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It is apparent that special-interest groups have influenced the Canadian Government and the Canadian Supreme Court to an extraordinary degree. The list of these groups is long and strange -- everything from anarchists to homosexual feminists. But no one in the world seems to have a list of these special-interest groups or lobby groups though it is obvious their hidden hands control government policy.

Canadians have come under the spell of their twisted but politically correct policies and Canadians are now beginning to feel helpless. It is therefore in the interest of all Canadians to know who is influencing the big decisions being made by the government and the Supreme Court.
The twisted logic of these socialists, communists, feminists, human-rights types, multiculturalists, homosexuals and other special-interest groups, is an indication of where they want to take us -- special lessons in schools. It is not democracy. It is a place where groups rule and individual rights and property rights are non-existent. It is a socialist heaven where everyone is categorized according to his or her assigned group. It is a place where the socialist central government rules every aspect of human existence from where you live to where you are buried.
Keep the faith.

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