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Mathew Coon Come made an inflammatory speech to a large activist audience in Durban South Africa a week before 911. He said that the government often mistreats Canadian Indians. We know that this is a lie but the various Canadian governments brought this on themselves by being slaves to political correctness. Hedy Fry, head of multiculturalism at the time was also in Durban.  She stayed despite the fact that the Americans and the Isralies walked out. 

The Federal government and provincial governments have quotas for employing Indians in order to ensure that they have employment regardless of their education or qualifications. The Law Society of Upper Canada even has different standards for admission to the bar for whites and native Indians. Indians get free university education. Remember that when you fork out those big bucks for your kids university education.

Anything bought on an Indian reserve or delivered there is exempt provincial taxes. That means everything from TVs to automobiles to legal services. Indians living on reserves do not pay income tax.

The federal government spends $7 billion a year on Indians. The provincial governments spend $3 billion on Indians. That means they spend $40,000 + + a year on each Indian. And that's not counting the $1 billion lost in exempt income taxes or the multitude of other free goodies. Each and every Canadian donates $500 a year to support these Indians. Your newborn baby donates that amount.

These numbers are mind-boggling because when the Indians receive this money, they do not have to account for it. And the politically correct politicians who shovel the taxpayers money towards the Indians are afraid to speak out. Someone might stand up in parliament and scream "racist" or "mean-spirited."

No Canadian government -- provincial or federal -- has had the guts to use the notwithstanding clause of the Charter of Rights (Sec 33) despite the mentally ill decisions of the Supreme Court that allowed British Columbian Indians (Delgamuukw case) to claim 110% of British Columbia while Canadians themselves have no property rights in the Charter of Rights and are denied the right to vote on Indian Nisga'a land. Indians have also claimed the ground under the British Columbia legislature because of these Supreme Court decisions and the Nisga'a Treaty. The results of this case and the Nisga'a Treaty will eventually come home to haunt all the provinces and all Canadians. But still Canadian politicians keep shoveling the money and behave as though they were sinking in a politically-correct swamp.

Canada may go bankrupt and mentally ill because of the Indians but god forbid that anyone would point a finger or even tell Mathew Coon Come that he is out to lunch or ask him who paid for the nice coloring book he handed out or his trip to S Africa.

Canada is probably the only country in the world that could go down the drain because of political correctness and Canadians are not aware of it yet.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled against British Columbian sovereignty in the Delgamuukw case. They ruled that native title had never been extinguished and that the rule of common law was no longer supreme. Since Trudeau wrote the Charter of Rights, Supreme Court justices are allowed to base their decisions on whatever they read in the tealeaves of the Charter on that day. Common law or previous court decisions have no bearing on their decisions.

The court also ruled that no province has absolute jurisdiction over lands affected by Indian claims. Canadian reaction to this ruling has been somewhat complacent because the ruling mostly affected British Columbia where 110% of the province could be up for grabs in treaty negotiations. But this ruling could have huge consequences in other provinces where Indian land claims are before the courts.

But despite the strange decision, no Canadian politicians -- federal or provincial -- used the notwithstanding clause of the Charter. Therefore the Sumprme Court has been given free reign with their off-the-wall decisions. And worse; they cannot be questioned before their appointments or after their oddball decisions.

The court also ruled that aboriginal oral evidence must be given the same weight as other evidence. In other words hearsay evidence would be accepted from Indians in land claim cases. No Canadian can question Supreme Court rulings. They are infallible. Even if the oral evidence is a lie. This oral evidence has been raised to the level of documented and first-hand evidence. Chief Justice Antonio Lamer went on to say that despite the subjective nature of aboriginal oral history, "the laws of evidence must be adapted" in order to place such evidence on "an equal footing with the types of historical evidence that courts are familiar with."

And still no politician used the notwithstanding clause.

Not only has the Supreme Court changed 58 federal and provincial laws by their infallible decisions but they have defied the federal government or the provincial governments to do anything about it. And the governments who made the laws have washed their hands of the issue. The Supreme Court makes more laws by their decisions than the federal or provincial governments. It is politically correct judicial dictatorship.

No Canadian politician will use the notwithstanding clause in these cases.

Therefore large numbers of Canadians are liable to find themselves living on Indian reserves where they will not have a claim to their property and they will not have a vote. This has already happened in the Nisgaa treaty. Trudeau and Chretien planned it all when they wrote the Charter. Canadians have no property rights in the Charter. Indians themselves do not have property rights in Canada and even on their own reserves cannot own land as individuals. It is a group thing. It is all very politically correct and it is all steps toward communism.

