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Canadian Nuclear Stuff //

Canadian Nuclear Power

Pickering Nuclear Power Station

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Nuclear Commission




James Bredin



Are we so subservient with our heads in the sand?

Silent as they tell us 'bout their new nuclear plan.

They never cite Chernobyl -- that near meltdown site,

Meltdown nuclear radiation radioactive flight,



Soviet Union what do you expect -- no democracy,

Cancer then added to their communist autocracy,

But here in Canada, the lobby's exactly the same,

Nuclear addled nerds have charge of the cancer game.



Here these elites will study and form a commission,

And learn the impact of a Canadian meltdown condition.

How many towns and villages would have to be deserted?

Should the people in the City of Toronto be alerted?



And most important; who should take the blame?

For this national disaster nuclear meltdown shame?

Can't put the onus on one Ottawa politician,

'Cause they'll write the report of this $tudy commi$$ion.


Radioactive radiation released will shift with the wind,

And those downwind will pay for those who have sinned,

For being silent and subservient when they should protest,

For corrupt politicians who should be under arrest,



But the elite appointees of ethics in Ottawa feel secure,

Far from nuclear radiation and no need for a cancer cure,

Propaganda pushed by policies and all will be shelved,

Prancing pious pompous prate though nothing was delved.




This is the time and temperature
in Toronto right now.

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) is a colossal expensive money loser.  Without the continuous support of the federal government's uncounted billions of taxpayers dollars -- it would have died 30 years ago.  This love affair with nuclear power makes sense if it is cheaper, cleaner and safer.  It is none of these three.  It could be compared to having a tiger by the tail.  And the tiger is hungry.  Should you let the tiger go and run or stay and get eaten?  The last thing we need in a situation like this is a politician with management words straight out of an AECL handbook.


Nuclear power in Canada has always been an expensive, dangerous and government supported boondoggle. 


  Between 1947 and 1994 the federal government gave AECL $19 billion.  The billions and the millions seem to loose their connection with reality after a while -- $100 million a year subsidy.  Their CANDU nuclear reactors have been declared a commercial failure.  They have not sold a CANDU reactor in ten years while AECL grasps at straws to sell them.  Why does the federal government continue to finance such a failed, stupid and dangerous operation?  How do we get out of this swamp?



They assure us that everything is fine while we wait downwind for their irresponsibility to be proven in another Chernobyl-type accident.  It is a graphic illustration of how isolated Ottawa politicians are from ordinary Canadians who pay the highest income taxes in the world and live downwind from 8 Pickering nuclear reactors. 


We know very little about this problem because the secretive nuclear nerds will not tell us.  No one accepts responsibility for mistakes.  Nuclear nerds, like born again religious types on TV, all profess to have the faith and we should join them and also have faith  -- that there is no problem with nuclear power.  Those who do not believe them are probably unclean, misdirected and obviously in need of education. We are like lambs being led to Chernobyl. 


Does anyone really know?  Does anyone care?  But it gets worse.  On April Fools Day 1999 the government exempted Ontario Hydro from the Freedom of Information laws.  Go back to sleep.  Therefore not only do we not know but we cant find out.


The cult of nuclear nerds combine their secrecy obsession with attitude, antagonism, confusion and delays.  Add to this, complete Canadian public complacency and finger-pointing politicians and everyone remains apathetic about radioactivity. 

Have we all gone mentally ill?


We need an open inquiry into this whole situation. But this is not likely in a country that could not have an inquiry about the Missing billion at HRDC or the Shawinigan shenanigans.  Both nuclear nerds and Ottawa politicians have a lot to hide.  Guess who will get the dirty end of this nuclear stick?


An accident at Bruce Power helped to keep one of Ontario's major generating units out of action all summer of 2002 a shutdown that was never made public as record heat sent electricity prices soaring.  They finally reopened again secretly in September.  If a Chernobyl type incident (near meltdown) should occur, will this secrecy prevail or will someone be kind enough to inform the public?  Will we have to wait till we glow in the dark before they tell us?


Ontario Power Generation has just spent $2.1 billion rebuilding one of the giant Pickering Nuclear facilities but has yet to provide enough electricity to light one light bulb.  A nuclear station has never been rebuilt in the history of the world.  They spent 3 years in planning and 2 years in construction.  It was supposed to be ready for peak demand in July 2003.  But guess what.  It wont be ready.  And this is only the tiny tip of a huge iceberg.


Go back to sleep.

