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Questions that should be asked in parliament.

I realize that MPs are very busy -- too busy to read anything on the Internet. Some of them have problems attempting to figure out what questions to ask in parliament. Therefore I have put together just 10 questions to which Canadians would like answers:
1. Why was Ahmed Ressam (eventually arrested by the Americans smuggling a carload of explosives to blow up Los Angeles Airport) allowed to walk free despite a deportation order in Canada?

2. How many people have been deported this year?

3. How many others like Ahmed Ressam, who were given deportation orders, are still free in Canada?

4. Is it possible for Canadians to know who is being deported from Canada or is this information also hidden by the Access to Information Act?

5. Is it possible to post the names daily on a government web site of those claiming refugee status and the reasons?

6. Why was Hedy Fry, Minister of Multiculturalism at the time, allowed to stay at that UN conference on racism in Durban S. Africa until the bitter end -- just 4 days before the New York terrorist incident -- despite the fact that Israel and the US pulled out?

7. Why is the parliamentary TV camera only allowed to show the person speaking in parliament and those few about him/her and never pan the whole room or the empty seats?

8. Is it possible to rewrite the Charter of Rights because certain provinces and minority activist groups receive special treatment, so that all Canadians might be treated equally by their government and the courts?

9. Why was Prime Minister Chretien and then Immigration Minister Elenor Caplan so opposed to open borders with the US and continental joint protection against terrorists?

10. When can Canadians have proportional representation instead of a majority Liberal Party which in reality only represents less than one in four Canadians?


The history of Europe is filled with wars about borders. In recent times, since the European Common Market, the Europeans have seen the light and although they have not eliminated borders, they have eliminated the long line ups and checks at borders. People can now pass from one EU country to another EU country as easy as passing from one Canadian province to another or as easy as passing from one US state to another. The lineups occur at the Canada-US border and the Mexico-US border.

The US is interested in discussing common border issues with fellow NAFTA countries Canada and Mexico.

Unfortunately powerful Liberal politicians John Manley, Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time and Elinor Caplan, Minister of Immigration at the time, with their own interests at stake, have rejected this idea even though it might improve trade. More than $1.7 billion (US) in goods and services crosses the border each day and it increases 11% each year. More than 200 million travelers cross the border annually. The delays at the border can dramatically delay and interfere with this movement of goods and people.

The concept of an immigration perimeter around these NAFTA countries might bring some sanity back to the out-of-control Canadian Immigration. Someone might have to tell the incoming flood of refugees, illegals and terrorists, that they can't come any more.

This idea does not sit well with the Immigration industry or the secretive Liberals in Ottawa -- a government that can loose a billion dollars at HRDC and not call an inquiry. The Liberals will do anything to preserve their power and secrets.

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