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Liberals 11 (Immmigration)


Canadian Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan

Canadian federal immigration policies border on mentally ill. Canada seems to have an open door policy as far as illegal immigrants, refugees and terrorists are concerned.

Ahmed Ressam came to Canada with a forged French passport. Despite this he was admitted to Canada because of the lax refugee policies. Then his refugee claim was turned down and even then he was not deported. How do you think he did that? Canada has a huge Liberal-connected immigration business -- huge buildings full of lawyers waiting for these illegal immigrants.

Ahmed Ressam was apprehended by US customs crossing from Canada to the US in December 1999 with a car packed with explosives. He and his co-conspirators were on their way to blow up the Los Angeles airport.

John Manley, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Elinor Caplan, Minister of Immigration recently balked at the idea of a continental perimeter on grounds that it might offend Canadas multicultural groups and bureaucracies.

Canadians need protection from their Liberal politicians.

Immigrants with HIV positive problems and AIDS are now allowed into Canada despite the fact that they could pose a risk to public health and could place excessive demands on the medical system while Canadians wait to be treated at their local Emergencies -- if the ambulance has not been rerouted to another hospital. Therefore it appears your average international refugee claimant who is also a terrorist, has AIDS, TB, leprosy, the plague, a bad cold and needs 24-hour a day medical attention, is also welcome in Canada. He will be given free medical treatment for whatever ails him and welfare for life, no questions asked, complements of the Canadian taxpayers. The Ottawa Liberals want to import immigrants so bad that they are willing to import a witches' brew of global problems and the docile Canadians who just reelected these Liberals are forced to accept this. The Liberal faith in international socialism and their stupidity is close to 100%. They want to allow 300,000 of these immigrants into Canada each year. The Ottawa Liberals know that this witches' brew will eventually repay them by voting for them. It doesn't matter if some of these immigrants are in due course sent to jail. The Liberals just gave all prisoners the vote. Guess who they vote for?

It often appears that the Ottawa Liberal socialists are more dedicated to their international socialist friends than the Soviet communists were to their international communist friends. The Liberals were just reelected, gave themselves a 20% pay raise and went on vacation for the summer. So up yours. Canadians are banned from checking their whereabouts, their empty seats in parliament through the parliamentary TV or their secret foreign itineraries.

Health Minister Allen Rock and Immigration Minister Elinor Caplin are more concerned about the stigma attached to immigrants with AIDS than they are about the crowded hospitals or their fellow Canadians.

Of the 105 people identified with HIV in New Zealand, 43 were refugees. Both New Zealand and Australia now refuse to allow refugees or immigrants unless they have an AIDS test before they arrive. Why do Canadian politicians put their international and UN policies before the health of their fellow Canadians? Why are these numbers kept secret from the public. Are the Liberals all mentally ill?

If you are Canadian, this should help you feel real warm and cozy towards your elected Ottawa Members of Parliament. Unfortunately you are locked in for 4 more years with these Liberals. You have no binding referendums, no recall of stupid politicians, no elected Senate, no voice in Ottawa and you do not even get to vote for your prime minister. But you don't deserve this even if you did just reelect them to Ottawa.

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Canadian Health Minister Allen Rock

Elenor's Letter to the Star Tuesday June 19th, 2001

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Canada must root out fake refugees

Diane Francis
Financial Post
On Sept. 23, 1997, I published a column in The Financial Post, citing Interpol sources, that dozens of Algerian terrorists were living in Montreal, posing as refugees.

In December, 1999, one of these terrorists was caught on his way to Los Angeles to blow up its international airport on New Year's Eve, 2000.

Despite the near-miss of 1999 -- and Ottawa's irresponsible failure to act on my serious warning in 1997 -- absolutely no changes have been made to immigration and refugee policy in this country. No changes have been made to bolster enforcement or investigatory manpower. In fact, budgets for investigators and prosecutions have been slashed.

And Elinor Caplan, the Immigration Minister, has slandered and libelled anyone who dares to criticize Ottawa's policies.

The past aside, it's important to understand why warnings were ignored so proper reforms can be made.

First, as happens, the Immigration Ministry circled its wagons. People always defend their incompetence, or are in denial. Most worrisome is that, over the years, those pushing a dangerous and economically damaging immigration/refugee agenda have infiltrated the highest echelons of this country. These people -- starting with Caplan herself -- must be rooted out immediately.

I began writing about these problems in 1989 when I found out about immigration/refugee scams. Three of my seven books have been about white-collar crime; I was tipped off about the problem by enforcement officials in Canada and around the world with whom I had built relationships.

My first column about this was in 1989, after my 1988 book Contrepreneurs came out. I found out that the Canadian criminals who had peddled billions of dollars worth of bogus stocks worldwide were now in the business of getting bad guys Canadian citizenship or entry. One of the most notorious fraudsters I investigated in that book -- a man originally from Africa and living in Europe -- was able to get Canadian citizenship despite a criminal record, a continuing investigation and without fulfilling the residency requirement. I tipped off Ottawa, but nothing was done to stop this disgusting human being from setting up shop in Vancouver.

I suspect bribery may have been involved, but I cannot prove this.

It became obvious to me Canada was the easiest mark in the world. It also became obvious to me there are people in this country's immigration and refugee system who may be on the take.

Which is why I believe financial resources and legal tools must now be dedicated to a swift, surgical removal of a large and growing cancer within Canadian culture.

This country has an untold number of undesirables who should be turfed out now: Russian Mafiosi; fake entrepreneurial immigrants who promised jobs and didn't deliver; Somali terrorists and warlords; Chinese triads; Honduran drug dealers in Vancouver; Tamils and Sikh terrorists; and dozens if not hundreds of dangerous Muslims in Montreal.

Ottawa must commission a special police unit to hunt down those who are missing and been ordered deported. Ottawa must profile suspected terrorists and deport them if ties to suspected terrorist groups are discovered. Any immigrant or refugee convicted of a crime must be deported immediately. The government must tighten visa procedures abroad and send back immediately anyone claiming refugee status from a safe third country within the past 10 years. (The vast majority of so-called refugees enter from the United States, Europe or Hong Kong and under United Nations' refugee policy should have been turned away immediately. They weren't, for some strange and suspicious reasons.)

Lastly, Ottawa must trash its current procedures and replace all its patronage-appointed immigration and refugee judges, some from terrorist countries, with real judges who are armed with investigatory tools.

Cleaning this up must be a national priority; otherwise, the United States will tighten its border controls -- and deserves to. Truck line-ups at the border and beefed-up customs inspections will become a way of life, delaying exports to the United States. This will cost Canadians jobs as U.S. corporations will close Canadian branch plants or shelve expansion plans north of the border due to the risk of delays.

More importantly, cleaning up this situation must become a priority for the safety of Canadians. Let's not forget one plan concocted by Muslim terrorists in Montreal was to blow up a Toronto neighbourhood populated mostly by Jews.

Let's also not forget Sikh terrorists were responsible for the biggest mass murder in Canadian history -- the Air India bombing more than 20 years ago. Perhaps I first realized the threat to Canada because one of the victims of that flight was a nine-year-old girl who was my daughter's playmate. Most of those who died on that jet were Canadian immigrants from India who, ironically, fell victim to the terrorism they left behind because Ottawa didn't do its job.

Good immigration is good for a country. Bad immigration is not.

Real refugees, those living in camps because of disaster or war, should be harboured. Sick or violent people posing as refugees should not.

Because I like what she writes

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