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A Few Questions for Prime Minister Paul Martin




James Bredin


Please Paul: Why did you give that twenty eight percent raise in pay?

To your civil servants who do very little by night or day,

Is this the change we waited and waited for so very long?

Or are you just a Chrétien clone and always get it wrong?



Could we elect a Senate or even a prime minister?

Should we have impeachment to improve the way they administer?

Was our Charter of Rights written for the United Nations?

For everyone in the world in their far distant locations.?



Should we have property rights written into our constitution?

Or be stuck in your status quo that denies evolution?

Will there come a day when we'll be allowed binding referenda?

Is proportional representation in your agenda?



Should we have recall of politicians who are drunk or brain dead?

Are we denied wind turbines for nuclear reactors instead?

Will you pay down the national debt --  six hundred billion and climbing?

Never mentioned in Liberal papers -- probably the wrong timing.


Friday, January 16, 2004


Dear Mr. Chretien: I believe you were not all that happy about having to resign.

That fellow Francois Beaudoin that you appointed president of the Business Development Bank of Canada did not seem to realize that he owed you. He should have been more respectful to the prime minister. He wanted a public inquiry. But already this issue has been clouded over in the public mind.  
You should have appoint one of your socialist friends to conduct an inquiry just to spite him. You have already admitted everything and you did it during an election and Canadians had an opportunity to decide and they still voted for your party. No inquiry could touch you. These inquiries like the Somalia Inquiry or the APEC Inquiry or the Krever Inquiry can take years. An inquiry could be delayed, slowed down, stretched out, cancelled, shut down or ignored as you know. You have the Ethics Commissioner Mr. Wilson and the RCMP Commissioner on your side -- both of whom you appointed to their positions. You only need an invitation to give evidence -- not a subpoena -- and you can be too busy to accept the invitation just like the APEC inquiry. 

Incidentally Mr. Chretien I didn't vote for you as you know. No Canadian voted for you to be prime minister. Only your sycophant socialist friends in the Liberal Party voted for you to be their leader. Speaking of voters; the next time the separatists vote in a referendum -- either in Quebec or the West -- they will be thinking of you. Don't worry. No one in Quebec at the moment has the guts to pull another referendum. You made sure of that -- $5.5 billion a year in equalization payments, just to keep them quiet.

I read about your nephew Raymond Chretien that you appointed ambassador to Washington. He got involved in the American presidential election by saying that Canada preferred Gore instead of George W Bush. That is fairly heavy duty interference in a free presidential election in a foreign democratic country by an appointed ambassador and nephew of yours.

Let us hope that Canada does not suffer because of this stupid interference. Why are Canadians denied the checks and balances that Americans have on their politicians? Why are Canadians so politically obedient? Why did Canada fail to qualify for the high level Moodys AAA rating that it held as a steady AAA rating from 1974 to 1994? Why did you break your promise about the GST?

It now appears that your legacy to Canadian history will be:
1. Your shenanigans in Shawinigan.
2. The $600-billion national debt.
3. The HRDC giveaways of $billions to friends.
4. The CIDA giveaways of $billions to foreign socialists.
5. A 50-70 cent dollar. At least it's better than a 20-cent dollar.  But a long way from a real dollar.  You remember when our dollar was worth a dollar. 
6. Complete US dollarization of the Canadian economy because no one will trust the ever changing value of the Canadian dollar.

I dread to say it but you make Mr. Mulroney (he of the GST) look good.

Respectfully Submitted
James Bredin

The Loonie (Canadian dollar) has a tendency to jump up and down.  This poem was written when it had dropped down near sixty cents. 



Liberals and Deficit Financing


Canadians have been conned since nineteen ninety three

That's when the lousy Liberals promised, no GST

But they kept the GST and increased the national debt

Six hundred billion plus are the numbers we get


So the Canadian dollar slid down to sixty-two cents

If it dips down to nine well all be living in tents

Liberals will be happy 'cause they always have a plan

To visit Third World friends and improve on their tan


And then they'll celebrate when it comes back up to a dime

Because the previous day it went down to seven point nine

When the national credit cards have all been maxed out

And bankruptcy is bleak before Liberals are put to rout.


They'll just tax and spend as usual and forget about numbers

Forget about the currency, the grumblers and the mumblers,

It's their policies they point to all those people who are poor

In foreign fields far away where they've just been on tour


We should worship all the icons the Liberals loudly tell us

Like Trudeau or the Charter and all socialists who are zealous

And give all these refugees, those who have three or four wives

Welfare like the Senate for the remainder of their lives


They call it security financing as they tax and spend some more

Though the currency has gone through a hole in the floor

When the shenanigans in Shawinigan dont bring any shame

'Cause the Mounties and ethics guy said no one was to blame


And Canadians are mesmerized by all this fancy footwork

Of crooked politicians who bring budgets down like clockwork

And then they buy elections with published explanations

Billions or millions to the proper province or organizations

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