar does not help Canada.
12. One honest politician could help Canada.

Canadians are not allowed opinions in these matters or property rights in Chretien's Charter or binding referendums or recall or answers in parliament. And if an individual politician is bold enough to stand up in parliament and say "No," a Liberal will likely stand up and shout "Racism!"
What are the odds that the Liberals will take this advice? Zero. Therefore Canada is not only in deep trouble but going deeper.


Liberal-UN Love-In




James Bredin


Canada-US animosity has increased since 9/11,

And Liberals just behave like they're in seventh heaven,

Didn't bother to try to even help out over there in Iraq,

Went to Afghanistan instead in tin jeeps and stood way back.


And there are no terrorists in Canada they always claimed,

Forgot about him caught at the US border and named,

They're into United Nations stuff in such a big way,

Wrote the Charter for "everyone" so their refugees could stay.


Make it legal with an immigration refugee board,

Staffed by Liberal life-time appointees who have scored,

Because refugees rarely if ever get turned away,

Through series of endless postponements and doubtful delay.


It's obvious but not mentioned that we're a basket case,

Where Canadians just have to embrace this indiscrete disgrace,

In lock step, in line, marching to the Liberal repression,

History is full of examples of this type of indiscretion.


As in history; their media pumps out their propaganda,

All decisions will be in keeping with socialist agenda,

And if some journalist should decide to even rock the boat,

Might get raided by the RCMP for what he/she wrote.


Liberals gloat as Canada-US animosity grows,

From 911 to SARS to mad cow to cross border flows,

In their little socialist world everything should stand still,

Status quo of no referendums or recall on parliament hill.




Tuesday, January 27, 2004

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