At what point will Canadians wake up? There are hundreds of Indian land claim cases before the courts. You may be standing on ground that is now claimed by Indians bands -- not Indian individuals. Is it possible that Canada could be gradually given to the Indian bands, one Supreme Court decision after another and no one will protest? Will Canadians surrender their guns and then their property, then complete control of their lives to the state because of Supreme Court decisions?
Are we all going nuts?

Does anyone know about the notwithstanding clause (section 33 of the Charter)?


If the federal government decided to give your land, your house and your home to the Indians and told you, not only are you going to loose everything but you are also going to support these Indians with your income taxes for the rest of your life, you might be a little uneasy.

The federal government might say, "Sorry, but you should have realized that you have no rights to property in the Canadian Charter of Rights. Did you not read Section 35 of the Charter? The Indians have special rights. You don't. And it's the proper socialist thing to do."

This might seem to be a strange scenario but unfortunately it has already happened in Canada. It is a terrible thing to see your country set a course for disaster -- a northern apartheid system. The Ottawa government seems to have the self-destructive tendency of the foolhardy, the mentally ill or dogmatic communists.

The Nisga'a treaty received royal assent in Canada (April 13th, 2000). Apathetic Canadians look on more than a little confused as they watch their country being given to the Indians. The Nisga'a people will have a referendum on the treaty but the people of Canada and British Columbia will be denied a referendum on the treaty. Do you see something strange in this equation? The Nisga'a leaders have faith in their people to have a referendum but not the politicians from Victoria or Ottawa.

Unfortunately the new Nisga'a treaty is like apartheid in South Africa -- white settlers can't vote in the Nisga'a treaty territories. And just as the racist apartheid system tormented South Africa, the Nisga'a treaty and its clones will cause widespread animosity and division in Canada. It does not take a prophet to foresee these problems as we flirt with anarchy and more increased taxes for the giant bureaucracies to oversee the treaties.

The predicament is, that even though we can foresee these forthcoming troubles now, the federal government is blind to the problems. These Liberal socialists seem to think that their socialist philosophies will solve the problems of Canada and the world. The founders of the Socialist Republics of the Soviet Union were also committed and just as blind but long dead before the people were allowed to do something about that unworkable system. The government of South Africa eventually realized that apartheid was unworkable. Let's hope it does not take as long for the Ottawa government to realize that the Nisga'a treaty system is racist, unworkable and imposed on Canadians no referendum for non-Indians.

This Nisga'a treaty together with those that will follow, using it as a template 50 other land claims in the works -- have the potential to crack Canada worse than Quebec separatism. In Alberta alone, the total value of Indian land claims against the province and the feds exceeds $107 billion. In British Columbia various Indian tribes (At least 60 bands in B.C. alone) claim 110% of the province.

Western alienation is growing by leaps and bounds and an eastern Quebecois prime minister sends another Quebecois to teach the westerners about rough love.

The Ottawa government already spends $6.5 billion to support 680,000 Indians and Inuit. This type of support has, of course, caused the Indians and Inuit to become lethargic and dependent on government handouts. These conditions coupled with the fact that Indians cannot own land as individuals on their reserves, has already proven to be an ongoing disaster. Even the Auditor General has lambasted the federal government for failing to address widespread corruption plaguing band councils. Canadas future problems are being self-inflicted now.



The appointed-for-life Supreme Court has decided in all their wisdom that a province can indeed break away from Canada under certain conditions. It only requires a referendum with a clear question and a clear majority. A clear majority is 50%+1 in the real world.

The Clarity Act reserves for the House of Commons the right to decide for itself whether these conditions have been met. Therefore no province can secede from Canada regardless of the referendum question or the clear majority if the House of Commons decides they cannot go.

Chretien then added another little stinger. Parliament passed an amendment on Tuesday March 7th, 2000 to the Clarity Bill that will allow aboriginals to be among those who will decide if the result of any future secessionist referendum will pass. Therefore Indians will now have a say in whether the Quebec referendum question or the Alberta referendum question is a clear expression of the will of the people to secede from Canada. It also means that the Indians of northern Quebec or Alberta or BC will stop all separatist movements. These separatist movements could interfere with the huge amounts of money the feds dole out to the Indians. It strictly political terms it means that Chretien has once again out maneuvered his political adversaries before they even knew it.

Does it mean western alienation is finished before it even got properly started. Westerners should realize they are dealing with Chretien -- not some country hick. Anyone who can get away with putting more federal money into his own home town than all the western provinces should be watched carefully.

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