Nuclear Stuff




James Bredin


Nuclear power they say is essential,

Like Chernobyl it has certain potential,

Like Three Mile Island -- a near meltdown,

Expensive too but covered by the crown,

And all those nuclear physicists types,

With their AECL propaganda hypes,

Cost taxpayers $billions day in day out,

Like a new religion they have no doubt,

Unfortunately this makes me feel assured,

That leaked radiation may be obscured.

They tell us the CANDU reactor is secure,

No reason for Canadians to feel unsure,

But people who are all that committed,

Could hide flaws that were never admitted.

The Nuclear Waste Problem




James Bredin


They built CANDU reactors in the fifties in haste,

Never thought much about all that nuclear waste,

Their total commitment has left us a bad taste,

Where to stash the stuff -- radioactive and cancer laced.


They established a panel and conferred at length,

Then formed a committee and discussed what they spent,

Don't panic the public; we have to pay the rent,

'Cause if this stuff blows, they'll be living in a tent.


We need a waste management organization they say,

Private but government funded -- taxpayers pay.

To dig a hole and hide these spent nuclear rods away

Deep in the Canadian Shield someplace faraway.


This nuclear stuff stays active for thousands of years,

We may be treating our descendents to terrible tears,

This long-term planning -- they're giving us the gears

And their propaganda is reason enough to have fears.


Environmental assessment is a phrase that they use,

To hide their objectives and continue their ruse,

We are the unfortunates, who will eventually loose,

Don't phone your politician, he's away on a cruise.


Lets call a moratorium on all this nuclear stuff,

Switch to gas, coal or oil -- enough is enough,

But he signed Kyoto and then pushed it through,

Concern for Chernobyl is late for me or you.


Referendums and callbacks might keep them in check,

'Cause this nuclear cult is a pain in the neck,

Their nuclear lobby is high up there on the deck

Of Titanic politicians near a nuclear wreck.



Nuclear Headlines February 7th, 2003




James Bredin


They say the staff cut corner at the nuclear plant today

Headlines in the Star and these implications won't go 'way

Inappropriate behavior, they wrote was the real reason

Public paid no attention because they read it every season



And a Pickering employee pressured to submit a false report

Didn't say about what where or when or who was in consort

Because so few know what goes on inside a nuclear plant

Fine functionaries fumble frequently and nobody said they can't



The quality control inspectors just want to keep their jobs

They don't want to be part of those unemployed mobs

So they'll restart the reactor because they have the authority

Theyll have another meeting to discuss priority with the majority



Their safety propaganda is worthy of Joseph Stalin's crowd

And what really happens is kept behind their big secret shroud

We may find out about this stuff if or when a fire occurs

Amid the smoke and radioactivity and nuclear nerd slurs



But no worry cause Ministry of Environment says its okay

They just signed Kyoto and the taxpayers will pay and pay

Forget Three Mile Island and near meltdown at Chernobyl

We're not like them; were nuclear workers and were so noble


Friday, February 07, 2003








Change our Electrical System Now




James Bredin



Today was no different the usual day of the week,

Again they failed to report and hid another nuclear leak,

And the nuclear commissioners left completely in the dark,

They may as well have gone and had a long walk in the park,



The public watchdog on nuclear guys only knew what they were told,

Appointees who knew no nuclear stuff can easily be sold,

A false bill of goods about serious radioactive leaks,

That could radiate the region into radioactive freaks.



And the public has been conditioned because of repetition,

Insignificant on page seven with some competition,

Like yesterdays news; it will all quietly blow away,

Except at Chernobyl where those in the wind still suffer today.



Unfortunately were caught because of technology they bought,

And their refusal to back off or change what they have wrought,

Somewhere in their management I detect someone very thick,

Wind generated electricity is clean, its easy and its quick.



Tuesday, March 04, 2003




The Smoke from the Nuclear Power Station




James Bredin



The Ukraine city of Pripyat died in nineteen eighty six,

Nothing left but the sarcophagus -- a huge big pile of bricks,

Since the Chernobyl nuclear station burned, they all fled,

And died by the thousands in their radiated cancer dread.




Those who didn't die were doomed to the memory of misery,

Because they had believed their governments demagoguery,

That Chernobyl was safe and bureaucrats would never never lie,

They needed a source -- a huge nuclear electrical supply.




And radiation exposure is a dreadful way to go,

As they tell us the CANDU reactors will never never blow,

And just like the poor people of Pripyat our people believe,

And government propaganda is all we're allowed to receive.




Let's hope that Pickering or Darlington will never never burn,

But should the people who live downwind show the slightest concern?

Is the distant government in Ottawa so truthful and square?

Or should those who are watching the smoke say the occasional prayer?


Monday, December 29, 2003





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